February 28, 2008

Butterflies are very discreet.


Visitors to the vivarium are not.


Trooper York said...

That the double reverse doggie style, number 687 in the Kama Sutra.

blogging cockroach said...

speaking as an insect thats a great butterfly picture
of course all your pictures are great
they are really wild if you have compound eyes

but this being a family blog and all
--at least my family reads it--
you should be careful of the content
i know tommy the boy whose computer i use
will leave me a note in the morning asking about that
but i will have all day tomorrow to think of an answer
any suggestions gratefully accepted

also i can tell you us insects have to be discreet in every way
being an insect voluptuary means a happy but short life
and i ask you how many boorish cockroaches have you met
who buttonhole you and want to gossip about somebodys divorce...

no i am very discreet
tommy knows im around but mom and dad dont
although i think mom suspects but doesnt care
being messy and all
believe me i am under the fridge when dads home

sometimes it pays to be indiscreet
mom was complaining bitterly about the the restaurant next door
because of customers parking in our reserved space
this being cambridge ma let me tell you parking is problem 1 around here
anyway i got some friends together and we marched over for a little direct action
we formed a flying wedge and charged
across the main dining room floor on sat nite
let me tell you people were screaming and everybody left
we had an escape plan and we all made it out except poor jeremy
somebody spilled their plate and jeremy just had to try the bernaise sauce
he always said you can tell the quality of a restaurant
by how well they do their classic sauces
waiter squashed him--fitting end i guess

anyway the restaurant closed and a nail salon is going in
i can hardly wait to entertain the ladies
discreetly of course