November 19, 2007

Untitled evocative image of the day.


What does it mean? Psychoanalyze me.


IN THE COMMENTS: Mr. Forward says: "It's only a cat hose without u." So, cat house, i.e., whorehouse. This is reinforced by the way "hose" is a pun.


Simon said...

broken link - just fyi

Ann Althouse said...

Fixed. I think.

George said...

We are glad you have come to all of here in the ether for your therapy.

Being in therapy is a sign of mental wellness.

Your feelings are understandable and natural.

Many people have them, Ann.

Tell us more.

But, first, have you signed our release form?

rhhardin said...

Cats are often associated with women and sexuality. In a woman's dream, a cat may indicate feelings of sexual prowess, of feeling in charge of her sexuality. Depending on how the cat is behaving, in a man's dreams, a cat may indicate the exact opposite. If the cat is climbing all over him, if he cannot escape the cat, he may feel that women are dominating him sexually, that he is 'p-whipped'.

The web knows all. The question is why pussy was self-censored.

Liam said...

OK, first of all, Ann would be a cougar, not a, um. You know. the P-word.

Other than that, we all know that cats hate water, and that's a hose, and then we can surmise that...

Um. Ann hates men in shorts.

Next question?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Pussy got hosed.

Mr. Forward said...

It's only a cat hose without u.

Trooper York said...

Once again the professor demonstrates her strange bizarre obssession with public urination.

Caroline said...

Very artsy hobo code?

From Wikipedia:

To cope with the difficulty of hobo life, hoboes developed a system of symbols, or a code. Hoboes would write this code with chalk or coal to provide directions, information, and warnings to other hoboes. ... For instance:

A cat signifies that a kind lady lives here.

I won't hazard a guess as to what the added hose means.