January 5, 2008

"I'm imagining this 22-year-old guy with his scenario for, you know, marrying Scarlett Johansson."

Jonathan Chait talks to Matthew Yglesias about what it would take for Rudy Giuliani to win the nomination. Video.


George said...

New Republic Senior Editor Jonathan Chait (the Ann-Coulter-of-the-Left) advised bringing Saddam Hussein back to power in the L.A. Times in a November 2006 column, one month before he was executed.

Meanwhile, Atlantic Monthly Associate Editor Yglesias describes himself in his online bio as being "desperately out of touch with the American mainstream."

Trooper York said...

Dude, all you need is money.

AJ Lynch said...

Have these two dorks ever been right about anything?

If Chait is skeptical about Rudy's chance, that makes me want to bet on Rudy.

madawaskan said...

Well I'm a Rudy Giuliani Gal and I find the guy-


But then I gotta thing for persuasive, funny New Yawker types.

Scarlett Johansson should be so lucky.

madawaskan said...

You know let me get serious for a minute-

What the hell are these two idiots talking about?

One of the next primaries is Nevada-Rudy is leading there big time and that has quite a few delegates.

Rudy is doing damn well in Florida and absentee ballot voting something the Dems always forget about started before the Iowa resuts.

How 'bout New York well talk about a load of delegates-and Rudy has been untouchable there for a long time.

California- Delegate Central-Rudy leads there.

You know the primary season chnged this year drastically and do you go in to that with the same old tired game plan or do you mix it up?

Rudy decided to adapt to the change.

Which by the way is the nature of warfare he who is the most adaptable wins.

Terrorism changes the rules of warfare, if you came at that with the same rules of engagement that you do for a war of attrition you'd lose.

I think this displays leadership from Rudy and he is playing to his strengths.

The Social Conservatives of Iowa were'nt it.

Besides that he saved some bucks. Frugal.

As a Reublican cheap bastard-I like that.

Well... I'll spend big time on the important things and like Plato said not much else matters if you can't retain the very existance of the Nation State.

Rudy gets that.

rcocean said...

The problem with Rudy is he does OK in Calf, NY, Florida, and few other blue states, and that's it.

He's going nowhere in the rest of the South, Texas, the Midwest farm states and West outside of the Nevada and the Coast. He'll split NE, the NW,and the industrial Midwest with Romney and McCain.

He's a regional candidate and is basically the poster child for what used to be called "Rockefeller Republicans".

madawaskan said...


Well could you get behind The Huckster?

I don't trust this guy with national defense after that "bunker" pandering to the extreme Left quote.

I was looking for McCain and Rudy to stop splitting the defense votes and make some sort of deal-but then I got looking at the polling state by state and McCain doesn't do that well in some of the bigger states, and I was surprised by that.

I think it is possible that Rudy might not have to deal with the Uncompromising Maverick.

rcocean said...


I couldn't get behind Huckabee, I don't trust him on a lot of issues. He's the Republican Jimmy Carter.

I could live with Romney, Hunter, or Thompson.

Ron said...

Oh, you think it's bad when a 22 year old has a scheme to marry Scarlett Johansson? What about the schemes of us 49 year olds?

But at least I'm not Ron Paul kind of crazy!