January 19, 2008

Bow down, Chris Matthews!

You cannot be disrespectful to Hillary Clinton, the woman.

AND: Here's the pithy statement that he was blabbering about:

IN THE COMMENTS: Ruth Anne Adams writes:
So now Hillary and the Intern-ment problem are equivalent with John McCain and his Vietnamese internment? I think he owes McCain an apology, too.

Tyra Banks to Chris Matthews:

Are you embarrassed to be such a pussy? I would be embarrassed.


Bob said...

Or she might make a claw with her hand, and you'll fall to the ground, choking and gasping...

Peter V. Bella said...
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Peter V. Bella said...

Chris Matthews is a hypocritical tool. He has never, to my knowledge, apologized for any remarks he has made; some even less true and cruder than these. He owed no one an apology here. He appears to be apologizing to the public about remarks he made about a singular person. I wonder how much heat MSNBC got from the Clinton campaign and what threat they held over Matthews head.

He should never have apologized. His apology has set a precedent for all media editorialists. Soon the editorial pages will contain more apologies than opinions.

Tank said...


Peter V. Bella said...

He was inaccurate, in my opinion. Hillary won the senate seat because Giulliani bowed out due to prostate cancer.

Of course had he said that, he would probably still be forced to apologize.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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George M. Spencer said...

Unless he cried, he wasn't sorry enough.

He needs a co-host, maybe Tyra.

Meade said...

Tyra Banks to Chris Matthews:

Are you embarrassed to be such a pussy? I would be embarrassed.

hdhouse said...

Middle Class Guy said...
He was inaccurate, in my opinion. Hillary won the senate seat because Giulliani bowed out due to prostate cancer."

That statement is not accurate.


Rudy was loosing and the poll gap was widening. He had a very badly handled police shooting to contend with, a very messy divorce, an affair that was all over the papers, and early stage prostate cancer (health issue...sympathetic but not a plus).

He was already behind in the polls and upstate new york was going to be a wash. nyc, already heavily democratic and a home base where he thought he would do well enough to counter the rest of the state was very polarized against him to the extent that the numbers weren't there.

i am sure people want to believe that Rudy was neck and neck with Hillary before he bowed out but that wasn't the case at all.

Peter V. Bella said...

I was just reading the NYT on line about Bill Clinton's temper tantrums. Does he owe that reporter an apology for attacking over a question on the Las Vegas lawsuit? Just asking and throwing it out thee.

Peter V. Bella said...

It was my opinion based on memory of media reports at the time. But, I do not beleive Hillary won on her experience, charm and personality.

George M. Spencer said...

Speaking of fashion models and/or people who must be re-educated, here is Christy Turlington in the new Men's Vogue:

"A larger spiritual dilemma ensued when two airliners crashed into the Twin Towers a few blocks from their apartment. Turlington was candid about [her] six-month split-up [with movie star Ed Burns] that essentially resulted from their varying reactions to the attack on the nation. Burns, as the son of a police sergeant and a native of a suburb that lost many residents on 9/11, "could always think of himself and people in his family who are civil servants and who would be directly affected by the tragedy," she said. "So he really thought in such a visceral way. My experiences were from a much more global perspective. All those things that could have come out of our culture are going to come out, and that's going to create intolerance and all of those things that I strive against."

If you're not going to strive against the intolerance of ramming jets into skyscrapers what the heck are you going to strive against?

Poor yoga posture?

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews was morally outraged during the Lewinsky imbroglio and I bet he is still horrified by the Clintons' behavior toward disposable women. But he crossed a line when he spoke too honestly about the elephant in the room....besmirching Hillary's campaign. No one is allowed to bring up this sordid past!

Cedarford said...

It is amazing how many Americans are so stupid that they fall for biography and interest group voting blocks and vote against their interests.

Ex. - Hillary says some dumb things. A group of pundits bash her and a sector of women agree everything they slam her on. THEN they go out in their special interest groups and assail not Hillary, but the pundits for ganging up on a woman.

Ex. - To many conservatives and independents, John McCain is a treacherous miserable pol that comes out with a string of stupid ideas and they know he regularly sabotages legislation in the backroom of the Senate, out of site. They hate his management style is nearly identical to fighter jock Bush II. They hate the McCain laws, his attempt at Amnesty, his slamming lowered taxes. They detest his method of demonizing his conservative critics with the language of the Left that impugnes character and values. They detest him giving cover to Bush War critics on the Left for the last 4 years. They dislike his mean streak.

