December 24, 2007

Masculine conundrum.

Is this a manly leg?

(Via Wired, via Andrew Sullivan.)

Originally, I wrote: Is this a manly arm? — a mistake that I caught by clicking to this and that goes part of the way toward answering my question.

I think that boy is going to spend a lot of time alone with that leg.

And quite aside from the crazy idiocy of a man giving silicone implants to his tattoo of a lady, that's an incredibly badly-drawn tattoo. For a while, I was looking at it and wondering why the artist made the woman so fat, and then I realized that was her right arm. And look at the left hand. It's anatomically all wrong. Well, what's the point in nit-picking, really, when you're dealing with an aesthetic blunder of this dimension? And I don't even want to talk about the effect of the man's leg hair on the woman's groin.

ADDED: Here's the theme song for that tattoo.


Blake said...

After thinking, "Yeah, that's a manly leg" I started wondering how you could tell a drawing had implants. Makes no sense. Why couldn't it just be a drawing of a large-breasted woman?

Then I realized (and it bears repeating) that this isn't a tattoo a woman-with-implants, it's a tattoo of a woman, with implants placed underneath it.

I didn't have any trouble parsing the image itself. Arms and what-have-you.

It all pales in comparison to the fact that this guy got implants in his leg.

Blake said...





George said...

Mmm...Jezebel and Andrew Sullivan on Christmas bizarre...

If you've wondered how this nightmarish bodmod nonsense got started, here is the ur-source--'Modern Primitives"

It's the Betty Crocker Cookbook of ick, gak, and ugh.

AllenS said...

10,000 years from now when archaeologists unearth this man's burial plot, they'll say: WTF?

Dave F said...

Here's a picture of them being inserted:

This guy sounds like a winner.

John Burgess said...

The guy is getting more than his Warholian 15 minutes of fame, so I'm sure he does think he's a winner.

That's the problem with a solipsistic universe... ain't nobody to tell you you're a jerk.

Ann Althouse said...

I'd like to think it's just a publicity stunt, and the implants will be removed pretty soon, but the very low quality of the drawing makes me think otherwise.

Jim said...

I am apparently behind the times in body modification.

I had no idea that surgical procedures of this nature were being done by non-MD's in less than clinical conditions.

He can now brag that his leg has boobs.

Does anyone know what the point is?

What are the odds of this getting infected, etc.?

I sound like such an old guy these days. Maybe I need some implants.

peter hoh said...

Does this tattoo make my leg look sexy?

I'm thinking not.

Revenant said...

That is one ugly tattoo.

Mortimer Brezny said...

I really don't see what this has to do with masculinity.

rhhardin said...

I always assumed that guys tattoed like that weren't competing for the same women.

Freeman Hunt said...

Does a word exist that can properly convey that level of tacky? I don't think that there is.

Synova said...

I had thought (because I've been told) that MD's can't and won't do body mods like this, or split tongues or put in fangs or even do something as minimal as giving a person pointy elf ears because there are Rules.

So tattoo shops is what is left.

(I don't think I'd ever get pointy elf ears but considering what plastic surgeons *do* do, elf ears seem like a cute and rather minimal alteration.)

Synova said...

I'm not nearly as grossed out by the boobs as I am by the long red hair on her legs. Once I noticed that I didn't even see the boobs anymore. Ewwww.

The Unknown Professor said...

It's not uncommon for bodybuilders to have calf and/or pectoral implants. So this is only a short hop further.