December 14, 2007

"The issue related to cocaine use is not something the campaign is in any way raising."

Said Hillary Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, on TV last night after Clinton apologized to Barack Obama and after Bill Shaheen resigned as her campaign's New Hampshire co-chair. [ADDED: Do I really need to add that I'm scoffing at Mark Penn for saying he's not talking about what he's talking about?] 

Does anyone really think Shaheen was off on his own, reminding people that Obama wrote about his use of marijuana and cocaine when he was a teenager?
Clinton officials said she was personally distressed by the incident and had sought out Obama on the tarmac at Washington's Reagan National Airport before they flew to Iowa for the debate. Though the senators' interactions have been frosty since the start of the campaign nearly a year ago, Clinton wanted, her aides said, to make it clear that she had not approved Shaheen's approach.
Here's a focus-group of Democratic primary voters reacting to the story about Shaheen:
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's desperation. It's like you can't find anything wrong with him now, so you have to go back to when he was -- something he did when he was a teenager.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm not fully convinced that Hillary was aware that that was going to happen. I'm not fully convinced. I think it might have been a loose cannon in her campaign, because I think that was just stupid.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't see how she could not know. I think anything regarding her campaign, I think that's something should she know, which will affect her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm sort of surprised that she would use those tactics, given what happened to her husband.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If she didn't know, she should have known.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If indeed he used drugs or didn't -- whatever -- I think it shouldn't be held against him, because he was just flexing his muscles on his way to adulthood.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't believe that Hillary Clinton was aware of this, because I don't think she's that stupid.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was trying to derail the express train that Barack Obama is on right now. He's fast tracked himself to a possible lead that can over-take Hillary right now in the Iowa caucuses. That's why they had no alternative but to resort to these tactics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It just didn't accidentally happen the day before the caucus. You think about, I mean, you've got the debate, and then this distracts the voters from voting.
No one lets her off the hook.

Speaking of sincerity, let's judge the sincerity of Hillary Clinton's mother. (No, it's not wrong to judge a mother talking about her offspring, when the offspring is running for President and is pushing video of her mother vouching for her.)

"She never was envious of anybody." Even written as text, that's unbelievable. But listen to it. If this were a parody commercial, I'd praise the actor for the hilarious inflection on the word "never."


ricpic said...

But mother loves me.

Freeman Hunt said...

If I ever rejoin the workforce I think I'll try applying for a job with a letter of reference from my Dad.

Roger said...

Is anyone buying the notion that Billy Shaeen, husband of Democratic Senate Jean Shaeen and long time operative, a loose cannon who did this on his own? And today, Penn repeated the word "cocaine," while HRC apologizes and issues denials. Either her campaign is tightly run or its amateur hour. And either way she's culpable. Remind me again who expressed concern about the politics of personal destruction? Hillary has hit stall speed, and 1990s surrogates and denials isnt' going to work this time around.

Roger said...

and its Shaheen--sorry

Der Hahn said...

Cap'n Ed had it nailed a couple days ago.

Nothing says desperation like the smell of flop sweat.

Middle Class Guy said...

It has been reported that Hillary is extremely involved in al aspects of her campaign. She is micro-managing the whole thing. It is impossible to beleive that any statement that comes out does not have her personal seal of approval.

If it backfires, hey, she can always apologize and make it all better.

AllenS said...

Hillary's friends. Hmmm. I'm reminded of the picture of her two friends jumping up and down on Lincoln's bed.

SGT Ted said...

Anyone hwo thinks this wasn't a deliberate attack by the Clinton machine is either hopelessly naive or have memory problems. This has the Clintons written all over it. These are the people who mastered the politics of personal destruction right from the start in the early 90. Don't forget, Hillary ran their "war room".

"Bimbo eruptions"
"Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"
"Drag a $100.00 bill thru a trailer park and no telling what you'll get."

Anyone who gets in their way meets with this sort of character assassination and its right out of the book of Hillarys' chief mentor, Saul Alinsky. "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it." There was a rumor out of the Clinton campaign not too long back that they had a stinkbomb they were sitting on that was so big that it would destroy Obamas campaign run. This was it. But, this one backfired and now the damage control and backpedalling starts.

She knew from the get-go, guaranteed. Hillary just doesn't have the charm that Bill has to deflect the criticism.

George said...

I think that we, the American voters, need to see Chelsea in an ad about global warming. Perhaps she could be on a beach in a swimsuit applying SPF50 lotion.

