December 31, 2007

The 2007 posts-of-the-month.

January: C'mon, guys, wear leggings!

February: That polar-bears-on-the-melting-ice-cap photo.

March: I'm going to watch "An Inconvenient Truth."

April: Let's take a look at that 10 Commandments monument.

May. Caricature and handwritten notes from the 7th Circuit conference.

June: Why the judge cried about the pants.

July: Ingmar Bergman has died.

August: Just a few museum photos.

September: About Justice Kennedy's garish carpet and the way his desk is wedged in a corner.

October: Madison and New York/young and old.

November: A vlog about Thanksgiving squirrel, Mancow, guns, law school, commenters, and Madison versus New York.

December: I get pissed off at TNR.


Brian Doyle said...

Isn't doing multiple retrospectives of your own blog the kind of thing that a raging egomaniac would do?

George M. Spencer said...

In The Seventh Seal, Max von Sydow conveniently wears either tights or leggings.

Death is always in fashion, too.

Paddy O said...

Isn't doing multiple retrospectives of your own blog the kind of thing that a raging egomaniac would do?

No. A raging egomaniac goes to other people's blogs and tries to assert themselves and their opinions. Egomaniacs, of course, thrive on both projecting themselves and diminishing others.

Doing multiple retrospectives on one's own blog is just a year end summary that aids both personal and audience perspective on the year as a whole. Also, these aren't just the thoughts of Ann, they are conversations and interactions and developing relationships.

Ann Althouse said...

"Isn't doing multiple retrospectives of your own blog the kind of thing that a raging egomaniac would do?"

Even more disturbing is that at least 25% of the selections are about pants.

blake said...

In the end, it all comes down to pants.

Peter V. Bella said...

Blake said...
In the end, it all comes down to pants.

Wrong Blake. In the end, all pants come down.

AmPowerBlog said...

"A raging egomaniac goes to other people's blogs and tries to assert themselves and their opinions."

That would be me!

More pants, btw, and Statue of Liberty pics!

Go Althouse in 2008!

(BTW: I actually came over to see if you've posted on NYT's big editorial today:

"Out of panic and ideology, President Bush squandered America’s position of moral and political leadership, swept aside international institutions and treaties, sullied America’s global image, and trampled on the constitutional pillars that have supported our democracy through the most terrifying and challenging times."

Blah, blah...)

Gedaliya said...

The Times' editorial board apparently wanted to reassure its rabid base that all is not lost despite the recent appointment of William Kristol as columnist.

The effort, though was vapid, tedious and predictable...BDS unbound. What a sad fate has befallen a once great newspaper.

blake said...

Wrong Blake. In the end, all pants come down.

But do they go on one leg at a time.

As a child I used to sit at the edge of the bed and pull my pants up both legs at once.

It was years before I figured out what that saying meant.

Peter V. Bella said...

Leggings are not for me.

The polar bears photo was shot at a zoo in Canada. It’s a fake like Gore.

I do not watch fantasy documentaries.

The Ten Commandments Monument- no opinion.

Caricature is good. Court reporters hould use it more.

The judge cried because he is cheap. It was his only pair of pants.

RIP Ingrid Bergman.

Why does anyone still read TNR.

Elliott A said...

Which countries really don't like us who matter? We are now "friends" of the Germans and French and the entire eastern bloc of newer democracies. We have good relations with the Australians, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. Venezuela, N. Korea, Iran wouldn't like us no matter who was president. Related to the "Inconvenient Truth" the president of Czechia believes Al Gore is insane. (See Vaclav Klaus' book and interviews). Despite the many who still believe he should have won in 2000, an international reputation as a crazy person does not exactly project your country in a positive light. Sorry, Ann, but he is like Elmer Gantry with AGW as his congregation. Once there is a legion of "true believers" they can influence governments to get in line. As for the NYT editorial, they never mention that the "trampling of rights" pales to that of Lincoln and FDR, yet everything is named after them. I'm not a constitutional scholar, but it is crazy to me to have a position that intercepting a cell phone from a foreign national which either originates from or is directed to a foreign country could possibly infringe my rights. I find it more invasive when the police measure the speed at which I am driving with no prior indication that I am speeding. Anyway, Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

If the editors of the NYT read their own columnists, they would know how ridiculous the allegations in their editorial are. This is from John Vinocur of the International Herald Tribune (owned by the NYT) from Feb. 1999 (well before Bush):

"In a week when Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine made a speech and gave an interview on American dominance — classifying the United States as a "hyperpower" whose abuses had to be counterbalanced by everyone else's commitment to the methods, strategy and tactics of containment — the evidence, almost ironically, was elsewhere.


The juxtaposition emphasized the jarringly high pitch of the French campaign. It holds that the world, according to Mr. Vedrine, must now deal with a central confrontation, pitting the United States versus everybody else, for stakes that are not only political, "economic, monetary, legal, audiovisual, linguistic, cultural," but those of "mental identity.""

The IHT archives are chock full of articles that demonstrate that there was a growing anti-US block in Europe well before Bush, 9/11, or Iraq.

Fen said...

Leftist Propaganda Rag: Bush... swept aside international institutions and treaties

Bullocks. Those international institutions are worthless. As Steyn said, all they are good for is to allow despotic bullies to punch above their weight class. If the NYTs actually gave a damn for multilateral institutions like the UN, they would be strong advocates for reforming them into something other than hectoring the US.

Same for the "treaties" that aren't worth the paper they're printed on. 14 toothless resolutions in 12 years. The Oil for Food scheme. A Kyoto farce that only NON-signatories like the US have lived up to.

sullied America’s global image

[yawn] the only "image" that can be banked is the ability to project force backed by strength of will to endure the consequences of tough decisions. Something the cocktail crowd in the NYT's diplomatic circles still fails to understand.

trampled on the constitutional pillars

Yah. Intercepting international communication into the US from suspected terrorist cells, to be used purely for military intelligence gathering. Oooooh NYTs, your civil liberties are melting.

2007: The year the NYTs stock tanked to new all-time lows. Go shill for Syria or Iran directly. Maybe they will promise to kill you last.

dave™© said...

Wow... this is just sad.


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