November 14, 2007

A vlog about almost asking John McCain a question about the "How do we beat the bitch?" question.


Tituspk said...

I like your sweater.
You look good in black crew neck sweaters.

Please more.

Ann Althouse said...

More black crew neck sweaters?

Tituspk said...

Yes, you can never go wrong and they look good on you.

Tituspk said...

Get them in different wools, cottons, and cuts.

You look nice in them.

Also, they are slimming and you look younger-not that you look old they just make you look younger which isn't always a bad thing.

Maxine Weiss said...

Too bad you don't have grandchildren.

It would give you something to take up your time with, and you could meddle in their lives with impunity.

Simon said...

Do you really think that people who are critical of Clarence Thomas don't use the n word? It seems to me that every time his name comes up in the leftosphere it's to refer to him as the GOP's house n****r or similar (concededly some of the better bred make do with calling him an uncle tom, but that doesn't seem to me to be much of a concession). From all reports I've seen, black conservatives are routinely subject to that kind of language from self-described liberals.

Maxine Weiss said...

rhhardin said...

All these arguments seem to get a free ride off of nigger, a word that ``everybody agrees'' is so far out of bounds that it can't even be written.

Blacks, the theory is, are such children that it must constantly be only alluded to.

And here's the point : just as women are children.

So you cannot say bitch, just as you cannot say nigger.

The reason nigger comes up so much is because it's so handy for this. It's the most universal example, even more than Hitler now.

I myself don't agree with everybody (everybody agreed that Imus should have been fired, just in the same way : somehow the discussion was over before it began. A point of order was not raised, and a voice vote without voices was already held). My own feeling is that blacks can take it, and that women can take it.

There's political opportunity though in pretending that you can't take it.

So that's what you see, and it takes over a whole forum that depends on this assumption : blacks are children, and women are children. And they ought to be kept that way.

Mortimer Brezny said...

This would be better if we could not see the chair, you wore a beret, and intermittently smoked a cigarette.

Maxine Weiss said...

"On , November 9, the entire Osmond family appeared on stage with Oprah Winfrey as a tribute to their patriarch. The show aired the following day, which was also the day of Mr. Osmond's funeral."

"Later, on November 14, Marie Osmond told Larry King, her son was taken to Rehab, but she made sure to tell King-- this son was the "adopted" one. And so, as Marie explained, his problems are not a reflection on her, or her parenting, they way they'd be if the son was one of her biological children."


J. Cricket said...

A comment about almost watching a blog about almost asking John McCain a question: if you can't be bothered to ask, I can't be bothered to watch.

Simon said...

Not Lat said...
"A comment about almost watching a blog about almost asking John McCain a question: if you can't be bothered to ask, I can't be bothered to watch."

One can (inter alia) "almost" ask a question but ultimately not bother or "almost" ask a question but not have the opportunity to do so. It's the latter that's at issue here, but we should remember that for the ADS victim, the assumption answer is always the one where Althouse can be thought to be lazy, stupid, drunk, etc. It's quite pathetic, really.

Tituspk said...

The black fitted sweater is somewhat Andry Hephurnish and darling she was fabulous.

Also, it is very clean and stylish.

I really like what is going on there.

Also your breasts are accentuated and that is always nice.

Tituspk said...

I am sure I spelled Hepurn incorrect to-sorry before someone nails me.

Tituspk said...

Beret was mentioned somewhere in this comment section.

Ever tried it? It may work but I would need to see it. Black beret against your blonde hair may be a nice contrast.

Tituspk said...

Last clothes comment. I have pretty sure you in all black would work well also.

Hopefully, now being a temporary New Yorker this is a staple in your wardrobe.

All black always works, never goes out of fashion, and is very New York. You can never go wrong in all black, unless you have some f'ed up hair or makeup, which you don't. Actually, all black and with bad accoutrements can be a disaster. Remember with all black, think minimal on the appliances, preferably all silver, but modest application of the jewelry. And never all black with gold-major faux pas. The only thing you can be a little more daring with in all black is some bold lipstick.

Ann Althouse said...

Yes, I've worn berets. As I said in that SF post about the hat store, I love women's hats but they never fit me unless they stretch. A beret is one type of hat that stretches. I have two berets -- one red and one -- as they say in the song -- raspberry. Black would be good though.