Anyway, it's all been decided for us....Bush Sr. and NRO say buy Romney, and Oprah says buy Obama.

Obama is Pepsi.

Come Alive with Obama: The Choice of a New Generation.

Millions of white Americans would love to prove how non-racist they are by voting for a non-threatening black man and one who has been market tested by Oprah, a non-threatening black woman. Plus, his wife is the New Jackie. And he's got a Muslim name. Everyone around the world will love us again!

Gotta Have Obama!

Bruce Hayden said...

"We deny that our campaign was behind the vicious rumors that our opponent killed his mother and routinely has sex with his dog".

Note, of course, no mention made here of Hillary's drug use during college. I would be quite surprised if she and her husband had not smoked pot in law school, and would not have been surprised if she had not done psychedelics and maybe opiates somewhere along the line. My guess is that her drug use (if any) was more likely either at the end of her undergraduate years or, more likely, law school, given the timing. She sure looks the part in her pictures of the time.

Also, someone should ask when was the last time that her husband did coke? Rumors have flown about him using the stuff from the time he was still in the governor's mansion all the way through his time in the White House.

stoqboy said...

I imagined this scenario: "Ok, I've got a great idea. We get somebody to rip Obama on the drug issue. Then we get Hillary to apologize directly to Obama and to fire the person who brought up the drug issue. Then, we can talk about not bringing up the cocaine issue, how we fired the person who brought up the cocaine issue, how our campaign won't stoop so low as to use the cocaine issue, and how we hope that we can put the cocaine issue behind us. That way we can keep it in the news and Hillary claims the moral high ground by firing the person. Who wants to get fired?"

P. Rich said...

Mrs. Clinton isn't responsible for anything, unless it's "good", and it polls well. Then she is totally responsible.

How often do this cheap drama and its variants (cue dishonesty and egomania) have to repeat before sane Dems realize what a major disaster-waiting-to-happen she represents?

Bilby said...

"The issue related to cocaine use is not something the campaign is in any way raising." (emphasis mine)

That's obviously a way to push the issue while claiming the opposite. Otherwise it was have been phrased as drug use since that's the formulation Shaheen used to start with. The Clinton campaign thinks everybody is stupid.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

There are two ways to take this

1. Hillary's campaign and her campaign workers are out of control. Running around like loose cannons. Attacking wildly without her knowledge. This doesn't say much for her skills as an executive who wants to take the position of the chief executive officer of the United States. Do we want a President who can't control what her staff is doing or who is so out of touch that she is clueless about her employees actions?

2. Hillary knows all about these attacks and is behind the down and dirty tricks. Expressing wide eyed innocence while blithely destroying people's reputations and throwing her staff under the bus to save herself. "Who me? I had no idea" Do we want President who exhibits such sociopathic and heartless behaviour for her own personal ambitions?

Either scenario doesn't speak well of Hillary as an executive or a person.

Revenant said...

Hillary definitely isn't her husband. She doesn't seem to be able to get away with this nonsense the way that he could.

(PS: Excellent global warming idea, George)

AJ Lynch said...


Will voting for Hillary (if you decide to do so) be the hardest thing you ever do in a voting booth (not counting the time you had sex with the Judge of Erections)?

sydney said...

Envy? Superior people have never heard of it.

blogging cockroach said...

my story is much too sad to be told
but practically everything leaves me totally cold
the only exception i know is the case
when i'm out on a quiet spree, fighting vainly the old ennui
then i suddenly turn and see
your dirt all over the place

i get no kick from champagne
mere alcohol doesnt thrill me at all
so tell me why it doesn't hurt
that I get a kick out of dirt

some like the perfume from spain
i'm sure that if I took even one sniff
it would cause me to yell out oh yuck
'cause i get a kick out of muck

i get a kick every time i see you spreading dirt there before me
i get a kick though its clear to see, you obviously do not adore me
--being a cockroach and all--

barak got a kick from cocaine
i'm sure that if
i took even one sniff
that would bore me terrifically, too
yes i love your dirt but not you

Daryl said...

This video is aimed at getting votes from older women.

If Hillary is hurting for votes from older women (who are naturally in a position to want cradle to grave socialism and a "mommy in chief" to watch over them) then she's toast.

Did they focus group this video with under-35 males? Because when I see it, I want to vomit.

former law student said...

