February 15, 2008

Brooklyn sky, another view.

Sky shape


rcocean said...

I don't care if its a fisheye, I feel boxed in.

Ann Althouse said...

Me too!

I'm posting this from out of town.

ricpic said...

1890 stares at 1980 with 1930 in between,
And over all a faultless vault of blue --
The best thing seen.

Change is constant here below
And clashing change eyes harm,
But up above the faultless vault of blue --
A wash of calm.

Paco Wové said...

This month's Smithsonian informs me that there isn't a single straight line in the Parthenon.

Bob said...

The outlining of the buildings makes the blue sky assume the shape of a shark, I think. Or at least a shark-like outline.

rhhardin said...

Ohio sky gives more of a dog shape.

Ann Althouse said...

Bob, yeah. I keep looking for shapes in the negative spaces. I was seeing a face kind of like that Muppet Beaker, but I like the idea of a shark better.