I like that you guys are helping me pick my clothes!

Ann Althouse said...

I've been wearing a lot of black since at least the 80s. As for jewelry, I never wear more than one necklace or a pair of earrings. No rings, no bracelets, nothing weighing down my hands, and never both a necklace and earrings, which looks way too planned and dressed up.

Tituspk said...

I am going to Wisconsin for Christmas.

Thanksgiving will be catered at my house for 10. 6 straights (couples) and 4 gays (single)

Here is the menu:

Appetizers (which will be all seafood):
Wellfleet Littleneck clams
Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Shucked Oysters from Urbana Creek
Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
Portobello Mushroom stuffed with Blue Crabmeat
Wilk Mushroom Strudel with goat cheese
Petite Crab Cakes

Chioce of Winter Soup:
Creamy Mushroom
Curried Squash with Apple
Vegan French Lentil

2 choices of turkey:
Plainville Turkey Breasts
Organic Holland White Turkey Breasts
Mashed Potatoes
New England Stuffing
Green Beans with Almonds
Sauteed Spinach
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Butternut Squash
Honey Glazed with Sugar Snap Peas with Baby Carrots

After Dinner:

Isigny Ste. Mere Brie


Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Blueberry Pie
Vegan Apple Cranberry Currant
Fruit Salad
Cherry Pie
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Variety of Sorbets

Wine, Bottled Water, Open Bar, Coffees, Teas, Juices,


Everyone will leave with a "take home" platter of the entire meal (I anticipate enough for 2-4 meals each) with samples of each dish-food dish, not a sample of me the dish. Each will be wrapped in a fabulous box by the illegal help, along with a Pear Frangipane Tart.
No food will be left at my house because I don't eat leftovers.

There will be two servers and 1 chef and one bartender. When we are eating they will have to not be seen.

Eva said...

While we're on the topic of Althouse fashion and appearance, I quite like your new profile photo. It's flattering, and I think the best one I've seen of you so far.

Tituspk said...

fyi-I never entertain at my house so this is a big deal for me.

Seriously, how does this sound?

My apartment is approximately 1000 square feet so 10 people with 4 staff is going to be crowded.

Does the food sound too much? I want a lot of selections, is that ok? Also, I never cook. I just know what my friends like to eat and they like everything on that menu.

I am actually petrified because I want everyone to have a good time and they know I never have anyone over so I want it to be nice.

Tituspk said...

Oh, to be clear I am not cooking any of this-that would be a disaster. Some chef is going to be at my house doing all of this.

Tituspk said...

One last comment on the Thanksgiving dindin then I am heading out for a run with the rare clumbers (who will also have their very own special Thanksgiving dinners).

I am fantasizing about one of the illegal service workers being hot and he and I can perform a little Larry Craig dance in my bathroom.

See you later, have a great night.

Ron said...

You must admit that if you did a vlog where you talked politics while shoe shopping ( for expensive NYC shoes of course! ) it would make the wingnuts spin around, wingnuts, and make some of the other commenters swoon over the sheer girliness of it all!

Your Performance Art Cruise Director.

Simon said...

Ann Althouse said...

"I never wear ... both a necklace and earrings, which looks way too planned and dressed up."

So you plan not to wear both a necklace and earrings because doing so would look too planned? ;)

BTW, you realize you just totally opened a door for Maxine, if she spots it.

Simon said...

Titus, I would think that your idea of New England stuffing would be a night out with Tom Brady...

Tituspk said...

Tom Brady, yummmm.

I would be happy just watching him and Giselle doing it.

Giselle, gee, what does she have that I don't have.

Tituspk said...

Last comment and then I have to go.

Could you imagine the picture of Tom and Giselle doing it?

That is really pretty hot and amazing. Giselle is beautiful and amazing and Tom is out of this world. He's a pretty good quarterback too. Too bad about his first girlfriend, who just had his child, but hello it's Giselle.

Trooper York said...

Titus your menu is fantastic. I espeically like the bacon wrapped scallops, the soups and variety of your desserts. It sounds like you will have a great time. Well balanced and tasty, you made some terrific choices.

Cedarford said...

Maxine Weiss - Marie Osmond told Larry King, her son was taken to Rehab, but she made sure to tell King-- this son was the "adopted" one. And so, as Marie explained, his problems are not a reflection on her, or her parenting, they way they'd be if the son was one of her biological children."

