November 10, 2007

"You are not a pop star with a No. 1 album, so you don't know."

What Britney Spears's lawyer, Anne Kiley, said to the judge.


The Drill SGT said...

I'm actually surprised by the judge on that one. I always thought that judges even in Hollywood didn't tolerate disobedience of court orders.

And of course, celebritney criminal law must have different rules for court behavior.

Or maybe it's just a SoCal thing

Slim999 said...

Pretty good lawyering, if you ask me.

Brittney defies the judge, skips mandatory drug testing (when the judge is aware that she has an obvious drug and alcohol problem) and keeps her kids.

Who could want for better counsel?

"Your honor. You're just some judge. My client is a pop star."

"Case dismissed."


rhhardin said...

It's not against all common sense to say what you think to a judge. How can thinking be a crime?

It's the little guy against The Man.

Officers of the court may be impressed by judges, but perhaps they're really only impressed with themselves.

This will all be fixed when Justice Ito is appointed.

Ron said...

Alas, in the retrial, Judge Madonna threw the book -- and the Billboard charts -- at poor Brit....

Jennifer said...

Of course, neither is she. I'm pleased as punch that Billhboard finally changed their method. Just icing on the cake that it pushed the Eagles up, WAY up, over Britney this week.

John Kindley said...

"The judge refused demands he strip Spears . . ."

Thank God for judicial restraint.

jeff said...

"Your honor, you're not a capo in the Mafia, so you don't know."

Or in my case:

"Your honor, you're not in the IT industry so you don't know."

Have to keep that in mind, just in case.

Bob said...

Beejus, as the late Acidman used to say.

That statement is the close kin to "Do you know who I am?" that the self-important actually use when speaking to people they consider their social inferiors.

Judge should have jailed Spears on GP's (general principles) just for having a lawyer stupid enough to say that.

Joe said...

yeah, and Cynthia McKinney should have got it too. Unfortunately things don't always work out that way. :-/

Trooper York said...

Well, if we are lucky, her assitant will bash her head in with a Yoga stick and we won't have to read anymore of this crap. Then her kids might have a chance to turn out half way normal. Just sayn'.

jeff said...

Trooper, Keep a good thought. It wouldn't even have to be a yoga stick.