December 19, 2007

"Hillary doesn’t have to worry about her face. She has to worry about her mask."

It was inevitable that Maureen Dowd's column today would be about that picture of Hillary looking old that Matt Drudge put up for us all to talk about.


Fen said...

Actually Dowd makes some good points [mask] and fairly presents Rush's sympathetic points about the hypocrisy of our society re aging women. I'm surprised.

Still can't stand her writing, and I'm recalling a breakdown she had a few years back claiming that she was single only because men were intimidated by her. But damn, she's still very attractive.

Bob said...

If Hillary were a pet in a pet store waiting to be purchased, she'd be with the reptiles: cold-blooded, only marginally popular, but because the stock of puppies in the pet store is not the best, she has to be considered.

Possibly a good subject for a blog topic, itself: if the candidates were pets in a pet store, what would they each be? Fred would have to be a Bassett Hound. :)

Tim said...

I'm sorry I spent time reading it; however, I think Dowd found her stride.

But she can't write about The Hillary!'s appearance every day.

Or can she?

I don't think her editors would mind.

George said...

Dowd needs a blog.

This story is old.

She'll write about Rielle and "The Great Debaters" days after everyone else has, too.

rhhardin said...

I'm surprised Dowd was so easy on Limbaugh. Most people don't listen before giving their evaluation. She appears to have listened, and even replayed it a couple of times.

Rush was commening on roughly the same thing as Althouse.

And now Imus is going easy on Rush too. (``His politics aren't the point. He's a great radio guy.'')

SteveR said...

It’s pretty pathetic, at this stage of her career, that she has to wage a major offensive, by helicopter and Web testimonials, to make herself appear warm-blooded.

Not that she won't win the nomination or the presidency.

Palladian said...

The Mask of Youth.

Trooper York said...

Drudge Report December 19, 2007
A new explanation for Hillary Clintons unfortunate photo has been advanced by the Barack Obama campaign. “We believe that this is a natural reflection of her new relationship and the fact that her close personal aide Huma Abedin has recently spent a lot of time sitting on her face” reported the Obama spokesman who refused to give her name. When reached for comment, former President Bill Clinton simply said “Sweet.”…….developing.

Patm said...

count on a woman to deal the harshest blow to another woman - that last paragraph is a smash. A good insightful piece by Dowd

rhhardin said...

Winter Chickens .

You can make them up to look like spring chickens but they rebel.

From Inwood said...

What did Bill say to Hill about the apparition in the photo?

"Putana, happy face!"