November 13, 2007


... no!


Simon said...

Not only shorts, but purple shorts; shorts are one thing, IMHO, but what self-respecting grown man wears purple shorts?

reader_iam said...

Interesting label.

Anonymous said...

jewsyonkersislam #439 To fondle a woman

A) and B) are rituals -as noted in C) below and:

A) My most recent address to the Westchester County Board of Legislators
on Tuesday evening, 11-13-07
B) My conversation with Hezi Arris on his radio show (on the air at WVOX
1460 [AM ? FM ?]) on Tuesday morning, 11-13-07
C) Psychological/Psychiatric assessment of various people posting on Ann Alhouse's blog based on their reactions to my postings
A discussion of what I am doing - "appropriating rituals" in the sense that Confucius meant (400 BC). Which is the same thing that a lawyer is expected to do -i.e. "help shape and form public opinion".
In addition, as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor, I am permanently disabled in many ways. And one of those ways burdens my mind with a kind of permanent "cognitive dissonance". So it, in effect, shows me the conscious world not as a continuous whole ( "normally" ) but as a permanent poetic progression....and is quite literally a permanent headache....a permanent series of "rituals". So I see the world as a unit, a whole -as well as all men see it, as oppositional.
In addition, in C) below, I have broken it up into three sections, Women, Men and Gays and Psychiatric/Mental Illness.


" The (Congressional) Medal of Honor was recently awarded to a real war fighter, a Navy Seal. As he happens to be a fellow Celt and he grew up in one of my home towns, I'd like to honor him and the idea of America. AND to state that we are going to need ever more real warfighters and operators from all races, religions and peoples, all working with a common purpose and goal in mind (and I sang) ' O beautiful, for spacious skies. For amber waves of grain. For purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain. America, America, God shed his grace on thee. And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.
'O beautiful, for heroes prov'd. In liberating strife. Who more than self their country love and mercy more than life. America, America, May God thy gold refine. Till all success be nobleness and ev'ry aim be met' ."


As usual, I call my good friend Hezi on his radio show to ask one of his guests a question. And, as usual, he warns me that he is going to cut me off if he doesn't like my question -and 95% of the time he does. Only this time I'd asked my question before he cut me off.
Today, Westchestor County Legislator (D) Ken Jenkins was on the air. And, as Ken is a friend of mine (we went to the same -Jesuit- high school), I had a question for him ( when I saw Ken later that evening in White Plains, I told him I'd email him a copy as he didn't hear the question; he had a Board meeting on ntaxation and he had to get off the phone with Hezi ) and this is it:
after assuring Hezi that the question was about Jodi Moisiello ( a mother of two children with a law practice as well) who ran against John Murtagh for the 5th District Yonkers City Council (and lost), I said:
" Ken, when is the Democratic Party going to become more pro-family so that fathers can work and bring home the bacon and mothers can stay home with their children ". And, just as I'd finished, Hezi said " cut him off ". (anyhow, if you have time Ken, email me an answer)

C) Psychological/Psychiatric assessment of various people posting on Ann Alhouse's blog based on their reactions to my postings (my comments are plain or in parentheses, theirs in quotes.

a) reader_iam (I think its a woman) said... " 'a woman,fag or other degenerate' (quoting me) Not sure why this one made me laugh so hard -normally, I wouldn't, except that I think it would be a great blog name and potentially a great blog in the hands of the right person or persons -no, not mine; don't have that type of satirical/whatever skill set etc.. But can't you imagine ? "
So, like Ann, reader iam has fallen in love with me because of my words. It is just as Maxine Weiss said (she too has fallen in love with me, sight unseen), "cognitive dissonance", one of my innumerable disabilities.
b) downtownlad said... " the stuff that "needs to get done" that women spend their time doing and men don't is usually stuff that the men in question don't care about..." Revenant
" So of course all women must be like that. Not. My fag hag is the biggest slob around. And she's mighty fine looking and has no problem getting laid. But she has zero interest in getting married and cleaning up after slobs like you, let alone clean up after herself. Which proves Ann's point I believe. Just because you're mysogonist and choose to marry subservient women, doesn't mean that all women are subservient." Now this poster would seem to be a lesbian -or a woman who cant find a man because she has been deluded by feminist notions of perfection...of which there aint no such thing.

