January 4, 2008

Post-Iowa caucus, I overhear the locals at a café in Madison talking about...

John Edwards.


Unknown said...

And what were they talking about?

Hoosier Daddy said...

Linky no worky

Unknown said...


The heretofore hidden Dixiecrat vote is about to escape from its gated community.

Anonymous said...

And they were wondering when he is going to quit. He has no chance. Iowa was as good as it gets for him.

And he is no dixiecrat either.

Ann Althouse said...

There is no link.

I'm describing something in the real world... do I need an "off-blog Althouse" tag?

Meade said...

The real world?

Is that the same real world John and Elizabeth Edwards are living in? Oops. I mean Seabiscuit and Elizabeth Edwards...

Guess that makes Obama Puff the Magic Dragon.

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment from last night was John Edwards' "victory" speech. That's right, Edwards, who has been parked in Iowa for about a year, tried to portray his fairly distant second place finish as a win. In reality, it means he's finished this year. Indeed, with any luck last night was the last hurrah for the man whose phoniness, according to Bob Shrum, appalled even John Kerry.


former law student said...

I'm describing something in the real world

Barely. So what are the locals saying? Or is it notable merely that they're not talking about BHO or HRC?

Ann Althouse said...

People around here — and I admit calling this "reality" is a little weak — are talking as if Edwards could still make it.

I was not hearing Obama-love.

One guy was saying maybe Obama could be the vice presidential candidate... with Edwards topping the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Too bad.

I've never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in my life. If Edwards is the nominee that probably won't change. He reminds me too much of John Kerry, albeit more effeminate.

Now I could see myself voting for Obama despite his liberal views on private property. But the GOP no longer appeals to me when it comes to the basic right of owning one's body.

And frankly, when I've watch the debates on Fox News, the conservative response graph trends opposite to what I think on issues like torture. But that's not surprising considering other issues that rile up the right. Like a few years ago when the Supreme shot down the death penalty for minors. That really got the conservative pundits going...state's rights you know.

Anyway, I'm ready for change. And Obama is the only candidate that really offers it.

MadisonMan said...

How much liquor was being served at this cafe? The people you overheard were clearly inebriated.

Simon said...

Ann Althouse said...
"I was not hearing Obama-love."

The average Madisonian's liberal, not gullible. ;)

Alan said...
"I'm ready for change. And Obama is the only candidate that really offers it."

What change are you looking for and why do you think Obama offers it?

Brian Doyle said...

Great post.

rhhardin said...

There's a French cliche about change. Something something la femme.

Ah, here it is :

Varium et mutabile semper femina.

You have to woo the electorate, Hitler said.

hdhouse said...

His speech after was very good and sincere. I doubt he will win out but any administration that doesn't make good use of his compassion would miss the mark.

if you look at people around him the crowds or the audiences he attracts, there is a fairly genuine appreciation for him someone with both common sense and more. In case you missed it, that is kinda rare right now and my hat is off to him.

The train into nyc this morning had a lot of Iowa talk too and very very little negative said about him...mostly positive. His corporate greed theme plays very very well where people work and make things for a living.

Anonymous said...

Obama would put an end to the Clinton control of the Democratic Party. I know you'd rather have the Clintons around, but I'm sick of them.

I wish I could find the whole comment David Brinkley made on ABC right after the votes were counted in '96 regarding another four years of the Clintons in the White House:

..Bill Clinton has none of it. He has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore, he's a bore, and will always be a bore.''

--David Brinkley - 11/5/96

John Stodder said...

Will John Edwards go negative on Obama? Or will he sit back and assume the desperate, Terminator-like Clinton machine will do the dirty work for him?

From what I can tell in the left blogosphere, the true believers think Edwards is the only authentic progressive in the race who has a chance.

But I wonder if Obama's victory is going to change all that. Even the conservative sites all say something to the effect that Obama's win is a great sign of change in America. I don't know if the progressive movement ultimately wants to get involved in stopping Obama's momentum. It looks unseemly.

