November 5, 2007

"We are not building a GPhone."

"We are enabling 1,000 people to build a GPhone."

ADDED: William Saletan explains:
Old cell business model: Charge monthly fees. Microsoft model: Sell the software. Apple model: Sell the phone. Google model: Give away the software; sell ads. Google's promises: 1) Better Web browsing and other software. 2) Lower fees and cheaper phones, because the ads provide the revenue. 3) More innovation and customization. Critiques: 1) The announcement is all hype, no product. 2) It'll take forever to be produced, become commercially available, and penetrate the market. 3) Yes, we are all individual … Google pawns. Upside: Your phone will work just like a PC! Downside: Your phone will be buried in ads, just like a PC.


rhhardin said...

I bet a quarter it looks like Inferno

Beth said...

Argghhh. I've been holding out on an iPhone until its second iteration, assuming that includes either more built-in storage or a card slot. The upcoming release of an SDK makes the iPhone more attractive than ever, but now, well, heck. What to do? Wait a year? Go with the iPhone and then keep an eye on the Gphone as it develops?

corporate law drudge said...

Can you connect two GPhones with a G-string?

Maxine Weiss said...

Um, I don't mean to impose, or speak out-of-turn....but does Althouse know it's Thanksgiving?

I surely must have missed the extensive Thanksgiving plans for this Blog, and the exact nature of just how Althouse will provide a complete Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings, to her readers.

Surely, there are PLANS in the works....