January 11, 2008


Ruth Anne.


Peter V. Bella said...

Happy Birthday. Mine was yesterday, but I stopped celebrating when I was twenty five. My only problem is I forget that I am not twnety five anymore.

reader_iam said...

Birthday vlog? (Doesn't have to be about it being your birthday, or even birthdays generally, of course.)

In any case, best wishes! I hope you have fun, or however you prefer marking such occasions.

Roger J. said...

Happy birthday, Ann (and thanks Ruth Ann for tipping us off). Just think: when you reach 65 in 22 years, you get an extra standard deduction (maybe)!

Simon said...

I'm trying to pick out a favorite from the last year to do the same thing. Happy birthday for tommorow, Ann, and MCG for yesterday.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Happy Birthday... Another Capricorn...yay. Mine was the 6th (Sunday). Epiphany!!

paul a'barge said...

Happy Birthday to a great blogger, renowned law professor and hot babe!

MadisonMan said...

I have a parent with a birthday tomorrow as well. Said parent is older than Ann, however.

Hope you have a most excellent birthday.

Freeman Hunt said...

You, a law professor, having a birthday! :)

Happy birthday!

Chennaul said...

Happy Birthday Ann-

Hmmm-do you consider yourself a military "brat"?


You are very sleepy....

And when you wake up, you will want to vlog......

JackDRipper said...

57 years old! World's Oldest American Idol Viewer! Congratulations.

So I did a Google image search for - 57 years old.

Ah.....well, all I can say after viewing the first link on the page is - everybody handles the painful truth of aging differently.

Not for the squeamish:


Ron said...

Happy Birthday! I may put a birthday post for you on my blog...this would be a nice tradition to start amongst bloggers...

reader_iam said...

World's Oldest American Idol Viewer!

My mother-in-law has been a devoted "Idol" viewer since the start. She's older than Ann. OTOH, she doesn't blog, and I'm not sure she's ever even heard of a vlog.

Unknown said...

Yes, absolutely - Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Woo! Happy birthday, Ann! And thanks for all the postastic bloggerifitude!

Chip Ahoy said...

Feliz cumpleaños.

Don't you love the way they rub it in like that? Makes you want to smack a piñata.

(This is a bit n.c., but some clubs will give you a free drink if you mention it.)


John Stodder said...

Happy Birthday Ann. I didn't realize, or forgot, that your birthday is the day before mine. How will you be celebrating?

AllenS said...

Happy birthday, Ann. Are you going to sleep in your birthday suit tonight?

john said...
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john said...

Alans - That's an issue reserved for Titus.

Happy birthday Ann! Now, what's the anniversary date of this blog?

PatCA said...

Happy Birthday, Ann, and many more.

You know, I think you have the same birthday as Rush Limbaugh!

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Meade said...

Two extraordinary interesting and gracious ladies. Blessings and happiness to each of you always.

George M. Spencer said...

Happy Birthday, Professor.

You are a good listener or would be if people listened to blogs.

Trooper York said...

Happy birthday professor. Now at last you are legal.

JackDRipper said...

reader_iam said...World's Oldest American Idol Viewer!
My mother-in-law has been a devoted "Idol" viewer since the start. She's older than Ann.

Yeah, but are you really buying that born in 1951 ruse?

OK, second oldest.

ron st.amant said...

Happy Birthday Ann!

reader_iam said...

Huh. You think there's a reason to think Ann's lying about her age? She doesn't strike me as the type.

Actually, I don't care either way. But her age fits the basic narrative set out in this blog, as I've read it, these past few years.


reader_iam said...

Love George's observation, btw. And Ron St.'s cute pix.

Maxine Weiss said...

Ruth Anne and her obsequious gestures.

Trooper York said...

What time are they bringing out the cake? Garden of Eden on Montague has some great cake. The chocolate raspberry mousse it particularly good.

SippicanCottage said...

Happy Birthday

Randy said...

Happy Birthday Ann! (And to you, too, John Stodder!)

Joan said...

Hey, SippicanCottage was here! Cool. Ann should have birthdays more often if that's the sort of thing that's going to happen.

Many, many happy returns of the day, Professor.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, everybody.

Sippican, nice to see you again.

"You know, I think you have the same birthday as Rush Limbaugh!"

"And Howard Stern, too."

Same day and year as Limbaugh. Stern is a little younger.

(I have never lied about my age in my entire life, I don't think.)

Ann Althouse said...

And I almost certainly will do a birthday vlog. I don't want to whine about all the exams I have to grade on my birthday, so give me some ideas. Musing about the number 57... doesn't get you very far.