Unfortunately, those that say nurture and good adoptive family upbringing will alsways triumph over nature have to - all to frequently - acknowledge the genetic reality of "the bad seed".

The child who is adopted may come with a genetic disposition to drug abuse, violent behavior, amoral impulsive acts - and no amount of good parenting and "expert child psychologists" can fix it.

The phenomenon is well documented. Child from "bad" family is adopted into well-to-do family and lags behind their natural siblings in all ways. Nothing the family does reverses it. Natural children all go on to great success, the adoptive child fails or worse, harms themselves or others.

The most famous recent example was David Berkowitz - who the "nurture" people were convinced was made that way by bad nurturing until the looked into a family that did very well but for David.

An adoptive child of a wealthy, noted family of bankers and academics in CT was one of the ones involved in the horrific home invasion where a doctor's 2 young daughters and wife were savagely raped and killed.

At Duke, there is the famous story
of Bem Holloway, who his black professor parents adopted at 1 1/2 and grew up to be a serial killer and rapist while his natural sibling is now one of America's
leading young theoretical physicists.

A veternarian friend of mine in Tennessee adopted through a Christian agency. Baby of a single mom Florida trailer trash meth addict, pusher, and armed robber who was stripped of custody. The kid was a nightmare from the time he could walk. Their other 3 kids, including 2 born after him, are stars in school and popular. After tens of thousands in tutoring, child psychologists, paying for his neighborhood vandalism and settling lawsuits for his injuring two kids - the adopted kid then cut his wife with a knife after she disciplined him. They essentially gave up then and had the kid sent to a year-round school for troubled kids.

Of course many adoptions work out well. But people who adopt now know fairly well there is a genetic risk of getting a real bad apple - and are becoming more insistant on adoption agencies informing them if either biological parent has history of criminal activity, mental or physical disease, and their socioeconomic status. And, while many agencies still refuse that - they find many potential adoptive parents will then go overseas where they have better odds of getting those queries honestly answered.

So Marie Osmond is correct in making the disclaimer that - in her opinion - the failures of the adoptive kid have nothing to do with the quality of nurturing they got in her otherwise successful family. Not especially for her sake - but for preserving the reputation and good name of her biological kids and their careers - especially since they work in public venues where their reputation and good name is very important.

Simon said...

Titus -- she's a little young for my taste. Heck, she's my age, give or take. Meh.

Trooper York said...

Do we have to beat the bitch? Why can't we just spank her, slowly and lovingly, for her own good? Because she has been a very, very naughty candidate lately. You put her over your knee and slap her on the rump as she struggles dramatically but oh so ineffectively. You start slowly and then gradually increase the tempo as she struggles "Oh you mean, mean man. Stop it. Stop it." Her buttocks tingle with a mixture of pleasure and pain as she looks over her shoulder..and suddenly she sits up and grabs you ....and then....and's "Time to Turn Up the Heat."
This message was not approved by the John McCain for President Committee.

Simon said...

Trooper, I rather fancy that with HRC it's the other way around.

John Kindley said...

Ann, I have to dissent from the other commenters. I thought the pic you had on your blog just before this new one was the coolest -- great smile -- and better than the current one.

Ralph L said...

Titus, no dark meat?
In my family, you can never have enough gravy, which is difficult to get from breasts, particularly tom turkeys, ha ha.
You'll have enough desserts for 50.
Will you have room for a vomitorium, or post-prandial naps for 10?

jeff said...

"Giselle, gee, what does she have that I don't have."

Titus, I am afraid in your particular case it's more of a situation of what you have that she doesn't. Sorry.

She is hot though. Although I think the woman who had his baby was hotter.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Althouse: Join the Army and get paid to wear a black beret.

Regarding the adoptive children. If the mother at this late stage is still distinguishing between her bio kids and her adoptive kids do you think maybe, just maybe, there's a little difference in the way the child has been reared?

jeff said...

Sounds like a hell of a meal though. Or meals. How long are you planning on them staying? After a meal like that you might have problems getting them off of the couch.

rcocean said...

I love the black sweater, but wouldn't Althouse look better with a small tasteful gold chain or necklace?

Just a straight guys opinion.

Ralph L said...