Where has her mom been all these years? Did she ever get to go to the White House? I never remember a picture with Bill, Hill, Chelsea, and Grandma before.

SGT Ted said...

Grandma wasn't useful back then.

reader_iam said...

who are naturally in a position to want cradle to grave socialism and a "mommy in chief" to watch over them).

This does not reflect the reality among most of the older (depending on how you define that term) women with whom I routinely interact. There are days--even weeks--where I just wish they were that passive and malleable.

I do think it'd be fun if you'd come 'round, Daryl, and say that to some of these women, in their '70s and '80s. I dare you. Hell, I'd pay you!

rcocean said...

Interesting Ad. I'd love to talk to the producers. Why for example the comment about "not being envious"? I don't think people regard Hillary as the envious type. Why didn't we see Hillary's friends discussing how wonderful she is? Or why flash "She lives with Hillary" on the screen.

And bravo to the production values. In the scene on the stage with the 3 Clinton women Hillary is so well lit she practically glows.

MadisonMan said...

Dorothy is 88; she's looking good.

reader_iam said...

MM: She really does.

George said...

And now Drudge has posted an Iowa ObamaMommie (from "the central committee," no less).

Clearly, this election will be decided by dueling Mommies.

We need a nice young man to lead us who will be friends with everyone.

Thank you and please no naughty hurtful talk or Mrs. Althouse will put you in time out.

Bruce Hayden said...

2. Hillary knows all about these attacks and is behind the down and dirty tricks. Expressing wide eyed innocence while blithely destroying people's reputations and throwing her staff under the bus to save herself. "Who me? I had no idea" Do we want President who exhibits such sociopathic and heartless behavior for her own personal ambitions?

This sure sounds a lot like how she handled the FBI files incident. She was appalled, and pinned it on an over zealous low level employee of hers (Craig Livingston?)

reader_iam said...

And she's old enough to remember such hard times as the depression, WWII and so forth. (That's putting aside her own early history, which wasn't exactly a bed of roses and required, let's just say, a certain independence.)

I really dislike seeing "older" women de-individualized and patronized.

Cedarford said...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If indeed he used drugs or didn't -- whatever -- I think it shouldn't be held against him, because he was just flexing his muscles on his way to adulthood.

Man, I want that lady Democrat dolt on my jury for any young gangsta or terrorist just flexing their muscles on the way to adulthood.

Who knew cocaine was great for physical exercise. OK, give me 5 snorting reps and then pick your nose and vigorously rub your lips with it, Barack. Great! See those muscles flex!
Seriously though, the elephant in the room is not recreational use, but if Barry O ever sold coke or pot to classmates. That would be harder to "blow" (hee hee) off.


Damn weak field the Dems have. No executive experience but for Richardson, who comes across as a special ed graduate.


1. Slick trial lawyer.
2. Messianic young Negro lawyer with no resume accomplishments in leadership.
3. Our Potemkin in Pantsuits, who claims she was Co-Governor and Co-President but offers no documentation of it. The more voters see of her, the less they like her, personally.

I luv divas said...

So much of your life is built around envy that it is obviously difficult for you to grasp that this is not true of everyone.

I know it's hard for a diva when another woman gets more attention. She might even become president. And you'll still be blogging about tits and fat. Hell, I'd be envious if I were you!!

SGT Ted said...

Hi christopher!

Blake said...

Shhh, Ted.

You're not supposed to pull the sock off till the puppet show is over.

Pastor_Jeff said...

"She was never envious"?

While this so stupid as to be unbelievable, I'll wager Obama doesn't have people scanning Hillary's grade school records for that time she was envious.

And "empathy" is not a character quality I associate with Mrs. Clinton.

Simon said...

rcocean said...
"Why for example the comment about 'not being envious'? I don't think people regard Hillary as the envious type."

You've never heard of "the politics of envy"?

rhhardin said...

I don't think it's sincere or insincere. It's a fifteenth take. It's all just words by that time.

It was probably just words on the first take too. Somebody else wrote it.

Mother is trying to help.

Insincere is something like ``I was _so_ sorry to hear your daughter lost the beauty contest.''

That's insincere because it's not offering to cut the mom any social slack. If anything it tightens the noose. And so it brings out the sincere/insincere judgment.

Script reading is outside the sincere/insincere category entirely.

Blake said...

Script reading is outside the sincere/insincere category entirely.

I'd say script reading is ALL insincere, or perhaps a better word is "non-genuine". It's just that it's also impersonal.