January 5, 2008

"Everybody knows Frankie doesn't say 'Submit.' Frankie says 'Relax.'"

Uh oh! Uncle Jimbo is out and about in Madison, Wisconsin, checking out the chalkings.

(Frankie background... in case you missed the '80s.)


Synova said...

Apparently Uncle Jimbo was informed that graffiti is a no-no even if you're just correcting it. ;-)

Troy said...

Frankie "says" nothing. Frankie SAY "Relax".

tituswy said...

When you do these type of postings they are actually really tired and immature and amateur.

Next, we are going to here a story or a video from you about the bitchy NYC art dealer/show that you went to and it goes off on Bush.

Please, move on from this crap. It's truly boring and has been beaten to death by the conservative blogs-oh but I forgot your liberal a democrat which is also a bunch of crap or a wonderful act.

Synova said...

And yet, here you are.

tituswy said...

Just my view Synova.

I love you girl.

And I want to meet your brother with the abs and "veiny biceps".

You know what they say, the difference between a gay man and straight man is a six pack of beer. Whewwww.

Chip Ahoy said...

I like defendusa's comment over there, "Obviously you are not cut out for covert operations." I wondered myself, "why the bandana? But then whip it off immediately. ?? "

The lyrics to that song are disgusting. I agree with Mike Read, it should be banned immediately. Oh wait. Too late. There's a kama sutra yoga exercise that practices the same thing that I heard about from this guy, and then to my dismay recently heard about again from the same guy with an update regarding a time interval.

Please persist with these highly interesting and provocative posts, the things that distinguish this site from the regular echo chambers.

Uncle Jimbo said...


Being covert in downtown Madison in Camo and a drive-on rag would be taken by most as satire or theater.

DefendUsa at B5 knew this and me and was joking.

Lighten up and RELAX!.

And Troy is correct about what Frankie Say, but that got corrupted here in USA and I followed the construct of the graffiti.


Uncle J

tituswy said...

FYI-Frankie Goes to Hollywood had two videos to this song.

One, which they played on MTV was Holly Johnson (the leader singer, who is doing well) was him walking around singing the song with Lazor Beams.

The second video of this song which was only played in the clubs was him and another member of the group walking into a gay bar and spinning around on some type of wheel of fortune type wheel and being ejaculated on by a fat men from a balcony.

Thought I would share that with you.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood-love them. I was 10 in my home listening to them. I would run around the house singing the lyrics and my mother was mortified.

She was more mortified though when I put one of her scarves on my head and pretended to be Cher and sang Dark Lady.

tituswy said...

Also Frankie Goes to Hollywood did a cool video called Two Tribes with US and Russia fighting in a boxing ring.

Very cool.

Chip Ahoy said...

As to that theory about the difference between a straight man and a gay man being a six pack, I realize this is thread jackery, but, a search with that long sentence as parameters got 39,000 results with this very amusing result as number one. But as you can see, amusing as it is, it doesn't prove anything because it's depicting the result of two six packs.

Uncle Jimbo said...

I had a gay buddy who used to say, "You are either gay or easy to sway"
I never hit that crossroads.


Uncle J