November 21, 2007

A vlog about Thanksgiving squirrel, Mancow, guns, law school, commenters, and Madison versus New York.


AmPowerBlog said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Althouse!

Roost on the Moon said...

"Alan Greenspan has it together way more than Eric Clapton did."

Great vlog. Happy Thanksgiving, whatever weapons you're holding.

Ron said...

Scrotum Face! Good name! What about dad Kirk's mug? "Dear Ms. Zeta-Jones; must you really kiss a scrotum on a regular basis?"

As for the weapons your holding...It sounds like the Death Star at your house!

Would that be "deer in the headphones" instead of lights?

Gobble, Gobble!

Maxine Weiss said...

A few generations ago, Glassner says, people looked to science and technology as salvation -- it was the time of Kool-Aid, Tupperware and pasteurized processed cheese.

Today, he says, there's an increasing emphasis on "natural," a view that demonizes anything in our food that comes out of labs. Instead of electric colors and chemical flavors, increasingly our culture worships whole grains, organic greens and local produce.

"There is tremendous nostalgia, right now, for an imagined past in which everything we ate was pure and came straight out of some magically clean Earth," Glassner says. "That never existed -- except in our imagination."

(that's not true)

JohnAnnArbor said...

A contradiction: Althouse says she'll shoot the Thanksgiving squirrel, but later declines to share with us whether she has a gun....

Were you in Columbus a week ago or so? And, have you taken up falconry?

Hoosier Daddy said...

What firearms do I own:

1) One pride and joy....I almost get weepy eyed when I hold it.

2)One SMLE Mark V (yes I do own one) Lee Enfield dated 1918......

3) One .357 Colt Pyton

4) Yes I have fired all three and it was GLORIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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elk said...

Great vlog! I particularly loved the colorful, vibrant setting. Such a contrast to the jail cell look of the NY vlogs. Purposefully done?

Sixty Bricks said...

You're alright Ann. A 22 is best for squirrels.

Mortimer Brezny said...

Really, the beret and the cigarette are needed.

EnigmatiCore said...

Ya shoulda blogged about Heather Mills.

Because she is bearing the weight all who have tried to make a difference have borne.

PeterP said...

No nudity. No football. Gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess.

And thanks for clearing up a personal mystery that has haunted me for thirty years.

Watched this American guy in a London park kill, skin, gut, cook and then eat a grey squirrel.

Now I know. It was Thanksgiving and he was homesick.


al said...

hoosier - nice collection (well start of one :-) ) there. Cabela's has a 1911 in their Black Friday ad and I don't have one yet... Mine come from Ruger, Glock, and H&R. Plus a bolt action rifle that my dad brought home from the Pacific theatre after WWII.

As for squirrels - a buddy of mine uses a blow gun. Works great in suburbia and no one knows whats cooking.

Althouse with a gun - interesting. Instapundit has shown off his guns before so there is a trend...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Simon Kenton said...

I tried. The red gods know I tried. But we're having turkey.

I got 2 elk (two tags, so OK) a couple weeks ago.

"Maybe we could, uh, skip the turkey? Elk tenderloins wellington, with a currant jelly sauce, eh?"

"Maybe we could try some elk heart, baked and stuffed? Sliced, braised, with a bearnaise? Eh? Kind of, uh, donate the turkey down at the homeless shelter? Those people would really enjoy it."

"Marinated elk steaks, mesquite-broiled? Just sort of, say, let the turkey go straight to leftovers, do not pass the cranberries, get out of the gravy free, eh?"

We got up at six to get the bird into the oven, so it can be totally desiccated, friable, granular, sabulous, arenaceous, the way turkey always is. I intend to be polite. Enthusiastic. About the turkey.

For squirrel, I use a .177 Feinwerbau 124. Near total silence, total effectiveness.

Jake said...

That was fun. Do it again.

Ray said...

I tried viewing this video, and got a message saying it was no longer available. More YouTube censorship?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld said...

There's an interesting problem: what gun _should_ Althouse have? She won't admit to which one (if any) she owns, but that shouldn't stop the baseless speculation.

Given the preference for Euro-trash cars like the Audi that exude "aggressive competence", I'm thinking something like a SIG-229 pistol or a HK USP.


Or perhaps something more feminine, like the pink AR-15 rifle:

Ann Althouse said...

Ray: I'm still seeing it, but it came up slow. Maybe YouTube was swamped on Thanksgiving.

boldface said...

Ann, I live in the city, and I have constructed my routine to avoid the worst downsides of this big burg. I leave for work early, on a 6:35am express bus, which leaves me in Manhattan at 7:10. I then go to the gym to work out, and I'm behind my desk at 8:30. So I rarely encounter bad traffic coming in. I usually don't leave the office until 7:30pm, which is the very tail end of rush hour. The ride home is much longer than the ride in to work - I usually don't get into my house until almost 8:30 - but I use the trip home to read the paper, do my time sheets, and listen to my iPod.

So for me, the crowds and bustle of NY are things I find exhilarating and bracing, because I don't have to fight them - when I go out during the day, it's a voluntary choice to deal with the crowds and the noise.

Trooper York said...

Q: Bond there seems to be a message for you on the video telephone.
James Bond: Really, hello who is it.
Pussy Galore: It’s me James, Pussy. Pussy Galore. I am calling from my family home in Madison Wisconsin. I am home for the holidays and I missed you.
James Bond: Pussy you see so kittenish. Why are you affecting such a languid pose? And why are you smelling a cabbage? I can’t even see your face.
Pussy Galore: Well I am bored. At bottom, there is not much to do here in Wisconsin.
Oddjob: Arrrrrrrrgh. Arrrrrrrrgh.
Pussy Galore: Yes I know Oddjob, you’re not a bottom.
James Bond: That’s more information than I need to know.
(Goldfinger in Madison 2007)

Kirk Parker said...


At first I assumed you meant this famous pink bARbie-15, but apparently there's more than one variant of pink AR-15 out there. Who knew??? And who would have guessed we'd be discussing this subject on Althouse?

Trooper, keep up the splendid work, man. :-)

PZ said...

How awful! "Demented ramblings" is how this comes across to me.