January 5, 2008

Romney wins!

In Wyoming. 12 delegates. Coming in second: Duncan Hunter.

Do you feel a little sorry for Wyoming? It tried to get attention by going early, but it still didn't get attention. It's just really small — in population. Beautiful place, though. I've been there. See?

Big Horn

Hard to find voters.


Chip Ahoy said...

Wyoming is awesome. A river runs through it, you know. Wait. I keep getting it mixed up with Montana even though it's immediately north and also shaped like a box. No, I do not feel sorry for them, not at all. Plus they have the Grand Tetons, not ordinary tetons mind you, grand ones.

Joan said...

Gorgeous photo. It could be an impressionist painting if only it tried a little harder.

AlphaLiberal said...

Yup nice photo. No slight to the photog, but it is one of those places that makes taking beautiful pictures easy.

As far as the Wyoming primary, it seems to have been Republican only? Apparently, Wyoming is a one party state. Where have we seen those before?

tituswy said...

I have been to Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Miles City (cant remember if that is Montana or Wyoming) Old Faithful (is that montana). I also snowmobiled in Yellowstone. Yes, true, I bet you all thought I was about NYC but I can diversify-except the south-which is gross.

My folks have a home in Bozeman, MT where my dad hunts elk, antelope and does cattle drives. Don't ask how I happened to arrive in my family but the area is beautiful. There is an entire room in my home is Wisconsin of deer (mule and white tail) heads, antelope heads, elk heads, and all kinds of racks-that is the horns on the animal-how butch am I? Big Sky country-very beautiful. He had it home there before it became very trendy...and expensive.

Neither Wyoming or Montana have one gay bar, though the parking lot at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman is supposed to be cruisy after 2. I was tempted to go there when I stay at my folks house out there but it was a 40 mile ride on mountain roads.

I loved Brokeback Mountain but have never seen any cowboy specimens as delish as Heath Ledger. If I did I would move there and be a mountain woman/housewife while he wrangled cows.

Unknown said...


Don't you find it interesting that even though news occurred in Wyoming today ... the newsmen couldn't be bothered to cover it?

Is it not news when the first state to hold a primary election does so?

Could it be that the news media only cares about the news when it concerns Democrats, who will hold their Wyoming primary in March?

It just strikes me as odd that "The News" could care less that voters gathered for the first time in a primary election and elected delegates to the Republican convention today.

It's not news if "they don't say it is.

I wonder, if Hillary was in Wyoming today, whether we'd have news stories out of Wyoming today.

No, strike that ... I don't wonder.

tituswy said...

The deer heads in my parents home have their mouth open with their tongues kind of hanging out and when I was little I put my penis in them and make my boy friends do the same.

AlphaLiberal said...

Now that's a real troll. Please ignore it.

Ann Althouse said...

"it is one of those places that makes taking beautiful pictures easy."

Actually, it's pretty hard to take pictures of big vistas — hard to convey the scale. Note the distant horizon to get a sense of the altitude. Hard getting up there too. It got a little frightening driving up there. Here's the picture I took of my car posing in that landscape (the Bighorn Scenic Byway). It's exactly what I want to do: drive in places like that in a car like that. But when you do it for hours with a sheer drop on your right, there are times when you don't even want to look over at it.

Anonymous said...

A little greener and it could be the area where the famous Windows XP desktop photo was taken from.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of desktop images, I'm glad our host loads the original size on Flickr. I have two of those pics spread across my two 30" displays--beautiful pictures.

I hope you don't mind, Professor.

George M. Spencer said...

The commenter's laptop came out, and his fingers lay on the keyboard. And with a touch as gentle as ever, a touch that felt almost like a caress, but pausing a very little more than usual, so that there was a space between each word, he typed: "When you blog about Wyoming, SMILE."

Ann Althouse said...

Alan: I don't mind.

Check out the Creative Commons license on the photos.

Kirby Olson said...

There are a half million people in Wymoning, but they are very spread out. 5 people per square mile.

By comparison New Hampshire has 1.25 million people, and they are more clumped together.

tituswy said...

Fellow log republicans and Larry Craig types the Holiday Inn parking lots is AYOR.

For those of you not knowing gau crap that means it is At Your Own Risk-sometime cops and bashers.

So please when going to the Holiday Inn parking lot after 2 in Bozeman be careful. I care.

tituswy said...

The population of New Hampshire is clumbed together in southern NH-mostly Massholes moving up there.

Northern New Hampshire has very small population.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Wyoming is a one party state. Where have we seen those before?


tituswy said...

Interestingly Mass had a republican governor over the past 16 years, although no more.

But republicans in Mass are northeast republicans, the ones wingnuts hate. If they were Tom Delay republicans they would not be even eligible there.

Romney was one of them but then he changed his views on every issue in order to run for the president. He is very principled.

Eric Muller said...

I never had more political representation in the United States Senate than the four years I lived in Wyoming.

In theory.

tjl said...

"Mass had a republican governor over the past 16 years"

Although it's a one-party state in every other way, MA has a quaint tradition of electing GOP governors to serve as a check on the excesses of the state legislature, in which progressives are always outnumbered by floridly corrupt hacks in the time-honored Boston manner.

Revenant said...

As far as the Wyoming primary, it seems to have been Republican only? Apparently, Wyoming is a one party state.

The Wyoming Democratic primary is in March.

Very nice picture, Ann. Wyoming is definitely on my list of states I'd like to visit someday.

tituswy said...

Boston is fabulous.

Very "euro" Athens of America. Very gay.

Love the brownstones, Cambridge-divas.

The Cape-what can you say.

Ptown-double divas

Marthas Vinyard



God what a fabulous state.

But your right it is evil and liberal and awful and disgusting.

Although, the hospitals, universities, and biotech industry is decent. Not as good as Alabama, but close.

Also, lowest divorce rate in the country. Thinnest people in the country. And home of Mitt Romney!!! Most educated state in the country. One of the highest per capita incomes in the country.

And TAXES are lower than 23 states contrary to popular fiction.

But still we hate it and it is horrible and we need to go off on them and degrade them.

Awful Massachusetts Liberals, awful Massachusetts Liberals. We hate them.

Housing is outrageous but hello you pay for the fabulousness factor.
It aint Indiana.

Joan said...

Oh Titus quit being so swishy. The biggest problem with MA is that they keep re-electing creeps to the Senate. There are millions of wonderful people in MA. Unfortunately many check their brains at the door when they enter their polling places.

Kathy said...

And BTW, a minor correction:
Thompson came in second according to the news account I read. Hunter came in third.

Jennifer said...

Wyoming is a fabulous place. I spent a summer working on a dude ranch there. Not only are there very few people per square mile, but (at least in the county I was in - Douglas, I think) there are VERY few women. I don't believe I've ever paid for a drink in Wyoming.

And, it's at least some of you commenters' kind of place - when I asked the room at large how it could be that they had bars full of men with just a few women here and there and no bar fights...? Knowing looks, laughs and an "everybody's packing" were the answer. Eek.

You can also drink and drive in at least the one county - so long as the driver wasn't over the legal limit.

Wyoming is good times, all. Good times.

chuck b. said...

Recently deceased jazz singer and long-time heroine user Anita O'Day wrote in her excellent autobiography High Times Hard Times about touring cross country and running out of drugs in Wyoming. She thought "We Ran Out of Shit in Cheyenne" would be an excellent name for a jazz song if anyone ever got around to it.