November 29, 2007


Oh, how I love this show! Great episode. Spoil away in the comments.


Trooper York said...

One of the women was beaten to death because she named her teddy bear Donald Trump. Oops, sorry wrong thread.

Ann Althouse said...

It's not that I disliked James, but I always root for the underdogs. I love to see people figure out strategies for survival. Tonight, Amanda showed real survivoritude. I love when that happens.

James was a total overdog. I got completely focused on whether people could defeat him. And what was he talking about with all of that Garden of Eden/bite the apple stuff.



Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Fen said...

I can't believe James let himself get blind-sided. He's smarter than that.

Power play: When the host asks if anyone is going to play the immunity idol, Eric or Phigi [sp?] say "James is going to play it". James looks at them like they're smoking crack, they respond "trust us, you'll see, play it"

James is spooked enough to play it. Todd goes home. James sees the four votes from his alliance voting him off - he jumps over to Eric's alliance.

Now its a 3 vs 3 game, with Todd's old alliance in disarray...

shoulda woulda coulda

Tom Kelly said...

As much as we loved James, he deserved to go home.

With only 3 TC's until the final four and 2 Idols in hand, he was foolish not to automatically play one of them tonight as he had a great chance of winning immunity on one of the next two.

At the very minimum he could have leveraged his Idols/info that he had them with PG to get information on his "teammates" all along.

I expected this tonight though because I happened upon a site that listed James as a contestant on All Stars 2 and said all All Stars 2 contestants are non-winners.

Ann Althouse said...

Wow, Fen has real.... survivaciousness.

Guesst said...

I love that this season's females are more manipulative and not so willing to sit back and let some dorky guy orchestrate their moves.

PG is clever and can see the angles and present them to the other contestants, and the producers finally see the value in playing that up.

James wasn't thinking about strategy and was too smug to believe anyone would do to him what they'd done to J.Pierre.

I've hated watching Survivor and other similar programs where the women form a harem around some guy and allow themselves to be manipulated into voting each other off, rather than uniting to pick off the men.

With almost nothing but women left, it should be pretty interesting to see who they then go after.

I predict Denise will be one of the first remaining women to go, as she will be forced to align with the majority to save herself, who will then dump her.

Original Mike said...

Finally watched it last night. This is easy for me to say, but James should have played the idol. He had two. He couldn't expect the others to wait until that guarenteed him victory. He should have been expecting this. And, having shown a willingness to spend his wealth, it puts significant doubt into the other's minds about trying it again.