November 10, 2007

Pigeon + a man who seems to know which way to go.



Man who seems to know which way to go:


I hope this gives you an accurate picture of what life is like for your humble blogger when she's out armed only with an iPhone. Maybe it would help to know that I also used the iPhone to consume the entire audiobook of "Wonderful Tonight."

Pattie Boyd was meeting George Harrison in the "Hard Day's Night" train as I walked by the line outside Grimaldi's Pizzeria, and Eric Clapton was making her terribly unhappy when I wandered in here:


And as I came upon this sight....


.... she was suddenly marrying him.

IN THE COMMENTS: Blake says, "These photos remind me of the Jonathan Coulton song Flickr":



Bob said...

Look how that guy can do magic! He has some sort of magic fireball perched on his hand!

Ann Althouse said...

Tee hee. He also had a beautiful woman with him and very large feet.

Maxine Weiss said...

Your photographs are rather hard-edged and cold.

Can't you photograph something warm, and cute, and delightful and charming?

rhhardin said...

The magician looks like Foodini from the Lucky Pup Show.

Well not exactly. That's why they have lineups.

I had the first record ; every line was familiar.

Maxine Weiss said...

You know, photos that are so adorable, precious, heartwarming, and cheerful:

....all the things that Ann Althouse doesn't provide on her Blog.


rhhardin said...

magician = first photo

Ann Althouse said...

"Can't you photograph something warm, and cute, and delightful and charming?"

There were all those flowers last summer. Or did you think they were cruel and sexual?

Ann Althouse said...

You know, I'm not going to cut and paste a link. I know it's your way, but this is my way. I'm not going to cut and paste a link.

rhhardin said...

Orb weaver cute and delightful and charming.

Blake said...

These photos remind me of the Jonathan Coulton song Flickr.

TitusWK said...

Fellow republicans I am going to be heading out tonight for dindin, drinks and then finally dancing.

It is getting cold. I hate this time of year. Do you not wear a coat and run from cab to bar and freeze your ass off or do you wear your coat and deal with the coat check queens.

I hate the coat check queens. Generally, you go to a "club" now and if you have a coat on you are directed by the doorman to head with the herd of cattle directly to the coat check queen. The coat check queen has power and she knows it. If there isn't a single file line you are going to hear from her. If someone tries to come around the other side she will bitch at you. If you walk by her to get a drink she will scream at you to check your coat before drinky. No using a single hanger for your coat and your girlfriends. If you loose you coat ticket at the end of the night you wait until the entire bar has cleared out and then she says,"take a look". You end up on your knees in front of an exasperated coat check queen who wants to go home and she will tell you.

I think I am not going to wear a coat tonight. So here it is girls. Top-fitted black wool merino sweater by Marc Jacobs, t shirt underneath (athletic fit)by "Marc" casual, the sweater will be coming off tied around my waist so you can see my guns while I dance. Jeans, still undecided but I think I am going to go with Levis 511-skinny fit in dark blue, shoes, if you have to ask...Prada.
Accoutrements silver stainless all silver watch. White thin belt by Barneys. Smell, showered but no deodorant. Facial products: Dr. Hauschka cleansing toner. Also, light dusting of self tanner. Hair, fairly short close to a buzz but not a buzz (too gay the buzz) with crew gel. Soap smell is aveda. Teeth went through a "bright and white" application today. Drink, kettel one and tonic with a lime. Friend, fabulous VP for some type of publishing company (I am trying to be vague don't want to get bitched at about using someone identity).
Waists 31 each, arms pumped, chest chiseled.

Mints, check, chapstick, check, money, check, bankcard, check, license, check.

Have a fantastic night everyone.

Oh and dinner.........

Maxine Weiss said...

Every single photo, I've posted this month has been from my own personal collection, taken by me.

---Including the two I mentioned above.

Maxine Weiss said...

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Haul out the Holly !

Doesn't Bloomingdales have their decorations up? The tree and ice rink at Rockefeller Center...

Are those things not photographable?

I guess the fall foliage in Central Park is all gone by now. Just weren't able to catch that either, huh?

Good grief.

Maxine Weiss said...

Ann Althouse said...

