December 15, 2007

"Does your mom still teach here? Because I heard that she's REALLY easy... Best wishes trying to avoid learning in law school."

NYU Law School email, exposed.


Tim said...

"We come to NYU to take made-up classes like "Jesus & the Constitution," "Inter-Animal Contracts," and "International Law." Coming to NYU for anything than intellectual masturbation or an easy job is a waste of money."

I so miss not having gone to law school.

Cabbage said...

The first year of law school was the best intellectual experience I've ever had (even at my tier 2 school). Now, halfway through my second year, I realize that the last four semesters are a gigantic waste of time and money.

Outside of a couple of bar classes (evidence, crim pro) I'm going to take as much easy stuff as I can.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I'm very glad this post was not about JohnAltCo.