They won't object if Hillary does it. But if she doesn't or if her efforts fall short or backfire, Edwards will just have to pack it in.

Simon said...

Harry - Edwards' speech was sincere? It seemed a little overwrought given that he basically tied with Hillary.

Alan - I'm not sure that answers the question unless the "change" you're looking for is just "Clinton control of the Democratic party," something that doesn't exist now and wouldn't be ushered into being by a GOP victory in the fall?

Anonymous said...

I found the comments Brinkley made at the close of election night in '96:

Jennings asked Brinkley for a final comment. Referring to the assembled ABC crew, Brinkley announced: "OK, fine, I'm not going to say much. Among things I admire, almost near the top is creativeness, and everyone in this group has it. It shows in your work, it shows in your thinking, and it shows in your speech, what you do, what you write, what you say, and it's one reason this group is so terrific. Bill Clinton has none of it, he has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore, he's a bore and will always be a bore."

Brinkley: "I wish to say that we all look forward with great pleasure to four years of wonderful, inspiring speeches full of wit, poetry, music, love and affection. More goddamn nonsense."
Peter Jennings: "You can't say that on the air, Mr. Brinkley."
Brinkley: "Well, I'm not on the air."
Jennings: "David, we are on the air."
Brinkley: "Too bad. I told you I was leaving."


Anonymous said...

Simon, I'm either a conspiracy nut or you're very naive about in party politics. My belief, until the Democrats put up a winning candidate the last winning candidate pulls the strings within the party.

Simon said...

"My belief, until the Democrats put up a winning candidate the last winning candidate pulls the strings within the party."

The last seven years would seem to refute that. The Democratic party during the Bush administration could be called many things, but Clintonite is not one of them; likewise (although I realize you confined your observation to the Democratic party), Bush 41 didn't pull the strings in the GOP prior to the election of Bush 43.

George M. Spencer said...

"If you're voting based on a candidate's race or gender, I don't want your vote," said Edwards in an article about him a few weeks ago.

Photo with the article showed him with Tim Robbins.

I guess he wants us to vote for the candidate with the coolest movie stars.

JackDRipper said...

Simon said...
Alan said...
"I'm ready for change. And Obama is the only candidate that really offers it."

What change are you looking for and why do you think Obama offers it?

From Sin to Salvation.

From White to Black.

From Hate to Hope.

From Slavery to Freedom.

From a prejudiced gaze to color blindness.

From the Past to the Future.

From Racism to Miscegenation.

From History to "Historic".

That's the kind of "change" the "good" White folks are looking for. Black folks on the other hand just want a brother to beat the White Man (or woman).

Simon said...


"Playing a lion being led to a cage,
I turn from surreal to seclusion,
From love to disdain,
From belief to illusion,
From a theif to a beggar,
From a God to God save me

Trooper York said...

They were really talking about John Edwards the séance guy. They wanted to contact Ike Turner.

AlphaLiberal said...

Well, good to hear Madison is still abuzz about Edwards since he won the state in 2004. Because corporate power run amok needs some pushback and it's not coming from anyone else.

And Obama is not about messing his suits up in a fight. He will just sit down with these powerful forces. At a table. And his awesome smoothness will swoon them into dropping their greed and corruption.

And if he's really liberal but wants to evoke right wing talking points whenever to run to the center, why not?

He will Sistah Souljah each and every element of the Dem coalition. Airily lifting himself above all of us mean-spirited partisans (booo!) who donate cash, knock on doors and get people elected. Damn those partisans.

Not for Obama to define the problem, especially in the very un-cricket way that crude Senator Edwards does. Oh no.

We just pay attention more in Madison, perhaps.

Patrick said...

Edwards didn't win Wisconsin in'04. Kerry did.

Patrick said...

Edwards only won 2 states in 2004: North and South Carolina.

Nonetheless, I think he may surprise some people in new Hampshire, and may win South Carolina outright.

AlphaLiberal said...

Really? OK. Must have been the County or city, then.