December 6, 2007

"Instead of alerting management".... she decided "to take a picture of the unorthodox sign and post it on the Internet."

Imagine that!

Here's the LiveJournal page in question:
I'm sort of staring at the meat display, lots of salamis and sausages, and then various hams. And the hams' price signs have all been tagged with festive PERFECT FOR CHANUKAH banners. Which I blinked at for a couple of secs, trying to decide if this was an example of truly monumental cluelessness or ... nah. It's just the Department of Monumental Cluelessness, Well-Meaning Division.
Click the link for the luscious photos.

Anyway, get used to it, stores. Your customers have cameras and access to the internet. If you post some ridiculous sign, you're going to get embarrassed on the internet.

Or do you think this represents the erosion of civilization? Why couldn't Nancy Kay Shapiro simply talk to the people at Balducci's? What ever happened to face-to-face relationships? Eh... I take pictures of any funny signs I see.


Ron said...

How bad is that evil Internet? So I go to the Balducci's site and see they have a Chanukah holiday menu! So why must I look at it? To see if there's ham in it!

Evil training, this Interweb...

StephenB said...

How long before one of the terminally offended initiates a lawsuit?

Larry said...

Have you ever tried to "alert management"?

I mean in this century?

Susan said...

This reminds me of Jay Leno's Headlines segments and one I remember of a newspaper ad with multiple items including guns under the headline Back to School Specials.

Richard Fagin said...

Reminds me of a day at the old law firm, which hosted an employee lunch. As partner Alan Rosenthal picked up a piece of pork tenerloin from the buffet, a tremendous flash of lightning blasted just outside the conference room window, with an immediate explosion of thunder. I said, "Alan, put down that pork chop!" Alan promptly replied, "You're eating shrimp. Trafe is trafe."

I suppose now I'll have to post pictures of the electric menorah that my (Mexican-American) wife decided to relamp with red, white and green Christmas bulbs, to "give it a more cultural flavor."

You can't make this stuff up.

halojones-fan said...

I think it's just a really funny sign. There's a mall near me that has a signpost with both "STOP" and "NO STOPPING ANYTHING" on it.

Clang!Honk!Tweet! said...

Richard Fagin: LOL! Please, don't tell us you've taken to wearing a yarmulke sombrero!

Eli Blake said...

The other day there was an ad in the Arizona Republic for a sale on bras, and the ad said, 'Senior citizens 10% off.' My first thought was, "yeah, at least that much"

rhhardin said...

I liked this in Kroger the other day.

Bob said...

How it would have gone if the lady had notified the store:

To Deli Clerk: You know, Chanukah is a Jewish holiday, and Jews don't eat pork.

Clerk: Huh?

Woman: Your signs... they are advertising hams for Chanukah.

Clerk: Signs?

Woman: These signs right here. (points)

Clerk. Oh. Um...are you Jewish?

Woman: No.

Clerk: Well, um...we'll take care of it. (goes back to slicing pastrami and olive loaf)


Clerk to Deli Mgr: Some woman says our signs offend Jews.

Mgr: Huh?

Clerk: says that they don't eat Ham for Christmas, or something like that.

Mgr: What signs?

Clerk: the ones out front advertising hams.

Mgr: *scratches head* I'll worry about it later, we have a lot of stuff to get done today. You take your break yet?

Clerk: Nope.

Mgr: Better go now, then, before the lunch rush.

Clerk: Ok.

*Mgr. forgets about signs.*

Blake said...

Maybe it's for Reform Jews.

JackDRipper said...

Ham/cheese or bacon/eggs > Hanukkah

In their hearts the Jews know it's true.

Trooper York said...

Captain Hero: Hey, pig! Great news!
Wooldoor Sockbat: Foxxy just bought us an insane amount of alcohol!
Captain Hero: Are you defecating into a cantalope?
Spanky Ham: [farts] Uh... this is awkward. I guess if I waited an hour, I coulda blamed it on the booze.
(Drawn Together 2004)

Richard Fagin said...

No yarmulke sombrero, but I have been know to wear a coonskin cap to family dinners with the inlaws and shouting, Oy, caramba!

In a semi-serious reply to stephenb, no doubt one of the terminaly offended will sue. Be happy that's all a terminally offended Jewish person is likely to do.

Trooper York said...

Spanky Ham: I, for one, am not just going to wait around to be swallowed by a giant vagina!
[thinks for a minute]
Spanky Ham: Huh? Oh... wait, no, no, no.
(Drawn Together 2004)

George said...

Here's a sign of insanity.

Truly nutty.

Trooper York said...

Tom: And now to our weatherman Ollie Williams for the Black-Weather Forecast, Ollie?
Tom: Don't you have an umbrella?
Olie: USED TO!
Tom: Where is it now?
Tom: Is there anything we can do for you?
Tom: What kind?
Tom: Thanks, Ollie. Up next, a pig that refuses to eat Jews. After this.
(Family Guy, 2006)

spudchuker said...

Oh my gosh! You mean tell me those people who wear those tiny hats REFUSE to eat good Idaho hams! UnAmerican. Next will be russet potatoes! Oh my gosh.
Oh vey, back to the potato field.

Mr. B. said...


Many years ago (when I was young and charming) I used to have a board job (as it was referred to in those days) at a Jewish sorority house - AEPhi - where the traditional Sunday lunch was chicken livers wrapped in bacon.

The more thing change...



spudchuker said...

In a tangent, but in the spirit of advertising gone awry, I offer this oddity: Campmor an internet seller of camping gear offers a line of sports bras with the presistent disclaimer "FOR WOMEN ONLY". I know men who need a bra, but they have never been hikers. If they sold jock straps with a warning "for men only" would there be complaints?

Mortimer Brezny said...


Chunukah is a holiday.

Holiday = day off.

Day off = take advantage of sale.

Offering sale = more customers.

The sale is for non-Jews who have the day off, i.e., "Buy this ham today!"

dax said...

"Be happy that's all a terminally offended Jewish person is likely to do"

And afterwards they'll go back and get the hams......................on sale!

Tibore said...

Does this mean I can't sell kosher lobsters anymore?? :(

class-factotum said...

I went to a conference on Yom Kippur once. The breakfast was bagels with melted cheese and pork sausage on top.

There aren't many Jews in Mississippi, I guess.

SGT Ted said...

Imagine the reaction had the sign said:

"50% off Virginia Spiral Sliced ham.

Perfect for Ramadan!"

Melinda said...

If I'd seen the sign, my first absent-minded thought would have been, "Jews can eat ham now?" Assuming there had been some sort of Jewish Vatican II that nobody had told me about.

My second thought would have been jealousy of Mary Kay Shapiro because she blogged it first.

Note: I live near Balducci's, but prefer the Gourmet Garage.

Joshua said...

Actually, Mortimer, Channukah lasts for over a week and very few people get any days off for it.

Mortimer Brezny said...

Actually, Mortimer, Channukah lasts for over a week and very few people get any days off for it.

I know how long Chanukah lasts, you jackass, but no one stands in front of a sign in a supermarket for 8 days straight.

rcocean said...

Lots of Jews eat Pork. Its a stereotype that all don't.

Trooper York said...

Peter- You know what really grinds my gears? No one's come up with a new priest and a rabbi joke in like 30 years. Ok, ok, uh, a priest and a rabbi go into..the supermarket. And the preist says, let's buy a ham. And the rabbi says, "Nope. Can't eat it. Not allowed. It's forbidden." Pigs are like super-heroes to them. Is it perfect? No! But I dont see you coming up with anything better. And that, people, is what grinds my gears. Tom.
(The Family Guy, 2005)