December 16, 2007

Two top 10 lists.

What is true about the persons on the first list is the opposite for those on the second list. Try to guess what it is before clicking on the link.

The first list:
1. Johnny Depp
2. Matt Damon
3. George Clooney
4. Jack Nicholson
5. Rosario Dawson
6. John Travolta
7. Katherine Heigl
8. Jay Leno
9. Dakota Fanning
10. Russell Crowe
The second list:
1. Will Ferrell
2. Tobey Maguire
3. Joaquin Phoenix
4. William Shatner
5. Renée Zellweger
6. John Malkovich
7. Julie Andrews
8. Bruce Willis
9. Teri Hatcher
10. Scarlett Johansson


rhhardin said...

If the only two names you know are Jay Leno and Julie Andrews, it's obviously that one list has a late night talk show and the other doesn't.

Or it could be playing Mary Poppins.

If you've had a TV later than 1971, things might look different. I offer the classical viewpoint.

Ron said...

So it's ok if I ask Scarlett for something pervy as long as she doesn't have to sign anything? All riiiiggghttt!!!

AllenS said...

The first list are people you would want to have a beer with, the second, not so much.

ricpic said...

I peeked but I'm not gonna give it away. Though, having peeked, I'd say that Allens' comment is a pretty good clue

Meade said...

First list: entertainers who would stop whatever they are doing and try to help you get away from a crazed squirrel.

Second list: entertainers who, if blocked from where they are going on a crowded Manhattan sidewalk, would probably punch you in the back.

Jennifer said...

Ok, I know this so I won't say anything. Just makes Johnny Depp even that much sexier...

Meade said...


First list: Like Obama; dislike Hillary

Second list: Like Hillary; dislike Obama

Ann Althouse said...

You want to have a beer with Dakota Fanning?

AllenS said...

People on the list that I don't know who they are: Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Dakota Fanning, Joaquin Phoenix, John Malkovich, Teri Hatcher, and Scarlett Johansson. I thought other people picked them for their beer - drinking - fun - good time characteristics. I would like to have a beer with Bruce Willis, so I could ask him about nailing Demi. I'm going to Google right now, and find out who Dakota Fanning is.

Meade said...

I'm sure AllenS means root beer.

I hope AllenS means root beer.

AllenS, do you mean root beer?

AllenS said...

I'm back, and YES, I meant root beer! Please don't call the authorities.

Meade said...


rcocean said...

Our daughter is named:

Minneapolis Minnesota Rcocean

It makes it easier to fill out applications.

Cedarford said...

A plug for Renee Zellweger. My Dad sat across from her and her assistant on a flight to Hawaii. He said she was enormously nice. They had a great conversation and he didn't know who she was until someone came up and celebrity- gushed.

Paddy O. said...

I don't understand autographs. Is is the validation of having been in the presence of someone famous, as though that's somehow a validation or symbol of one's own greatness?

I imagine autograph seekers can often be like vultures, trying to pluck off a piece of a real person for their own wan identity. Maybe not all. But I bet a lot are.

Some folks like being a 'celebrity' and maybe others just like what they do, but don't want to somehow be this moment of giving someone else personhood.

What Cedarford just wrote seems to suggest this. Have a conversation. Have a real interaction. Don't objectify.

Ann, your said your own policy is to never ask for an autograph and so intrude. Maybe the people on the last list have the same attitude and that reflects in how they respond to others asking. They see it as a rudeness and intrusion to begin with.

I imagine it's fun at first but after many thousands and everywhere the thrill has worn off and by not encouraging any they don't encourage a throng.

titusluv said...

Good Morning fellow republicans.

Well, finally, the trick from last night left. The worst thing in life is the trick that won't leave.

The rare clumbers were in a tither all night.

I had to see the tricks myspace page with all his fricking pictures from every party he has ever been to. I was so bored.

He wanted to go back to bed to sleep for awhile this morning which we did. I got up and told him I need to do some things. So I begin to get on the computer, make some breakfast, talk on the phone. Finally, I went into the bedroom to tell him he had to leave and found him jerking off. I was like get out now.

Not a good way to start a Sunday.

How's everyone elses Sunday?

rhhardin said...

Tiffany Eckhardt signs all her CDs from Australia, with a little smiley face, in sharpie.

I think that's valuable in keeping her independent artist cred ; you actually buy the CD from her and not Sony, for example.

Her first album Girl Guitar was recorded in a laundromat for the acoustics. I know just how that happened.

Anyway she's famous but only in Australia.

She's the best love lyricist, as far as the phenomenology for women goes, that I've heard.

titusluv said...

Oh and he also barely spoke english and was had to be at work today at 3:00.

Where does he work you ask? Dunkin Donuts in Queens.

Yes, I was definitely slumming but he was hot in a dirty way.

George said...

Button Gwinnett was rude to everyone in Philadelphia.

john said...

For many celebrities the most annoying part of their freely given signature is to discover it is in a bidding war on ebay. Why should they want to sign your menu, baseball, or shirtsleeve if it is ending up for sale?

Thanks, that was really interesting. I hope he didnt steal your Prada shoes (probably getting pastry flour spilled on them now).

Meade said...

"I was like get out now"

How come every dirty trick-loving Republican poser gets so squeamish over nothing? You're all alike: classist crepuscular jerkoffaphobics. I'll bet you didn't even extend the courtesy of signing your autograph for him. For his slummy little scrapbook.
Big Republican meanie.

titusluv said...

Of course I took inventory of all my couture after he left.

The rare clumbers are pissed at me now because when the trick and I were doing it they jumped on the bed and I made them get off the bed. I have never done that to them before. I am trying to redeem myself with them now but they are having none of it. They want nothing to do with me now.

The trick was not worth what I am going through with the rare clumbers now.

Oh and I always always check my tricks labels and of course he was wearing gulp) gap tshirt. He did have juicy couture jeans though which was a nice suprise. The shoes were kind of cute but the name was Ecco-I don't even know what that is but you know it is awful.

rcocean said...

MARGO: Autograph fiends! They're not people - those little beasts who run in packs like coyotes-

KAREN: They're your fans, your audience-

MARGO:They're nobody's fans! They're juvenile delinquents, mental detectives, they're nobody's audience...

Trooper York said...

Bobby Rayburn: At least you're not one of those diehard, you know, baseball fans, you know, really.
Gil Renard: Why's that?
Bobby Rayburn: Because those guys are losers.
Gil Renard: Aren't the fans what it's all about?
Bobby Rayburn: Sheee-it! I'll tell you something, man, the fans are like women. When you're hitting, they love you, and when you're not, they just as soon spit on you as look at you!
(The Fan, 1996)

Trooper York said...

[Jimmy has just signed a baseball for a little boy]
Little Boy: [reading] Avoid the clap, Jimmy Dugan.
Jimmy Dugan: Hey, that's good advice!
Little Boy: How do you get the clap?
Jimmy Dugan: From Dunkin Donuts.
(A Leauge of Their Own, 1992)

Trooper York said...
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Stephen Snell said...

titusluv (especially) and trooper york: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

vnjagvet said...

Jack Nicholson -- whodathunkit.

Joaquin Phoenix -- figures.

(I peeked)

Roger said...

As a big Johnny Depp fan, this makes him even bigger in my estimatation.

Titus: my heart goes out to the displaced rare clumbers--I hope you have made suitable reparations consistent with your republican principles.