November 26, 2007

"Gov. Mike Huckabee, Republican of Arkansas, what will it take to get you to run for president in 2008?"

Asked C-Span's Brian Lamb back in 2005. Answer? "Oh! That's a big question. Probably a vision from above."

So... was there a vision? Could somebody ask him?


George said...

All of you who are thinking bad thoughts about Southerners, I just want you to know that we are praying for you.

Tituszk said...

I hate the south. Why do we always have to include a southern on the ticket? Why not someone from the west?

And Althouse I am mad at you. No bubble bath vlog? I could make you a star. Also, the rare dog is doing fine now thanks for your well wishes.

Tituszk said...

I also love the Rudy Mitt fight. It is delicious.

So is the Obama Hilary fight. I want more fighting and calling each other names.

For those of you that care the Pats are still undefeated.

I will be leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale and will not be returning until Friday. I am hoping to order room service at the McCormack Ranch and then doing the illegal that delivers my food. I am planning on answering the door in a towel that mistakenly falls off when I reach for the pen. If anything happens to me I give this blog the rights to publish my blog comments. And when it becomes a huge hit I want all the profits to be given to the AFPCA.

Thank you fellow republicans, you are true patriots.

Tituszk said...

Also, I love it when the queen gets forceful on here and tells people to go away. It turns me on.

AJ Lynch said...

Titus - by queen, are you referring to LUCY?? Or to Ann, our lovely and gracious proprietor.

AJ Lynch said...

And Titus:

Since I am an Eagles fan, I say 'F' the Patriots but you probably already did.

Tituszk said...

AJ, I wish I f'd the Patriots but unfortunately they turned me away at the locker room. Any advice on how to get in there?

Seriously though the Eagles were great last night. I loved how they played. I would hope that AJ will now be their starting QB, he should he was awesome last night...and also hot. It was nice to see a team stay close to my beloved Pat's.

When I refer to the queen I mean Althouse. I don't have time to get into all of the dalliances of the other posters. My focus is on her.

How about Trent Lott???? I refuse to claim him on my side. Breeders, please take him, he is yours-my side does not want him. I do believe with all these republican gay scandals though hopefully the gay crap will be put to rest. I think that dog has barked it last bark-thank God. Get off the gays republicans and you may have me and many others on your side.

Tituszk said...

I don't know if you are from Philly AJ but it is also one of the greatest American cities.

I love Philly. Center City etc is great. I go there annually for the U Penn MBA recruiting event. It is a great city. I would actually be open to living there. It is a hell of lot cheaper than NYC and still is cool and urban feeling. It is one of only a few cities I would live in the US which include: Boston, NYC, Philly, San Fran and Chicago. I have lived in three of them and frequented Chicago quite a bit in my youth so Philly is actually the most attractive to me because it the most "new" to me. What's the place called across from the convention center where you can get the Amish vendors? I like that area of the city.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I want all the profits to be given to the AFPCA.

Althouse Friends' Pet Clumber Association?

Revenant said...

I hate the south. Why do we always have to include a southern on the ticket? Why not someone from the west?

What, like Nixon and Reagan? :)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Revenant: And Cheney!

AJ Lynch said...

Titus asked:

"What's the place called across from the convention center where you can get the Amish vendors?"

If you mean get food from the Amish vendors, it is the Reading Terminal, an old train shed.

reader_iam said...

AFPCA = Air Force Pentagon Communication Agency

Am I right?

rhhardin said...

Harold Bloom didn't care for Jehovah's Witnesses

I have omitted a mass of details, but they do little to alter this pattern. What can most of us do with such a [apocalyptic] narrative? Lurid and cruel, it contrasts poorly with the apocalyptic elements in early Mormonism or even with the eschatological longings of Seventh-Day Adventism. Though there are number of rather savage apocalyptic scenarios current among American Fundamentalists, I am aware of none quite so inhumane as the Jehovah's Witnesses' accounts of the End of our Time. There is something peculiarly childish in these Watchtower yearnings : they remind me of why very small children cannot be left alone with wounded and suffering household pets. (_The American Religion_ p.169-170)

Southern Baptists are okay with him, though.

I always share that passage with visiting Jehovah's Witnesses.

My late friend F.T.Grammp used the deity strategy instead :

JH's: Hello, we're Jehovah's Witnesses

FTG: Hi, I'm God.

George said...

"Yale prof Harold Bloom was willing to dispense with the Bible [from his list of most influential books] ("since it's gotten all mixed up with questions of belief" in what is now an "insanely religious" country)."

All of us down South are a-prayin' fer Harold, too, least wise except when we are catfish grabbin.

MadisonMan said...

Well, he said probably, not definitely. So there is room to maneuver.

So did Trent Lott have a wide stance? I infer that from tituszk's comments. Or is Lott just a money-grubber?

Ann Althouse said...

I think the dog got sick because you stopped saying that marvelous word "clumbers."

Ruth Anne Adams said...

As Historian of this here blog, could someone please fill me in on the reason we don't say "clumbers" anymore? A link to the comment would be sufficient.


I like it. We could always resurrect "squism."

Paddy O. said...

Given his afterlife includes killing birds and his present supernatural help steer bullets to kill large mammals I'd say that if he had a vision, it wasn't from above.

MadisonMan said...

The dogs' owner objected to a potential loss of anonymity. By googling that particular phrase once used, comments made that too-precisely id'ed the dogs and therefore the owner can appear.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Madison Man: The dogs' owner discusses his sex life, his plans for the night which include the club he plans to attend, the hotels in which he stays on business trips and suddenly saying "rare clumbers" risks his "anonymity"? B.S.


MadisonMan said...

Well, he asked politely.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Oh, well, then, since he asked politely, we must all comply.

Tituszk said...

Go ahead fellow republicans if the word makes you feel good and you enjoy it by all means say clumber.

If I am kicked out of the clumber country club because of this you have clumber tears and titus tears on your hands.

Who knew the word clumber would be so much fun. We are now staying at the Valley Ho in Scottsdale. I just went to their website and the music is totally fabulous. Very retro.

maggie said...

Good question.

I like Huckabee as a person from what I see... except for the anti-abortion stance which I agree with on a rhetorical level but not case-by-case because the decision to abort is so very personal.