November 9, 2007

San Francisco....





Some buildings that appealed to me.


Bissage said...
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Bissage said...

The eye loves detail.

So does this sad fellow.

ricpic said...

The west crescendos in her,
A continental climax there,
O proud and elegant seven hilled,
O western jewel -- so fair!

ricpic said...

Sitting on her seven hills,
Elegant, almost prissy;
All that rough and rugged west
Ending in a sissy!

Maxine Weiss said...

1. There won't be any pictures of Standford campus.....(wouldn't want to rub Brooklyn College's nose in it).

2. There won't be any mention of the Stanford panel....(Althouse hated fellow panelists, but in true Capricorn fashion---if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.)

3. There won't be any pictures of the grounds of the Ritz Carlton, nor the exclusive room and bathroom photos.---(Why irritate heirs who's inheritance Althouse is spending left and right?, nevermind bragging to the rest of the world about living above her means.)

4. "What do you really know about me?", says Althouse.....(However, according to Maxine, somebody's always got your number!)

Love, Maxine

Ruth Anne Adams said...

It reminds me of this. Caution: mullet alert.

Chip Ahoy said...

Eh? Some buildings that appalled you? Some buildings that appled you? A pealed to you?

reader_iam said...

The last one really does remind me of the unfired ceramics my grandmother used to keep in her utility room. Did someone forget to put it in the kiln?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Reader: Stop it! You're kilnin' me!

Chip Ahoy: The bells a-pealed to her, too.

reader_iam said...

A state of emergency has just be declared into response to the oil spill in San Francisco Bay. What a difference a week makes.

Maxine Weiss said...

It doesn't effect occupants of the Ritz Carlton, who are securely ensconced in their luxury accommodations.

Well-insulated, that Ritz Carlton.

Have no idea why anyone would leave the premises once there.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Maxine Weiss: Seabiscuit/Secretariat/Seattle Slew have left the barn. Quit beating them!

Bilby said...

I bet it's a real delight when it's time to repaint all that delicate latticework.