Titus, have fun and of course don't take a coat. It's 50° degrees in NYC right now.

Me, I wore only a Michael Stars T-shirt and one of my Theory sweaters that I bought that time I wouldn't go in that confusing store with my sister. It was plenty warm, worn with a knit hat that a bought from an artist in Vermont and silk-lined leather gloves that I ordered on line and were supposed to be lavender but remind me of the color of bubble gum.

But I can't believe you're not wearing fragrance. I had on Bandit by Robert Piguet, which Palladian picked out for me.

Maxine Weiss said...

1. Joy, Jean de Patou

2. L'air du Temps, Nina Ricci

And not toilet water either. Parfum only !

jeff said...

Titus- I am straight, but envious of your sat night plans. Going out and dancing sounds like a good time. However, being a straight man, I am obligated to watch Ohio State loose this afternoon, and now watching KU go behind in the Kansas/Oklahoma game. Maybe later tonight I will get out. Wearing the usual Harley T-shirt, blue jeans, motorcycle boots if I take the bike. No jacket or helmet. Front door parking though. Beautiful night for riding. Hey KU just got the ball to the 15 yard line. Go Hawks!

Ann Althouse said...

I'm glad Ohio State and Michigan lost!

jeff said...

Normally I wouldn't be happy about OSU losing, but I no longer live in Columbus and am back in Kansas. Plus KU has been so god awful bad in football all these past years, it's good to see them do so well.
3rd quarter Jayhawks 33 Cowboys 14. Looking good.

jeff said...

I am sure my friends in LaCrosse are equally happy to see Ohio State and Michigan, sorry I mean that team up north, lose.

ZPS said...

Since we're sharing...I'm wearing a dark grey sweater/hoodie combo thingy from H&M, my Paper Denim jeans (waist 32), and my brand new charcoal with baby blue stitching Diesel sneakers. I'll probably wear my black non-descript beanie and my black and grey striped mittens, both recently purchased from a street vendor near the Staten Island ferry.

Speaking of fairies...I'm sick of gay nightlife in New York. I'm moving back to California next week (I dropped out of grad school due to a job opportunity in Los Angeles working as a writer--no I'm not going to cross any picket lines!) and I'm going out one last time before I leave next week. It's either pretentious hipsters in the East Village and Williamsburg or queeny muscle boys in Chelsea and the west side. Oh, and everyone's coked up. Great. I guess the drinks are cheaper on the east side so I'll be heading out that way.

I stick with my tried and true, Hugo Boss, for fragrance.

P.S. My teeth are naturally white and I've never needed braces, nor have I have ever had a cavity. My mother didn't allow me a lot of sugar growing up.

Gravel-Paul 08!

jeff said...

Oh Jesus zps. You have to talk about that? I mean really, Gravel-Paul?

Ann Althouse said...

Good luck, Paul. "Coked up"? That's terrible. That's not going to make people very nice.

TitusRK said...

Paul, thanks for your insight.

Drugs are gross. As Carrie said in SITC coke is so 80's. If I know someone is doing coke I can't even be around them. It is an immediate softie and absolutely disgusting to me.

To be honest I really didn't know people were still doing coke. I know in the gay community there are pockets of crystal meth which sounds absolutely horrible. Yea, I want to be awake for the entire weekend chewing off my lip and on the internet looking for unprotected sex-what a sad existence and something that sounds positively reckless and disgusting.

My choice of vice is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 kettel one and tonics in a 4-5 hour night. Any more than 5 and I am a complete mess and my standards get very low or even nonexistent.

TitusRK said...

Speaking of which I didn't get any on Saturday night.

My friend and I hung out most of the night and then he left and I stayed at the club until 2:00.

I think I was one of the oldest guys there and I didn't recognize any of the music. Everyone around me knew all of the songs. I did feel a little disconnected and was completely fine with that. I can only go out to a big club infrequently. It's too impersonal.
I like smaller venues at this point in my life.

Ann Althouse said...

Oh, no, Titus! I hope you're not losing you joie de vivre!

It's just one weekend. I'm sure there will be better. But then, I can't even imagine finding life in bars and clubs. Good luck.