January 3, 2008

"Ice, buses, John Edwards, coffee shops, ethanol, farmers, ice, darkness…"

"... is it any wonder the national press corps is having a group nervous breakdown in Iowa?"


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Reader_Iam: Caucusing tonight?

rhhardin said...

Chickens don't accommodate well to the snow either. They stand around not moving, where normally they're out busy looking for whatever they peck at all day on the ground.

Not like the industrious sparrows, chickadees and cardinals.

Doyle said...

Like that quote, do you Ann? Why? Do you not like John Edwards or something?

Ann Althouse said...

I voted for John Edwards in the 2004 primary, but I don't like him much this time out. He's pandering.

Blake said...



No, I don't know what this refers to, I'm just saving Doyle the trouble.