Kindley, I agree with you. That one looked good, with the lightened background. Black is for widows, tuxedos and naval officers.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Althouse: I like the new avatar. You named it 'ann-bookjacket.' Care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

You "beat the bitch" by studying what I say/have said. See below

jewsyonkersislam # 440 Address on Yonkers schools to Yonkers Board of Education and supporting newspaper documentation


" We're getting old, retiring. Yet you teachers have done such a poor job teaching that we have no competent-enough workers to help pay our retirement costs. All you teachers with cushy retirement packages, you who have failed utterly, do not deserve such largess. And you will be one of the first groups targeted to have your benefits reduced. According to your own statistics, Yonkers Public School students are 82% minority. But despite billions, Yonkers schools continue to fail -more and more each year. Special Ed students are now 16% or more and cost far more than regular students. Everybody knows it is harder to teach kids from single-parent -fatherless- families. But why do we have these problems ? Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist Dr. Alvin Poussaint noted that 80% of black children born in 1940 were to 2-parent families, but that percentage dropped to 30% in 2003. Commedian and TV star Bill Cosby said "lower income people are not holding up their end of the bargain". Why ? I'll tell you why. It is the nonsense you teachers teach. Male and female, boys and girls are not equal. "

Taken from Westchester Times Tribune,10-31-07; supporting documentation.

" Status of the Yonkers Public Schools
The Trustees are absent and disengaged.The Superintendent is simply
the Mayor's de-facto department head Mayoral / City Council actions
continue to politicize the school system for obvious personal gain....
Funding shortages persist and funding allocations are being misdirected or covered up.... Collapse of the Adult Basic Education program... no audit by Phil 'see no problem'  Zisman, the same I.G. who found nothing in the YPA/college scamming tuition program. Overstaffing at Central Office of political friends on the business side and personal friends of the Superintendent on the academic side... Return to yesteryear, as Pierorazio pulls in every retiree from his
bygone days into his inner circle to watch his back as the ***school system
slowly deteriorates.*** Senior Central Office staff, along with senior administrators with experience, are nearly all gone; Pierorazio's answer is to restaff with out of towners.Teachers continue to run most schools, especially the elementary."
Is there hope for the Yonkers BoE. Not with the feminist way they're going.

TituslK said...

Project Runway new season begins tonight at 10:00.

I am so excited.

I already hate the skinny twink queen and "Miss P".

TituslK said...

rcocean no gold, please very wrong.

A simple silver necklace would be suffice but that is it. Gold is gross.

OK, I think I want to do the mexican in Project Runway. Make It Work.

TituslK said...

I think I like the heafty queen in Project Runway too.

TituslK said...

OK, almost all of the designers from Project Runway are either from LA or NYC.

Can we please get some red staters? I want more variety. Also, they have all already done a ton of shit in terms of design.

Wheres this season Jay?

TituslK said...

I would be willing to take in an illegal and own them by having them be my sex slave, is that wrong?

I think I would get sick of him quickly.

If there was such a program where I could get a new one every month I might be willing to participate.

rhhardin said...

The sidebar pic reminds me of Bernard Bolan's cover for Upon Sober Reflection

Cedarford said...

Titus, nice menu! I thought I'd share an interesting one a bunch of us are doing. So I looked at the menu my wife is hashing out...some things tenative...somethings that might get crossed out...

This year my wife and a few of our friends are doing an "authentic" menu from the 1700's. 4 couples. 7 kids from young to 20-ish single slackers.

Part of it depends on if I and a few pals are successful hunting and fishing. Fortunately, one Bambi got whacked this past weekend, we can get plenty of shellfish, the question is if we can get any striped bass, late run blues or weakfish, tautog. More Bambi would be nice as we only get a 1/4 of the one bagged.


Littlenecks and butter
Bacon roasted blue mussels
Sliced young mushroom puffballs with wild onions.
Hen basket wild mushrooms in dough baked on fire..
Persimmons skinned and sliced.


Heirloom Indian squash with sassafras seasoning.
Fish head, fishbone soup,(sans any bluefish caught) periwinkles, limpets, any crab we can catch, with parsnips and wild greens. Touch of scarce valuable Malabar curry added to soup for special occasion.


