January 3, 2008

"I guess Al qaeda haven't figured out how to set up a facebook profile yet. I want Osama himself to message me his death threat, that'd be wicked."

Someone impersonates Benazir Bhutto's 19-year-old son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Facebook and fools a lot of journalists:
[T]he author appears to have been an Internet prankster who calls himself Tonay, who chronicled the caper on a vulgarity-strewn bulletin board that tracks with the developments on the Facebook profile....

The jocular quotes on Islam mentioned... and references to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” apparently had no point aside from sparking laughs from other bulletin board users searching the Web for more articles citing the Facebook page.

They also urged Tonay to “cause as much mayhem as you can before the world finds out! Hurry!!!”...

Of course, it is against Facebook policy to post phony profiles...
I know. I got a fake page using my name taken down a while ago. Anyway, Facebook has now removied this, but not before it caused havoc. Don't you think the idea that it was real and its contents will remain alive on the internet? If Bilawal had an embarrassing page, don't you think it would have been taken down with assertions that it was fake?

Now, let's check out that "vulgarity-strewn bulletin board." You can get a good sense of how "pranksters" see themselves — which is, with little understanding of the harm they might do. It's just a big joke and anyone who falls for it is an idiot.
Gimme some ideas for what I should do! I'll change my religious views from 'muslim' to 'christian' soon. And join the group called 'Benazir Bhuto is sexy'. Couple of islamic extremists poked me too, scary...

I need to write a single response which I can send back to all the letters of condolence. Something sad, poignant, and then becoming weird and disturbing....

WOW, someone who works in the tv industry (I listed my fave tv shows as The WestWing, Simps, XF, Curb, awfultruth n bufffy) sent me this...

"I noticed some of your favorite programs are programs I have worked on... which was why I mentioned my profession. If there is anything I can do, autographs or something, let me know?"

The only one of those shows set in New York is The Awful Truth, so maybe she knows Michael Moore. Awesome, I'll see if I can get her to post his tits...

Maybe it's the ego talking but I'm fairly confident I can start rioting that'd kill thousands.

I mean, I know exactly what to say, how to say it and everything...it's just my annoying conscience stopping me. For fucks sake....

So far I got 1149 messages and about 2100 friend requests. No death threats so far, but then I guess Al qaeda haven't figured out how to set up a facebook profile yet. I want Osama himself to message me his death threat, that'd be wicked.


Uncle Jimbo said...

While certainly a low form of humor, I think the Osama line is downright hilariously wicked.


Uncle J

Henry said...

Anyone who falls for it is an idiot.

As is the phony and his pals.

A bunch of idiots all around.

Chip Ahoy said...

Kids today, the things they get up to.

George said...

Pakistan....162 million people...40 percent under the age of 15...25 percent below the poverty level...50 percent have no access to clean drinking water...leading cause of death is infectious diseases...one of its dictators in the 1950s said, "Pakistanis will be eating Pakistanis [unless the birth control problem is solved]...The Kargil War (the most recent one between Paki. and Ind.) was started by Pakistan in 1999. Musharraf was head of the army; Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister. Pakistan threatened the use of "any weapon" in its arsenal, and then Musharraf moved some of its nukes to the Indian border, without telling Sharif.

Wish none of that were true.

goesh said...

The Bhuttos as the Sopranos of Pakistan - I was hoping for some of that

Maxine Weiss said...

Sugar is poison.
Caffeine is deadly.
Cell Phones cause cancer.
Flouride in the drinking water.
Mercury in vaccines.
Toxic mold.
Lead poisoning.
Anything "wireless" = Radiation !
Mercury in seafood.
Sulfites in produce.
Water in plastic bottles = contamination.
Anything plastic.
Electromagnetic fields, bacteria everywhere.
Exhaust fumes that will never go away.
Carcinogenics that you don't even know about.

Happy New Year !

Yachira said...

I must say that, based on any plain reading of her comments, Maxine Weiss seems somewhat unstable. No?

Trooper York said...

Maxine is to stable,
as Lindsey Lohan is to chaste.

titus08 said...

I have no idea what this post is about but after looking at the picture of the son I would definitely do him.

I especially like him in the devil costume-that's hot.

He is very doable. Nice eyebrows.

I imagine a nice paki hog.

George said...

Interesting piece by Stobe Talbott about Clinton's Oval Office showdown with Nawaz Sharif during the Kargil War. He came without a US invitation, and....

"Adding to the danger was evidence that Sharif neither knew everything his military high command was doing nor had complete control over it. When Clinton asked him if he understood how far along his military was in preparing nuclear-armed missiles for possible use in a war against India, Sharif acted as though he was genuinely surprised.....

"Clinton bore down harder. Having listened to Sharif’s complaints against the United States, he had a list of his own, and it started with terrorism. Pakistan was the principal sponsor of the Taliban, which in turn allowed Osama bin Laden to run his worldwide network out of Afghanistan. Clinton had asked Sharif repeatedly to cooperate in bringing Osama to justice. Sharif had promised to do so but failed to deliver. The statement the United States would make to the press would mention Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism in Afghanistan—and, through its backing of Kashmiri militants, in India as well. Was that what Sharif wanted?

Clinton had worked himself back into real anger—his face flushed, eyes narrowed, lips pursed, cheek muscles pulsing, fists clenched. He said it was crazy enough for Sharif to have let his military violate the Line of Control, start a border war with India, and now prepare nuclear forces for action. On top of that, he had put Clinton in the middle of the mess and set him up for a diplomatic failure.

Sharif seemed beaten, physically and emotionally. He denied he had given any orders with regard to nuclear weaponry and said he was worried for his life."

I guess that's one reason a prime minister would leave his country during a war...and this guy, back from exile, is running for prime minister again.

PatCA said...

Young people find out how cruel the world is only the hard way. As the guys who taunted the tiger at the SF Zoo.