Ron said...

57? Thoughts on Heinz ketchup?

Collecting Social Security?

New Ideas born in your head?

I must say you're lookin' pretty good!

JackDRipper said...

Why not vlog about your students. How are they compared to you when you were in law school? How are the NY law students compared to Wisconsin students?

Do you envy them? Are they spoiled?

Do you feel at all guilty for helping to send a new generation of lawyers in to the world?

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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reader_iam said...

MCG: Happy belated birthday!

reader_iam said...

Ann, in honor of your birthday and your blog: Reap this righteous riff.

reader_iam said...

Happy birthday, JohnStodder.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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blake said...

Happy birthday, Ann!

(And also John Stodder, commenter extraordinare.)

That's a little extra obsequiousness for Maxine.

And Sippican's here...it really is a party!

Chip Ahoy said...


How's the Kindle working out? A book I bought today was half the price in Kindle version, but it would take a lot of e-books to make that pay off.

Phrases you'd like to see retired in 2008. I have dozens.

Seems the economic pundits are positively insisting upon on a recession. Should we indulge them and go ahead and have one?

Should we discourage people we know to be stupid from voting?

Has Bush succeeded in packing the courts with conservatives?

Which party does greatest damage to my civil liberties?

Do you have a hairdresser in New York or do you fly back to Madison for regularly scheduled appointment?

I assumed everybody kept binoculars at the window. It makes sense.

Any shopping?

Those Supreme Court protestors could only come up with 81 people willing to wear orange jumpsuits. Isn't that rather pathetic? I've never worn a jumpsuit. Have you? Aren't jumpsuits even dumber than short pants? That must be why they wore black masks -- embarrassment.

I have a policy regarding ridiculing people attempting to make a point whilst wearing a ski mask. Do you have similar impulses? Do ever imitate people you find annoying?

Ever swatted a birthday piñata? They're big in Denver.

Do you have a favorite birthday thing to do?

Ever have a surprise birthday party and because nobody actually said "surprise!" you, being unsuspecting, never realized all those people spontaneously assembled bearing gifts for you planned the whole thing? Has that ever happened?

Do you think this arab guy looks like Olive Oyl?

End birthday vlog ideas.

Mark Daniels said...

Got in just moments ago from an afternoon and evening spent at a hospital, where a sixteen year old from our congregation received a bone marrow transplant to combat leukemia. (Please pray for her.)

Unwinding, I decided to check your blog and found that Friday was your birthday. Happy belated birthday. I hope that, to paraphrase Pedro in 'Napoleon Dynamite,' all your wildest dreams came true. (Or, at least, that you had a good day.)

Mark Daniels

Sir Archy said...

To Professor Althouse.


Reading of your good Opinion of me, I could not forbear to reply with especial Thanks, made doubly necessary as Today is the Occasion of your Birthday.

Pray, allow me to wish You Many Happy Returns of the Day; that You may rejoice in the Affections of your Family & Friends; and that the Accomplishments and Honours of a not uneventful Life, continue to redound to your increasing Fame & Prosperity.

Madam, nothing would befit you more than an Ode or Panegeryck upon this Occasion.  I hope you do not take it amiss that my poor Powers, and the shortness of Space, do not admit of such a Performance.  I can only offer to You a few marr'd Lines, cull'd from Johnson:

   Oft in danger, yet not in Heaven,
   We are come to fifty-seven;
   And all, whose minds with Sense would leaven,       
   Must read Althouse at fifty-seven.

Praying that you will pardon such ill-Writing, and offering Birthday Greetings with a Degree of warmth I hardly thought possible since becoming a disembody'd Ghost, I remain, Madam,

Your humble & obt. Servant,

Sir Archy

JSF said...


Happy Birthday from the Left Coast (and from the Valley)! 57, huh? You don't look a day over 39. ;}

Here is my ideas for your next Vlog:

1)New York foods and Madison foods -- which is better?

2) What do you look for in political candidates?

3) Favorite painting and where to find it.

May you have many, many more Birthdays ahead of you!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Ann!

Just like when I was a kid, I'm looking to the "older girls" to learn how to be cool, do interesting stuff, look good and have a lot of boys like you. So I'll keep hanging out here!

Trooper York said...

I think the perfect way to celebrate a birthday and to take a break from grading papers is to take a stroll on this beautiful morning to a beautiful boutique on Court St which is currently having a big after Christmas sale featuring beautiful knit sweaters at up to 50% off. But hey, that’s just me.