December 3, 2007

John McCain to Don Imus: "Glad to have you back."

In case you were wondering whether Imus would still be able to get prominent political figures on his show.

And who should be most afraid? Hint: a quote from today's show:
"Not much has changed. Dick Cheney is still a war criminal, Hillary Clinton is still Satan and I'm back on the radio!"

And the answer isn't Dick Cheney.


SGT Ted said...

And Imus remains an idiot.

AllenS said...

"And who should be most afraid?"


Paddy O. said...

"And who should be most afraid?"

the radio?

Will Conway said...

I wonder, hmm...

SMGalbraith said...

And who should be most afraid?

His sponsors?

Wife and children?


(d) All the above?

rdkraus said...

Listened to the first hour today. Pretty good. Only took 42 minutes before he called Cheney a war criminal and Hillary Satan.

Ted has, obviously, never listened to the show, which, in between a lot of nonsense, has had great interviews with interesting people, and raised millions of dollars for hospitals, charities, etc.


Why would his wife, kids or sponsors be afraid. They've done well by him for many years.

What kind of show will it turn out to be? Who knows? Gotta give him some time to settle in.

Trooper York said...

If I were Tim Russert, I would hire a food taster.

Joe Hogan said...

In case anyone out there thinks only Republicans would dare to go on the air with Imus, this mornings show also featured Sen. Chris Dodd, James Carville (along with his wife Mary Matalin) and the arguably non-Rebuplican historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. All of these folks were regulars in the past and have apparently remained loyal to the old cowboy curmudgeon.

Joe Hogan said...
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Richard Fagin said...

At least Dick Cheney isn't "nappy headed." Shiny-headed, for sure, but definitely not nappy.

Cedarford said...

Imus - I didn't think that these various folks who I was making famous and rich had a lot of courage. I don't know what you think about Al Sharpton, but if I'm going to pick somebody to be in a foxhole with, I pick him before I pick a lot of them people."

Meaning perhaps you know that Sharpton is a race-baiting cockroach who has never bothered to guise his true nature that much, but Imus has a long list of "good" men and women he had known throughout the years and helped who knew he was a "good" man himself but remained silent when he needed them. An open enemy you can deal with, but so-called objective people or friends that betray you or don't "have your back" when you need them hurt worse.

I note that many of the media and black racist groups that demanded Imus's head for slurring "commendable innocent college students" some still in their teens who did nothing!! - are dead silent about ever apologizing for the slurs they directed at the innocent Duke Lacrosse players. Remember? Those depraved white monsters (as several Lefty & black journalist called them, along with Leftist professors) who "hungered to pillage and own black-skinned females".
Somehow, Imus deserved to lose his media job for his half joking comments to the shrinking violets of Rutgers for the awful pain he as a media person caused - even after he apologized - but the Lefty and black journalists who assailed the Lacrosse players don't have to apologize, let alone fear to lose their jobs, for their racial slime job.

Nor the Duke professors, or racial hate groups like the new NAACP (The Klan with the Tan).

As for Sharpton, yeh, I'd prefer him in a foxhole over the gay German cannibal, Chuck Schumer, Hugo Chavez - but thats about it.

hdhouse said...

It is good to have Imus back.

McCain, if you will remember, ripped Imus in April but now needs his support so here he is.

Cheney remains Cheney....and he isn't a war criminal. he is a psychotic war monger. huge difference (no trial date set?)

rhhardin said... seems to stream and then repeat the four hours. I don't know if it's all day or not.

The WABC feed is better, carrying amusing local station segments of Imus as well, but of course doesn't repeat.

rhhardin said... streams Imus from 6am-1pm Eastern time, repeating the first 3 hours from 10-1.

jeff said...

"It is good to have Imus back."

Agreed. I yell back at the radio during his show for some of his comments, but he is well read and his guests are interesting and if I get pissed as some statement? Eh, entertaining radio. Beats the hell out of Larry King.

Roger said...

I see no reason why Imus will (or should change). He has been doing the same schtick since the 1970s; if you dont like it, don't listen. What part of that is difficult to understand?