# a)Simon said... " 'MadisonMan said...'titusRK: What happens when doughy people hit on you? Do you have standards? ' Titus, I have a better question: what if TC hits on you?" Ah, Simon -is you one a dem gay boys dat sticks they dick
# in any hole as long as it aint a females ? Ay vey...maybe I could point out a dog or a pig so you could go oink like Jon Voight in Deliverance -'n good old John boy, he went to Stepinac (Roman Catholic) High School in White Plains
# b)TitusRK said.. " No need to apology Simon I just have to be the one being pursued. I can't pursue anyone. I find it degrading and I won't take the risk of being rejected. Therefore, I patiently wait for someone to pursue me." Now dese here boys happen to be faggots, fudge-packers -flirting with each other.
# " I don't think I have ever been obviously pursued by someone who is doughy. To be honest, it is rare to even see (a fat gay guy in NYC) "
# c) Simon said... Tom, I think I speak for many of the straight male Althouse commentariat when I say I'd rather be her kind of faggot than your kind of man. d) ZPS said... As far as TC is concerned, I know it's always best to ignore the crazies, but TC...speaking as a gay man, I find your brash demeanor strangely attractive. And no, I'm not just saying that to get a rise out of you. Have you ever been with a man? Trust me, all of your hostility and frustration can translate in to one hell of a roll in the hay. Think about it...but hurry...I'm leaving Brooklyn tomorrow. Love, ZPS
# e) tc said... Simon, I'm engaging in a type of psycho-surgery on the human race. In 400 or so BC, Confucius wrote that there were 4 ways of communicating with people: speaking, writing, rituals and music. Me, I speak -often- in public, I write often (more to follow), I sing -fairly often- in public and I participate in rituals -quite often and of all kinds. Confucius also wrote that rituals must be adapted to conform with the actual facts of the day, to better fit the facts of the present day, whatever day that may be. He called it appropriation. As I see it great changes are due in the ways we live today or the human race may not survive to mid-century. So I am engaging in the modern day version of adapting and appropriating rituals, psycho- surgery on the human race. As to ZPS's kind offer -as he looks like a sheepdog with a crestfallen face- thanks but no thanks. You have no idea who or what you're dealing with here. More than a few times in the past I have been hit on by gayboys -including in a church choir a few years ago. You boys aint right...and you are likely to be in very big trouble shortly unless you whack off in private and leave men and boys alone. Still I know that sensitivity is also an important part of being a human being.
# f) tc said...Dont any of you fuckin' "men" realize that the male half of your brain has been co-opted by feminism and women. You all sound like fuckin prima-donnas. Whew, you really stink !!! Tom
# a) jeff said..." jeff said... tc-really. What the hell? You know absolutely no one reads that stuff, right? I mean, dude. I have nothing against crazy people, but come on. Hey, when I said the above (quoting himself from my quote of his words), what I meant was....pretty much what I said. Up the dose, brother." In answer, I posted this:
# b) tc said...jeff said... " tc-really...You know absolutely no one reads that stuff... I have nothing against crazy people, but come on." You know what Jeff, there aint no such thing as "mental illness". All there is is people who think their own way and disagree with the way everybody else thinks. And "crazy" is as "crazy" does. Ever hear the term "crazy like a fox" ? And do you know what it means ? Think carefully now and dont put your foot in your mouth again. As for the boyo below, nobody comments after my posts because they aren't smart -or patient- enough to try and refute every point I make. Of course I dont make it easy for them to do so, but that's not my point. My point is that I disagree with just about everything today and I have good reasons for doing so: I'd like to see all our children survive and prosper into the future -especially my own. Tom c) Revenant said.." TC, -- you've got 94 posts up on your blog, all with contents enabled, and not a single one of them with a comment. Ever wonder why nobody cares what you write? Hint: its because you're mentally ill."
# d) tc said.. "Revenant said...'TC, -- you've got 94 posts up on your blog, all with contents enabled, and not a single one of them with a comment. Ever wonder why nobody cares what you write? Hint: its because you're mentally ill." (I said)
# Hey boy, "mentally ill" is what you do with what you've got. As I am 58, and I have an extensive list of accomplishments,try on "res ipsa loguitur" for size,little man with a tiny prick. What have you done ?
# And if you're female, stop expecting me to provide you with material for your wet dreams.
# e) Simon said..." tc said...'Me, I speak -often- in public' Oh, so you're that lunatic that yells at people from a soap box on 34th street...". No, Simon, check out A) above, my most recent address before the Westchester County Board of Legislators in White Plains, N.Y. And check out my blog:
# f) Bissage said... " ZPS, I’m sure you have what it takes to bring out what’s inside tc and make him 'one hell of a roll in the hay.' Still, he seems the volatile sort, so be careful never to ask whether he knows your mother’s maiden name. Your dry cleaner will thank you ! " Now here, Bissage seems to be one a dem dere fudge-packers who squeals like a pig when he gets it ( Jon Voight, Deliverance). And perhaps he is thinking of the semen stains on his pants from his gay-boy activities. The cleqner find out and he no longer cleans his pants.


Maxine Weiss said...

Ann, I noticed the Christopher hasn't updated his MySpace in awhile.

Joe M. said...


Simon: I don't think they're purple--I think it's just the light.

Palladian said...

He looks hot. Nice legs. Youthful. If he was 40 it wouldn't look so good.

Map Finder said...

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Brad V said...

The shorts aren't purple, they're blue-stripes-on-white seersucker.

It is indeed just the intense afternoon light.

Chip Ahoy said...


no one said...

Professor Althouse, I'd like to suggest that any and all ads on your blog appear below your photo.
Thank you.