January 11, 2008

Sunset with statue.

Sunset with Statue


Unknown said...

Which do you like better; NYC, or Madison?

hdhouse said...

i would post a pic of morning sunrise on long island on the beach and deer in the brush but there is no way.

bookend pictures

Chris Arabia said...
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Chris Arabia said...

"There isn't a painting in the world that can capture the beauty of the ocean at a moment like this."
--Gordon Gekko

I'm assuming the Statue of Liberty is the tiny protruberance on the distant left*.

*Who knew Doyle and Lady Liberty had so much in common?

Kindly Prof,

Care to weigh in on the NJ/NY dispute over in which state the statue is really in? My uninformed opinion splits: looking at non-political maps, NJ would seem more sensible, but from a cultural standpoint, who the hell would put a grand national monument in New Jersey? (mens rea argues for NY)

"People don't want to watch a show about people living near toxic waste. They can see that in New Jersey!"
--Sydney Pollack in "Tootsie"