Then the fools have choices of Republicans with none of McCain's poor politician traits...do they vote for 'em???

I'm sticking with McCain! He is a hero, he suffered! He deserves to be President because he was POW.

3. Ex. - "I'm Barack, the Magnificent Orator. Though your average neighborhood WalMart Assistan Mgr has shown more leadership and has more Executive experience I deserve to be President on my tongue and on my Biography."

Crowd - Oooooo, Barack! Ooooo. You inspire us blacks and guilty whites! You absolve Jews of guilt and as a Black Moses leatheth us soon to green pastures! WE blacks bonded to you by skin color will never vote for Edwards or Clinton or one of those white men on the Republican side - because only
you can fight racism! You have a dream, the audacity of hope!

Identity politics and Cult of Victimhood may yet undermine our democracy as America continues to decline...

Tiny Bunch said...

Talk about whipped.

Peter V. Bella said...

George said:
If you're not going to strive against the intolerance of ramming jets into skyscrapers what the heck are you going to strive against?

The rising price and declining quality of tofu.
Uncomfortable prayer rugs.
Tractor spread.
Virulent anti-everything except what the anti believes.
Skinny models.
Fat models.
Models in general.
Talk Shows.
The general decline in the quality of good sandwiches.
The lack of food carts due to the health department nazis.
My own deranged mind.

Victor said...


If you're not going to strive against the intolerance of ramming jets into skyscrapers what the heck are you going to strive against?

How about people wearing their shoes into the Yoga studio?

Anonymous said...

Why do I doubt that Hillary Smith, ordinary lawyer, recent Arkansas transplant, would have been elected Senator from NY. Just a failure of understanding on my part, I guess. Maybe I'll apologize... Yeah, that'll make it all better.

From Inwood said...

Middle Class Guy has it right!

Meade has it more right!

Boy, rattle the Feminazis & you'll pay & keep on paying. Grovelling is not even the end nor even the begining of the end, nor probably the end of the begining!

Will MSNBC play this every year as PBS does with Nixon's maudlin "Checkers" performance?

Will NBC's Saturday Nite Live parody this?. (OK, it's beyond parody.) Where will Jon Stewart or Al Franken be on this?

Or for that matter O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Ingraham, or Medved.

And the piece de resistance, Coulter!

I'm Full of Soup said...


LOL and true!

Matthews has a brother,Jim,who was elected County commissioner with a fellow Republican and one Democrat.

Jim Matthews quickly threw his fellow Republican overboard (Bruce Castor) and formed a bipartisan team with the Dem commissioner. In other words, Jim Matthews said screw the election results. There were four boys in the Matthews family but seems a few pussies too.

Peter Hoh said...

I'm so tired of people sucking up to Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

Randy said...

Peter, most of them would suck themselves if they could. Were it not for their verbal diarrhea, some of them would succeed.

Fat Man said...

Chris Mattehws is an abject partisan hack.

Who knew?

Peter Hoh said...

Randy, talk about a closed-loop! Bet the feedback would sound horrible.

DaveW said...

Wow. Is this and Tyra what I miss by not watching very much television?

rcocean said...

Chris is your classic bully-toady.

Matthews is a bully toward conservative women. I'll never forget his treatment of Malkin and I doubt Coulter will return after his last attack.

His toadying before power, Hilary! and his Man-crush on McCain for example, are part of the same pattern.

Senator_Lampoon said...

Chris, it's okay to hate Hillary. She's evil and her ideals are
simply anti-American. She is a socialist commie and there isn't
anything you or anyone else could ever say about her that deserves
an apology.

To compare how she lived through her humiliation from Bill the
creep with the horor John McCain survived is beyond pathetic. You
owe every single American a personal apology. Get started and give
that lame show of yours to someone sober.

Drew W said...

"The Grieving Widow Of Absurdity?"

Funny things come out of your mouth when you've got to speak off the top of your head. Better The Grieving Widow Of Absurdity than The Madwoman Of Chaillot, I suppose.

If I'm ever reluctant to watch clips from news shows when they're posted on the web, it's because I don't want to commit too much time to watch something long and uninteresting. Spending nearly five minutes watching Chris Matthews begging forgiveness (as though Bill Clinton had a shotgun trained on him, just out of camera view) while simultaneously praising himself and his high journalistic ideals was nearly five minutes of my life I'll never get back again.

It was such a dull and convoluted monologue, if there was a twangy electric guitar playing in the background, I would've sworn I was sitting through that Tom Cruise Scientology recruitment video again.

Laura Reynolds said...

