December 17, 2007

This was totally...

... predictable. (Via Instapundit.)


rhhardin said...

I thought so too. Yet no noose was found!

Is Anscombe Elizabeth Anscombe? Wittgenstein's translator?

Paddy O. said...

Beyond lame.

There are times in which I think putting a person in stocks is entirely appropriate.

A day in the middle of the Princeton campus where rotten fruit could be tossed at him.

At the same time this is great news. It means we haven't gotten to the point where such things like this happen.

Michael T said...

So many people want to be victims. Why? Being a victim sucks.

This is all really and truly pathetic.

SaysMeow said...

When I first heard the story, I thought "If any student is behind this, he should be expelled."

I haven't changed my mind.

TMink said...

Being victimized does well and truly suck! What a comment on our culture when people "perpetrate" themselves in order to claim victimhod.

It reminds me of the "antigay" graffiti that the GAYBLE folks painted at Duke. They got mad when the cleaning crew immediately removed the offensive remarks.

In the same way, they were not being perpetrated enough to gain entrance to the victim club, so they manufactured the outrageous grafitti.

Loosers, all of them.


amba said...

Let me get this straight: Nava was a member of the Anscombe Club? So he was a right-wing would-be-victim manufacturing victimization at the hands of sexual liberals?

Talk about becoming your enemy?!

Skeptical said...

Yes, the Anscombe society is named for GEM Anscombe, the great Catholic philosopher and Wittgenstein translator.

George said...

Give him a one-way ticket on the Dinky.

bilbys said...

Somebody in a psychology department needs to figure out why they do this. At least now it's obvious that it's no just a leftwing phenomena. I wonder if the people who do these hoaxes get so wrapped up in what they teach, such as first amendment issues, etc..that they feel compelled to create circumstances to demonstrate their points. It's just weird.

Pogo said...

These episodes provide some comfort in that the only outrage now available is wholly false and manufactured, in much the same way as Cheez Whiz.

But how do we shame someone like this, when our culture has entirely excised shame?

rhhardin said...

Well, I never heard of Anscombe as a philosopher, not that it's impossible ; but her name is on all the Wittgenstein books.

Likewise Alphonso Lingis is a philosopher but only known as the translator of Levinas.

There's no Lingis society. Have I only not heard of her because I'm not Catholic?

Or is it a women's history thing.

An unusual name, so I thought it might be her.

Generally women are not drawn in by hyberbolic doubt, and so don't get much out of philosophy, and so don't go into it either.

Vicki Hearne was an interesting exception, on the border of a lot of fields where gender interests cross.

peter hoh said...

Was there ever any follow up on the NYU case a few months ago? Or was that Columbia?

rhhardin said...

Becoming a victim - it's a way to get the moral upper hand ; people offer you attention and sympathy.

Curiously, it backfires whether caught or not.

The reward comes from helping, not getting help.

The most urgent case being the dignity of Blacks as a race (individually is not the same problem, I mean, it works the same way but isn't hung up by the public politics).

If Blacks want dignity as a race, in that they feel whites aren't granting them full dignity ; from that political standpoint, the only way on God's green earth to get dignity is for Blacks to take up a collection to help poor whites.

It's a paradox, but that's how it works.

Which is how ``Black leaders'' keep Blacks down, by preventing that thought from coming up.

And the white helpers of black leaders the same.

Because when you are addressed and called on to help, you for the first time become unique and irreplaceable.

Trooper York said...

Well, rh if Mr. Lingis is that very shrewd and cunning philosopher that I remember from years gone by, then I was a member of his admiration society in college and follow his precepts to this very day.

Trooper York said...
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Steven said...

So many people want to be victims. Why? Being a victim sucks.

Have you been paying attention the last couple decades? Being a victim is the highest level of moral authority one can achieve.

rhhardin said...

Lingis had a book with a superb title, something like ``The duty we owe to those with whom we have nothing in common.'' You bought it expecting Levinas and were disappointed. I don't know what happened to my copy.

jeff said...

Ah Trooper, that one was too easy.

Trooper York said...

Jeff you got to mash the slow pitches. Send that meatball out of the park. That's how Rod Carew used to do it and he was the best I ever saw.

rcocean said...

These fake hate crimes just mean we have to be even more vigilant about real hate crimes.

In order to counteract the chilling effect these false charges may have on real hate crimes, we need to make it even easier to report them and lower the standard of proof. And no punishment of false reporting should be inflicted - just more education regarding hate crimes. Otherwise, those victims of real hate crimes will be intimidated into not reporting them.

And that would be hateful.

MadisonMan said...

Was there ever any follow up on the NYU case a few months ago? Or was that Columbia?

The noose was on a door at Columbia. AFAIK, no resolution, but I think Columbia finally turned over the surveillance tapes.