January 20, 2008

Obama wins Nevada!

If you look at it the right way.

AND: It's getting ugly.


Simon said...

So Hillary won the popular vote, but because of an interesting quirk of the way the system operates, Obama still won the prize? That's got to be a bitter pill for those Obama supporters who've speant the last seven years bemoaning the electoral college for thwarting the will of the majority.

George said...

Obama defends poor people from agribusiness giants like A.D.M.

A.D.M. wants more corn grown for ethanol, not food.

"Huge demand for biofuels has created tension between using land to produce fuel and using it for food," the NYT reported yesterday in an article about Third World hunger. "The urban poor, the rural landless and small and marginal farmers stand to lose,” said He Changchui, the agency’s chief representative for Asia and the Pacific.


"Earlier this year [2007], Sen. Barack Obama pleased his agricultural backers in Illinois by co-authoring legislation to raise production of biofuels to 60 billion gallons by 2030 co-authoring legislation to raise production of biofuels. A few weeks later, rival Democrat John Edwards, who is staking his campaign on a victory in the Iowa caucus, upped the ante to 65 billion gallons by 2025....

As the king of ethanol hype, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, put it recently, "Everything about ethanol is good, good, good."...

This is not just hype -- it's dangerous, delusional bullshit."

It must be true. It was in Rolling Stone. "The Ethanol Scam: One of American's Biggest Boondoggles"

Bender said...

There is a trend setting in as well -- Obama is getting support from a broad range of demographic groups, while Hillary gets overwhelming and disproportionate numbers of votes from elderly white women and Latinos. Now, historically, there has been much racial strife between Latinos and blacks. So, are these votes really in support of Hillary, or is it that old white women and Latinos won't vote for someone who is black?

Certainly, whatever the reason, all across the Clinton camp, there is an attitude that the black guy needs to get in the back of the bus and wait his turn.

Bruce Hayden said...

This is getting ugly, IMHO, a lot uglier than on the Republican side. The Blacks in the Democratic Party have been taken for granted for a long time by their party. It's their turn now, and all those White middle class boomer women are not stepping aside.

Unless the Clintons figure out how to truly disarm this thing, I can see one of their party's most loyal voting blocks staying home on election day instead of voting for Hillary!

Realistically, the African-Americans should step aside and let Hillary! have her turn, and letting Obama get more seasoning, with, maybe a governorship under his belt. Or maybe even a VP. But it seems more and more that this is getting personal and emotional, esp. on the part of the African-Americans. And almost every suggestion for Obama to step aside and take his time later is now being seen as a racist suggestion to step to the back of the bus.

I should note that they also probably have a good point. Republicans have been known to give a nomination to the person who fell on his sword for the party (i.e. Dole, and maybe Bush (41)), but Democrats haven't been nearly as much so.

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

That's not ugly - that's politics.

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

All true, George. Then again no one running for President in either party (except possibly Ron Paul) isn't in the pocket of ADM, hasn't carried their water for them, or won't carry their water for them once in office. Like Florida, Iowa remains an important battleground state and we'll continue to throw billions at the corn growers just like we throw billions at the sugar growers.

George said...
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George said...
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George said...


Have you seen the new TV ads for "vegetarian" cars?

(After the first ad, at 1 minute into the clip.)

How the pitchman is.

What a harmoniously green multiracially perfect world we live in.

Too bad there are people who want to drive airplanes into it.

AJ Lynch said...

It's Bill Clinton who should step to the back of the bus. I can't take much more of him as commenter in chief for Hillary- can anyone take his big mouth for 8 more years? He does not know when to shut up.

George said...


Should have said...

How utterly Obamaesque the pitchman is.


You know the stars are aligning around the guy when GM clones him.

Notice how the camera angles put us in with the children.

Mortimer Brezny said...
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The Drill SGT said...

I loved the Vegas Union stories that had both Clinton and Obama camps complaining about "voter suppression" by their opposing union organizers.

Oh the irony :)

Oh, and you needed a picture ID to vote in those Democratic meetings.

sweet :)

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

Oh, and you needed a picture ID to vote in those Democratic meetings.


Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

George, thanks for the tip. I hadn't seen any of those ads. That vegetarian one was pretty dumb, IMO (BWDIK?). (I thought the first one was effective, though.)

Simon said...

Sarge, do you have a source for that?

From Inwood said...

This just in: it’s really getting ugly; Chris Mathews was water boarded into a forced apology to Hillary [captured in YouTube as shown by Prof A yesterday].

Newsbehindthenews, January 20:

“Reliable sources report that the Internal Security Forces of both GE & NBC resorted to a technique called water boarding, widely condemned by civilized people as cruel & unusual & beyond the bounds of a civilized society, on Talking Head Chris Matthews a few minutes before he was scheduled to go on his regular Hardball” show Thursday. Right at the beginning of that show & just minutes after having been so water boarded, Mr. Matthews appeared dazed & babbled a lenghty abject ‘apology’ for obviously having dissed Senator Clinton (D. NY).

"Concerned civil libertarians who have sought a video sample of someone immediately after such water boarding have now been given such sample.

“Further proof of the effectiveness of such technique was shown by Matthew’s reporting last night after the Republican South Carolina primary:

(1) He cackled after Thompson finished speaking.

(2) He participated in a grilling of Romney over his hair, his unbuttoned collar, and his rolled-up sleeves. Thereafter, he was praised by anchor Brian Williams for “being on to something or possibly for ‘being on something’, which is one immediate result of water boarding.”

(H/T Michele Malkin)

madawaskan said...

Look let's say it-

It's the Latino vote.

I live in North Las Vegas they kill each other in the streets-it's ugly.

That The Culinary Worker's Union leadership did not figure this out is baffling.

But then again The Culinary Worker's Union sent there kids to "The Meadows" an elitist $16,000 a year prodominately white school run by Oscar Goodman's-(the Deomcrat mayor) wife.

So while some of us are dealing with the fact that these kids of different ethnicities are knifing each other at school and shooting each other in the streets and bus stops-the Democrat elites are blissfully unaware.

The Latino community is not.

They are not going to vote in Texas, Florida and California for Obama I guess and it has nothing to do with his lack of experience.

As for Hillary they might just sit that out too in the general, because then the Democratic party will have to face not it's latent racism and ethnic plurality dividing political past but the latent chauvinism.

The latent chavinism that is already being signaled by the Unions run by males or more populated by them.

It's going to get reallly ugly and maybe that's good it's time for the curtains to be open.

From Inwood said...

OOPS, Make that "lengthy"

Paco Wové said...

Sarge, do you have a source for that?

Try here:
"Democratic leaders insist workers need only show an employee badge. If they don't have one, a party spokeswoman lamely says "we'll somehow accommodate them." The Las Vegas Review Journal notes "some Strip workers will have no alternative but to provide photo identification." For a party that compares photo ID requirements to Jim Crow poll taxes, even when state governments distribute the IDs for free, the irony is rich."

and here:
"But because registered Democrats from all corners of the county will be working on the Strip on Saturday, the state party must check at-large participants against a massive voter database. That requires identification -- signatures alone won't do. Some Strip workers will have no alternative but to provide photo identification.

The very inconvenience that supposedly disenfranchises voters is necessary to protect the validity of a party caucus, where people openly debate the merits and shortcomings of candidates for president?"

reader_iam said...

All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.
--Martin Luther King