January 29, 2008

The mysterious powers of the Empire State Building.

It stops cars. It's like the Bermuda Triangle.


rhhardin said...

They don't build circuits to reject unwanted frequencies, which would cost money.

It used to be good design.

The fault is actually in the car ; in the old days, a ham causing your stereo or TV to blank out would nevertheless offer help fixing it, as good neighbor relations. It's doubtful that the networks are going to shell out to fix your car, however.

Ron said...

Like Texas, the ESB allows monkeys, but only giant ones as befitting its stature...

EnigmatiCore said...

I'm currently in Los Angeles.

They must have something like that out here, only bigger. Because you get on the 5 or the 10 any time of day, and *every* car is stopped.

Bissage said...

Well, sure, the cars won’t start.

But on the bright side, knives stay sharp and food won’t spoil.

ricpic said...

It's the shape of the building, Titus goes all herkyjerky within, as he puts it, "the pull of the penis" radius.

Pogo said...

The cars all stop working?

Maybe they're union.


Teacher says, every time a car stalls in NYC, another business dies!

It's an energy induction device stealing power from passing cars in order to keep the remaining three hairs on Trump's head alive.

It's a disgruntled office worker on the 27th floor, aiming his homemade EMP unit out the window whenever another pile of papers lands upon his desk.

Haliburton. Say. No. More.

It happens whenever Maureen Dowd writes another bouncy quip for the NYTimes. A car stalls, and another soul is sucked of it's life force, allowing her to live forever.

I blame insufficient fiber in the diet.

MadisonMan said...

It's fascinating how the human brain will find patterns where there are none. And use coincidence to reinforce those patterns. I have no doubt that cars occasionally break down around the ESB. Cars break down everywhere.

Paul Zrimsek said...

I can extinguish streetlights just by walking uder them. I should probably stay away from Midtown.

Paddy O. said...

I'm sure the Ministry of Magic is on top of things with all of this. No reason to be alarmed.

From Inwood said...

Sounds like one of those Urban Legends I get from people.

Credo quia absurdum est.

Hey, maybe Hillary can claim that this represents Bush's un-constitutional warrant-less interference with public transmissions & that this is just one more reason why she must be elected!