December 30, 2007

Remembering the carrots.

After calling that last episode with me "The Forgotten Carrots Edition," Bloggingheads now has the explanation at the top of the right sidebar:
A few months ago, Ann Althouse's spiel about carrots in a Hillary campaign ad rocked the blogosphere. Steve Kaus felt the shockwaves; he remarked on the issue in a diavlog with Bob Wright. But now Steve has forgotten about the carrots entirely.Or has he? Is that a glint of recognition in his eye?
He claims — here in my comments section — that he only remembered later. But since I'm big on seeing things in video and standing by my observations, I really shouldn't point that out.

ADDED: To continue the interpretation of video, watch Bob Wright — on the left in video 2 — after he says "And I'm not sure I've ever thought of carrots that way." Has he? Is that a glint of recognition in his eye?

UPDATE: I've removed the embedded video, which seemed to be causing a lot of problems with the page loading. I've put in links, so you can still see the video if you want.


Trooper York said...

Professor, you have a really bad hair cut in the middle video.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

If there's anyone who should be carrying around a slight or perceived slight from Kaus-the-lesser, it should be David Lat, who was erroneously called "David Lamb" twice--TWICE!--by Kaus.

You were gunning for him, bringing it up at the last moment of the hour-long diavlog. Kudos to the Kaus dude for not taking your bait.

Ann Althouse said...

I wasn't gunning. Just needling.

Meade said...

He should thank his lucky stars you didn't punch him in the back. The nerve.

My powers of observation say it was somewhere between a needle and a gun. May have been a pike. A friendly pike. Sharp but with a smiley face on it.

chuck b. said...

I'm not ever going to watch these blogingheads videos until you people sit farther back from the camera.

Respect my space.

Trooper York said...

Lois: Peter tell Chris that women are not objects!
Peter: Your mother's right Chris, listen to what it says.
(The Family Guy, 2007)

Simon said...

I take it you've upgraded your camera, seeing those two videos "side by side" so to speak.

Mr. Forward said...

" Carrots are devine...
You get a dozen for a dime,
It's maaaa-gic! "

Bugs Bunny

Ann Althouse said...

"I take it you've upgraded your camera..."

Both of mine were done with Mac's built-in iSight camera. The main difference is that the first one had daylight for lighting and the second was done at night with artificial lighting.

blake said...

"Carrots v. Onion Rings" is my vote for top moment of the 2007 blogosphere.

It cracks me up every single time.

Sorta like the picture of Jessica Valenti standing next to Bill Clinton.

Simon said...

Even accounting for lighting, the second looks so much sharper, crisper though!

Kirk Parker said...


"Both of mine were done with Mac's built-in iSight camera."

Interesting, because I had the same impression as Simon--not because of the lighting, but because of the better perspective in these videos.

In the solo vlogs of yours that I've seen, you're definitely at an unflatteringly-close distance to the camera, as Bob Wright and Steve Kaus still are in their BloggingHeads clips here.

Is there perhaps some cropping going on in the BloggingHeads side-by-side format that's no there when you do solo vlogs or something?

Ann Althouse said...

Simon: I may have different settings. And there are 2 different computers. The older one is the desktop iMac and the newer one is the laptop Macbook.

Kirk: It's all a matter of how close you sit to the camera. I think the most important thing is to have the heads the same size, and I agree that filling the whole screen looks bad. I think the head should fill 2/3 of the screen. But the only cropping is to remove the sides to make it narrower.

DaveW said...

Ann, I have to admit that I never agreed about the whole carrot/onion ring thing. To me, it was more intended to portray Hillary as encouraging Bill to eat properly after his heart problem.

Mind you, I understand your allusion, I just don't think it was intended, and frankly had you never brought it up it would never have even crossed my mind. Then again, maybe that was your point.

FWIW, I don't see any twinkle in anyone's eye, but it does seem possible to me that he'd forgotten the whole thing.


I do wish you'd called him out on his ridiculous characterization of the Federalist Society, which frankly just left me speechless. Watching the segment again I have the impression that you caught it but just decided to let that piece of bait swim on by.

Calling an outfit like the Federalist Society "extremist" - is just asinine. They take no donations from and endorse political party. They do not take policy positions or advocate for them or lobby for legislation.

"It has been my pleasure to speak at many Federalist Society gatherings around the country, and I think one thing your organization has definitely done is to contribute to free speech, free debate, and most importantly public understanding of, awareness of, and appreciation of the Constitution." - Nadine Strossen, President, ACLU

“It is a great pleasure for me to be in front of the Federalist Society. I am a tremendous admirer of this organization. I agree completely that it has served an enormously valuable function, in getting the debate going about the meaning of the constitution. The fact that there are two sides to the debate is evidenced by my presence here, today, but your contribution to stimulating a debate, to getting us on the other side to think more clearly about our issues, and to presenting to the American public issues…has performed an enormously useful function.” -Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School

This is an extremist organization? About all this demonstrates to me is how low the left has sunk, when a group of people that gather to debate issues and go out of their way to invite both sides is called extremist by the likes of Stephen Kaus.

Good. Grief.

Ann Althouse said...

Dave: I agree that I should have stopped everything and grilled him over that, but I did object to the characterization a bit. I can see on the replay that he has a technique of dropping little things in here and there that aren't much part of what we are talking about and that I should be more vigilant about it. Actually, I have an idea of how to handle that situation, which I'll use if we're paired up again.