Free range turkey roasted on open fire outside.
(NO wild ducks unfortunately...we may buy one ot two..doubtful.)
Fire roasted corn made into corn bread. With sliced saltback on side.
Corn bread topped with thin sliced venison.
Stuffed oysters (oysters topped with cornbread meal and some clear fat)
Heirloom red runner beans.
"Colonist" turnips.
"Colonist-era" bread
Wild watercress salad (from nearby creek), seasoned with bacon and sweet cider vinegar.

Booze and beverages:

18th century drinks:

Non-alcholic cider
Hard Cider.
Reg cider with rare Spice Island flavorings, dark rum .
Mediera and Port wine.
Local fresh spring water drawn that day by the "squaws"
(Coke and fruit juice concession for a few younger kids).
(With me springing for 68 bucks worth of stoneware mugs guests can keep)


Apple dumplings with honey baked in the fire.
Dried apples, cherries in cottled cream.
Mince pie soaked in rum.
Apple pie made with honey.
Nuts of the Day - pecans, hickory, American chestnut, black walnuts gathered locally or bought (pecans from Louisiana roadside stop and American chestnuts from Italy)
(Ice cream - concession for a few younger kids)
We will have kids try to pop some Indian hard red-ear and multi-color corn in the fire.

Adult dessert: More booze and hanging by fire after dinner with authentic natural Indian tobacco with colonial-era clay pipes. (One of the people attending bought the tobacco and pipes when visiting a Native American reservation for the usual reason - casino gambling.)

Entertainment for kids of old 18th century games...or maybe not..

Vigorous discussion underway of ethics of letting kids puff on pipes. I say Yes, let them.

Note: If you look at, research, what the Indians ate, it was from a very limited menu. They knew nothing of most of the food and spices we take for granted. And colonists had about 1/10 of the menu availability we have today..

Eva said...

And now for something completely different.... This is what's going on at Chez Hall's for Thanksgiving:


Celebrate the holidays with
Thanksgiving dinner in your home
from Stephan Pyles.

Order Now!
Serves 4 to 6

Hickory Smoked Breast of Turkey
Blue Corn Meal-Chorizo Stuffing
Spicy Whipped Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans in Tomatillo Butter
Cranberry Mojo
Chipotle Brioche Pull-Apart Rolls
Choice of Pies: Deep Dish Apple or
Pumpkin Pecan with Whiskey Sauce

Very Texas, don't you think?

TituslK said...

All this food sounds fabulous.

TituslK said...

OK< I do like the Texas menu as well as Cedarfords-they sound amazing. I love food.

I also like the guy who won Project Runway this week. I would definitely do him.

TituslK said...

OK, Rami, the one who won is from Jerusalem-how hot is that?

Also, I am sorry but he has his own label and designed for Jessica Alba before. That seems a little unfair.

I would prefer the designers be more amateur than this group. OK, the next girl worked for Ralph Lauren, and another queens designs were on Victorias Secret cover.

Ralph L said...

That's very ambitious, especially on an open fire. Who's your cook(s)?
My brother's fabulous 84 y.o. m-i-l won't be cooking this year, for once. We're going to her son's, in Brooklyn.

Titus, there's bound to be a Gigolo of the Month Club, but it won't be cheap.

Palladian said...

Cedarford, I love that menu! I always try to do a "period" Thanksgiving; this year it's an austere 17th century one, with the maize and venison and Puritanism.

Actually all the menus sound great...

I'm going to cook some game birds: guinea-hens and pheasant wrapped in bacon and roasted with juniper; and a small turkey cooked with Cipollini onions, citrons and rosemary. Some corn bread and salt cod, cranberry jelly with Seville oranges, roasted pumpkin soup, venison medallions cooked in blackberry jelly and goatsmilk cream.

To drink will be some claret and Hypocras (which I made last month), which is a medieval spice-filled wine. And Perrier. And maybe Diet Coke.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

And maybe Diet Coke.

Yup. Nothing screams austere 17th century Thanksgiving like Diet Coke.

Palladian said...

If they'd had it, they would have drunk it.

Maxine Weiss said...

Uh-oh. Dr. Helen has competition:

and better hair.

...but not by much! Why are all psychotherapists brunette? Personally, I'd want a blonde one, who wears something a bit more approachable than black!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Palladian: And if frogs had pockets, they'd carry pistols and shoot snakes.

Trooper York said...

Simon, that could work. Just sayn'

Eli Blake said...

