December 13, 2007

A Madison meetup?

There's an effort afoot to have a meetup here in Madison for readers of this blog. Email me at my annalthouse gmail address if you're interested. If I end up doing it, you have to email to get the time and place.

UPDATE: Email to go out soon. If you didn't get the email, email me again for the time and place.

FURTHER UPDATE: I've emailed those who've emailed me. If I missed you, email again.


Freeman Hunt said...

Surely readers and blogger would love to visit and have a meetup in the slightly more temperate but culturally similar Fayetteville, Arkansas....

Okay maybe not. A bit of a drive and probably convenient to no one but myself. I can wish though.

Trooper York said...

I would come Freeman. We have a friend who is interviewing for a job in Arkansas with I think Wal-Mart. Who know's, we might visit. The bars do stay open to 4 right?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Freeman: If it were an NC Fayetteville, I'd drive there to meet you.

Also: You nailed Huckabee months ago. Thanks for that head's up.

Jennifer said...

I'd be there too, Ruth Anne.

Have fun, Madisonites!