February 13, 2008

Free love! Flowers! Puppies!

Free Love



Love, love, love. There now, don't you feel all warm and fuzzy for Valentine's Day?


MadisonMan said...

I'm feeling tired of the fish-eye lens.

Did you ask the dog-walkers about their favorite breed? Did you look longingly at the dogs and wish it was you walking them? If no, then you're not dog-ready.

It's interesting that the dogs are segregated by size.

AJ Lynch said...


I am liking these fish-eye pics. They sure are different. May get one of these lenses myself.

Kirby Olson said...

I feel dizzy looking at these fish-eye pictures. I don't like this feeling.

I bet that actual fish don't really see the world like this, but if they do, I can see why they so often go belly-up.

It's a terrible way to view the world. Why are you doing this?

Middle Class Guy said...

OK, enough! You really did it this time! now I have to go out and buy one of those fish eye lens for my camera!

Ann Althouse said...

So apparently, people either love or hate fisheye photography and it splits 50-50. Or do Madison Man and Kirby Olson have Valentine's Day anxiety?

Middle Class Guy said...

"Free love! Flowers! Puppies!"

1968 all over again!

Sir Archy said...

To Professor Althouse.


In the Course of researching a Letter for another Topick, I chanced upon this well-known Portrait, paint'd by van Eyck in the Year 1434.  'Tis a Wedding Portrait, and though of grim Cast, it is a well-compos'd and perfectly executed Performance, seldom equaled in the History of Art.

In keeping with your Theme of Fish-Eye Love, Madam, I thought it proper to refer your Readers to this Detail of the Picture, which shews the Backs of the Loving Couple, as well as the Artist and his 'Prentice.

Upon first viewing this Work, the young Son of the Gentleman whose Brain I currently haunt, said, "She married him for his money.  She's pretty; he's a Goth."

Out of the Mouths of Babes, as the old Saying goes.  It is doubtful that Mr. Arnolfini was indeed a Goth, however, for they had quit Italy nearly a Thousand Years before he was painted.  That the picture is still in the Gothick taste leaves little Doubt, altho' it points to later and happier Developments in Art.

Sensible of the Difficulties of Anyone who would play either the Art or the Musick Critick,

I remain, Madam,

Your most humble & obt. Servant

Sir Archy

ricpic said...

Red is the color the color of love,
There ain't no doubt about it;
So glow my dear like a red hot stove
And Flout it! Flout it! Flout it!

Maxine Weiss said...

Ann, it looks like you're having a blast with this new camera setup.

Fun stuff.

Meanwhile, Susan Estrich has just renegotiated her Fox News contract, and just received another advance for her next book.

Lofty pursuits.....

Happy Valentine's Day !


MadisonMan said...

My Valentine's Day is all planned, so no angst here!

Maybe it's my astigmatism.

Kirby Olson said...

Why would anybody use this fish-eye lens? What is the rationale behind it? It hurts my brain to look at these photos.

8dsfjasdpf89aspasj8p89a9 said...

I put your photos through Photoshop's Filter > Distort > Lens Correction > Remove Distortion filter. It took a double application of pincushion distortion (200 percent plus) to straighten things out, and the resolution was really reduced. But with a full-resolution image, this could be a cheap way to do very wide angle rectilinear photos without paying for the superexpensive lenses.

Ann Althouse said...

8, the distortion is quite intentional.

tjl said...

"Theme of Fish-Eye Love"

The Arnolfini Wedding is too perfectly on point! 1) A Wedding 2) Fisheye mirror 3) The Arnolfinis' loving puppy prominent in the foreground.

Jonathan said...

Fisheye pics are great, especially the dogs.

Eli Blake said...

Liberal observer:

True love is being an organ donor.

J. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jorge said...

Love, love, love. There now, don't you feel all warm and fuzzy for Valentine's Day?

Not really, do you? I've got a dollar that says no....

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