February 10, 2008

Charlize Theron...

... as Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year:

Photo by Boston Globe's Essdras M. Suarez. More cute pics here.


Ron said...

Buck up brave blonde bloggeress -- maybe next year!

Bob said...

Pretty conservative outfit for her, she usually dresses hotter than that.

When she used to wear her hair teased up I was always seeing her in magazines and was baffled as to who she might be, having to read the captions to figure it out. It got so bad that I had to remind myself, self, take a memo. If you see a gorgeous blond in these magazines and you can't figure out who she is, she's Charlize Theron.

She looks much sexier with her hair down 60's-fashion.

George said...

Here's the trailer from Two Days in the Valley, the movie that put her on the map, in the firmament, and among the stars.

What a heavenly body.

ricpic said...

What is it with ruling castes and cross dressing?

Meade said...

"What is it with ruling castes and cross dressing?"

In the deposition, Clinton's lawyer represented to Hillary that "No, Bill does not think that pantsuit makes your butt look big."

Later, under oath, Clinton was asked by Hillary's lawyer "Wouldn't you agree, this was an utterly false statement?"

Clinton smiled. "It depends on what the meaning of 'does' is.... If 'does' means does and never has done, that's one thing. If it means does not no sir-ee bob, then that was a completely true statement."

Source: A Woman in Charge of Who Wears the Pantsuit, by Carl Bernstein, p.514 Jun 5, 2007

Johnny B. said...
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blogging cockroach said...

oooh charlize theron
we live right near haavaad squeah
--a little local color to get yoah attention--
and mom and tommy saw the parade the other day
--tommys the boy whose computer i use--
anyway tommy was off school early
and mom got stuck in the traffic jam when she came back from boston
with tommy who was craning his neck to see the movie stah
--except he really doesnt talk like that being a high class kid and all--
anyway somebody wondered about charlize theron being not dressed too hotly
let me tell you if you were parading around cambridge mass in february
youd want to dress warmly but not hotly if you know what i mean
although last thursday was a pretty mild day
dad says he wouldnt know being stuck inside at work all day
mom being french said merde at the traffic jam
and tommy being 11 years old said she looks like my french teacher
only not so pretty
and lets get home so i can play runescape
life goes on and in cambridge at least
and the only thing that gets your attention
is another traffic jam

tjl said...

The one on the right has a wig not unlike the Betsey Johnson cut that our hostess was considering in an earlier thread. Let this photo be a warning not to go there, unless the desired effect is to mimic the amateur drag queens at the Hasty Pudding show.