January 12, 2008

Changing hotels in Cassis.

Nino saves the day for Nina in France.

And scroll down — she went to Warsaw in January too. Nina has some strange mania — I can't understand it — for going places way out of season. Is it the light, perhaps, for the photographs? I've noticed that bright sunlight is almost always terrible. Or is it something about the animal behavior? Look at that peacock on a park bench, and check out the ears on that red squirrel.


Ron said...

Peacocks like that in NYC only exist in far-away places like...Westchester...

That squirrel will be haunting you!

rhhardin said...

You have a perfectly fine restaurant right at home.

No passports required, a fine lawn, homey feeling to it.

(That is Vicki, 8wks old, 20 hours after settling in)