January 24, 2008

"She's the one that's been to those little fancy lunches that women of power have, if not of color, and she even bid on Hillary's book..."

"She didn’t get it, but she’s disposed towards Hillary Clinton and probably would vote for her. Except she ain’t."

New York-type husbands and wives disagree and babble about Hillary Clinton in an article I thought would speak to me in my blog zone. Except it don't.


George said...

She boogies! Calls people "Buttercup"!

From a long report on the new real Hillary in the new New Yorker.

In numerous conversations, friends of both Clintons expressed a preference for Hillary, upending the public perception that Bill is the warmer and more likable of the two. He talks; she listens, with a talent for banter that can be disarming and even whimsical. Shortly after Lissa Muscatine, a close adviser of Hillary Clinton’s, went to work as a White House speechwriter, in 1993, she tried to catch the First Lady’s attention as Clinton was hurrying along a corridor. “Stop—stop!” Muscatine called out. Clinton wheeled around. “Stop! in the name of love,” she sang out, breaking into a boogie in the West Wing hallway....

In private, Clinton was strikingly relaxed, padding around the Book Room and Solarium in sweatpants and Coke-bottle glasses, the editor [of her autobiography] said, calling her “buttercup.” Clinton’s personality, the editor found, “is refreshingly sharp and clear—but she can’t show it.”

Middle Class Guy said...

Ah, and after it is all said and done, those famous words will be repeated by one side or the other over and over at little cocktail parties and in bedrooms.

Told ya so!

dbp said...

Such shocking strife between Obama and Clinton supporters! They really are not that different, imagine if your spouse was a (gasp) Republican?

Meade said...

dbp said...
"... imagine if your spouse was a (gasp) Republican?"

But seriously, try to imagine a Laura or Barbara Bush putting up with a husband's serial adultery. I don't think they would and these would be two women who I assume would not self-identify as "feminist."

Susan Cheever, a novelist and contributor to Ms. Morrison’s book, suggested that Mrs. Clinton has roused the feminist movement from the comfortable slumber in which it’s been languishing since the 1970s. “If there’s contention around her, it’s coming from that hidden injustice that we don’t even talk about,” Ms. Cheever said.

Why don't "we" talk about that hidden injustice? Okay, I'll stick my, ahem, neck out here and suggest that many women aren't ready to bear the responsibilities that follow liberation. They want freedom to be free. Free, at least, to themselves.

Wurly said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

I thought would speak to me in my blog zone. Except it don't.

And this is why we love you so.

Wurly said...
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From Inwood said...

The New Yorker has a filler sometimes at the end of one of its endless articles called something like "Things we never finished reading".

This article meets the test.

No exceptions & don't tell me it ain't.


P. Rich said...

"...but she can’t show it."

Sooooo, she is really a whole different person, but only her dear buddies know it, and she must keep that really nice persona a secret because...???

What udder crap, pun intended. Apparently the gushing endorsers are chosen for their complete lack of integrity also.