Personally, I don't see any reason why that word should ever be used at all.

If the matter being brought up is gender-specific, then why not say 'that woman?' And if it's not, then the use of the word, 'b****' appears to be an appeal to the lowest of base instincts, in what is presumably a mostly male audience (as in fact GOP primary voters, taken as a group, are by a small majority.)

The word, 'b****' is patently offensive to a lot of people (and not just women) and frankly other than to get headlines, there is absolutely no reason why a man who wants to be the President of the United States would ever want to be associated with it.

I'd suggest that Sen. McCain ask his wife about it, except that I'm sure that Cindy McCain, daughter of Jim Hensley, who worked for Kemper Marley and was a close associate of other mob figures, has likely seen a lot worse.

blake said...

What could be more austere than Diet Coke?

No sugar, no calories, artificial colors and flavors.

Even spring water sounds decadent by comparison.

Gray said...

Totally OT, but I did like that other picture much more. On this new one, you're looking a bit too serious, Althouse...

Ann Althouse said...

1. Why didn't I know Project Runway was on!

2. The new photo is a screen capture from the vlog, emailed to me a reader, who titled it, based on the look.

3. "Totally OT, but I did like that other picture much more. On this new one, you're looking a bit too serious, Althouse..." But I am Serious Althouse. The thing about the other picture is that I don't think it looks enough like me.

4. I would normally wear a necklace, but I just didn't. For lots of necklace, see the previous vlog.

5. The menu looks great. I like that there are so many vegetables. I think many people will overeat at the appetizer stage and miss out on the better parts of the meal. Also, I don't know if I would want to smell all that seafood on Thanksgiving. Is that appetizing? I detest scallops. And Brussels sprouts. But Brussels sprouts are impressive -- being elaborate little cabbages -- and scallops are repellent -- what a pathetic form for an animal! They're like manufactured, imitation seafood, but somehow they came from the ocean (where I would leave them).

6. 5 was directed at Titus. Thanks for all the other menus too.

John Kindley said...

"But I am Serious Althouse."

You're joking, right? (jk, sort of. Your latest post is about Project Runway, after all.)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Eli Blake wrote: "Personally, I don't see any reason why that word should ever be used at all."

I disagree. There's a perfectly valid realm where "bitch" is useful: when speaking of dogs.

Used in a sentence: One of his rare clumbers was a bitch.

rhhardin said...

Bitch is useful where bitch is meant. Shrew could be resurrected, of course, if necessary.

Trooper York said...

I prefer the term: saucy little minx. If we all called Hillary that, we would definitely have a more collegial atmosphere.

TituslK said...

My rare clumbers aren't bitches...they are males.

I use the term "bitch" as a term of love for friends.

The way that old hag used it in the video was not pretty. It was evil.

Zachary Sire said...

Well, I made it back to California! My plane didn't explode! I've always had a fear of flying, a fear that was enhanced after I flew on 9/10/2001.

All this talk about Thanksgiving is making me starving. Thankfully, I'm a svelte 165 pounds and can eat whatever I want! But here's a tip to all you dieters and doughboys...instead of gravy, drown your turkey in soy me! And use fat free cheese, milk, and butter in EVERYTHING, no one will know the difference. After you've gorged yourself, go for a brisk 45-minute walk around the block. It gives you time away from your insane family, plus time to sneak a ciggie or a shot of whiskey. Works every time for me.

Ann, sadly, I don't like the new picture. You have a nice smile and the new shot makes you look somewhat melancholy. And, despite what some people say, wearing all black isn't always a wise move, especially for us blonds. All black can totally wash us out, those of us with light hair and pale be careful. Always add a splash of color (never gold, though, I agree) and make sure your blacks match (i.e., the shades of black in your top/pants match)...there is NOTHING worse than wearing two different shades of black! Ugg!

Happy pre-Thanksgiving weekend...looking forward to the debate tonight in Vegas.

Gravel-Paul '08!


James said...

I guess this won't fit in with the overall theme of the comments (as this is actually related to the topic :) ) but I don't quite get how McCain considers CNN's stating that he should have distanced himself from the comment as "biased." Do you think, if Kerry was asked during the '04 race "How do we get rid of the retarded asshole?" and laughed and said "excellent question", we would have ever heard the end of it? It's simply a matter of civility in politics, which apparently continues to disappear.