But for *our* frustration over the Iraq war and the economy, he would not have to act like a jerk.

rhhardin said...

Hey, MSNBC dropped Imus when he offended Hillary. How much faster would they drop Matthews.

reader_iam said...

Totally unverified on my part, but weren't there some stories floating around recently that 1) Olbermann is ascendant at MSNBC, supplanting Matthews, which latter is pissed and a bit spooked and 2) Olbermann is pro-Hillary?

reader_iam said...

Not that I'm engaging in unsubstantiated dots-connecting, or anything.

Anonymous said...

Middle Class Guy said: "Soon the editorial pages will contain more apologies than opinions".

Depends on if the editor/owner was in one of the 900 FBI files from the Dogpatch presidency.

Anonymous said...
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From Inwood said...


Why didn't I think of that!

I'm sending this to friends & your comment will be my re line! (No, I won't claim it as my original.)

garage mahal said...

Yes Ann, how dare question anyone's ability to thoroughly trash a Clinton nightly!

Rule #1
The Clinton's are OURS. We can say anything we damn want no matter how clearly untrue, sexist, or far reaching the lunacy goes. If I want to accuse them of drug running or murder without a shred of evidence, that's my journalistic right.

Rule #2
There are no rules!

The real damage to feminism is NOT a red faced lunatic calling her a castrating bitch every night. It's because Hillary didn't consult you personally on how to handle infidelity in her family.

The nerve!

From Inwood said...

spellcheck: two "n"s in beginning

Peter V. Bella said...

Hillary Clinton is in the spotlight. SHE is running for president. SHE made the choice. Along with that comes the glare of the media; they do own her and can ask or say anything they want.

Since when have the media ever been fair? Fairness does not sell. Disasters, titillation, wars, and the conduct and misconduct of public officials sell; along with sports, especially if odds are posted.

As to feminism and her Bill problem. If Hillary was as smart and intelligent as she pretends to be, she would just shut up about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the right and proper answer- It's nobody's damn business...

Ralph L said...

His original statement was accurate. I never heard anything about Hillary running for office until after the BJ scandal climaxed in 1999, and sympathy for her humiliation had a lot to do with her getting the Dem. nomination so easily.

hdhouse said...

oh let's have some fun. prairie home companion is on and i feel like smiling.

From Inwood said...
"Boy, rattle the Feminazis & you'll pay & keep on paying."

What is a "feminazis"...is it to do with a female nazi? is it just a rush limbaugh schtick? is it a hate crime label...calling someone a nazi who isn't?

"Will MSNBC play this every year as PBS does with Nixon's maudlin "Checkers" performance?"

Nixon is dead...

"Where will Jon Stewart or Al Franken be on this?"

Franken will be in the US Senate. Stewart will have more fun with Cheney and Bush.

"Or for that matter O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Ingraham, or Medved."..

the druggie, the spinwitch and the movie critic?

"And the piece de resistance, Coulter!"

never use the word "piece" and Anthrax Annie in the same sentence.

Jim C. said...

"Ralph" wrote "His original statement was accurate. I never heard anything about Hillary running for office until after the BJ scandal climaxed in 1999"

Please give us a cite in print that backs up your claim of accuracy.

Get serious. That timing has nothing to do with the sympathy thing. How about this: the timing was because Bill's term was nearly over. People reacted badly to the early "co-president" thing, so they held off on it until later.

"and sympathy for her humiliation had a lot to do with her getting the Dem. nomination so easily."

She deserves to be senator/president because Bill cheated on her? Not only is it condescending, but who in their right minds would vote for her on that basis, and who in their right minds would expect others to vote for her for that reason?

She has her political career because Bill was president. The idea is that that gave her experience. It did, but was it enough and the right kind? I say no. She's never had to run a real campaign before. All of her presentation coming up either she would have learned to handle or realized she couldn't.

Try again, Chris, er, sorry, "Ralph".

Ralph L said...

I wasn't on the internet in 99, "Jim C.", but I was paying attention to the blathering on TV and print. If Hillary planned to run for anything before Monica, she kept it under the table & on its knees. I'm not saying the sympathy should have helped, but it certainly did. People vote for the dumbest reasons, especially non-political people. Turn it around: was Hillary popular before Impeachment?

Ralph L said...

Many people are voting for McCain simply because he was an abused POW. My father likes him because he served under Admiral McCain 40 years ago.

JFreeman said...

Chris Matthews is an ignorant child... and a petulant one at that. Hopefully MSNBC will soon wake up and give him the axe.