November 1, 2007

Google Law School Rankings.

I don't understand it, but it looks nice to me:
  1. Harvard
  2. Stanford
  3. Yale
  4. Michigan
  5. Columbia
  6. Chicago
  7. Cornell
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Vanderbilt
  10. NYU
  11. North Dakota
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Pennsylvania
  14. Suffolk
  15. New York Law School
  16. UC-Berkeley
  17. Minnesota
  18. Notre Dame
  19. Tulane
  20. George Washington
  21. Vermont
  22. Indiana-Bloomington
  23. Texas
  24. Widener
  25. University of Washington

But where's NYU? That's what you get for calling yourself "School of Law" instead of "Law School."

ADDED: Oops. NYU's at 10, but it's at #1 if you use "School of Law" as the search term.


rhhardin said...

Towns go that way, too. There's a Department of Water instead of a Water Department.

Apparently somebody looked it up and found ``water'' wasn't an adjective, and figured that was that for the language. Attributive nouns have not been heard of.

Ask any word expert.

Richard Dolan said...

According to them, "[r]esults based on Google search for 'law school' on October 30, 2007." Silly, really, but it will still cause the administrators at Texas (23), Virginia (62) and Georgetown (72), amnog others, some agitur: why aren't those kids googling our school?

John Kindley said...

North Dakota?!

StephenB said...

Cumberland (@ Samford)?!

Maxine Weiss said...

Boalt at #16. Lots of antipathy for Berkeley.

Too Liberal.

Harold H. said...

Where is the distinguished Brooklyn School of Law?!

Ha ha.

Maxine Weiss said...

"to help customers choose their preferred level of quality"

Maxine Weiss said...

"Luxurous fabrications"

"Detailed Nuances"

"Sumptious embellishments"

Maxine Weiss said...

Kmart’s home-goods relaunch is not all about Martha, however. Its contract with Martha Stewart Living is set to expire in 2009, and Kmart in September introduced a new line of proprietary home goods called Abbey Hill. The new private brand features sheet sets at $29.99 and extra-thick, no-lint bath towels. All of the new home merchandise is being presented with an eye toward helping customers better mix and match colors and patterns, executives say."


Maxine Weiss said...


"But I own this website, so I also reserve the right to enforce some rules: Keep it pithy. Stay on topic. Be intelligent. Agree or disagree but don't make it personal. Remember that your comments will reach a big national and international audience of DHD readers. Fine to post anonymously, but try to ID yourself generally, like, "I'm a writer", "I'm a producer," "I'm a wannabe..." Your comments won't be edited but they also won't post automatically. I have to approve them first. And I plan on being picky."

(Maybe The Althouse Code of Conduct can be modeled after Nikki's standards)

Amr Nasser said...

Where is that now?

Richard Fagin said...

U.S. Distict Court Judge David Hittner and Univ. of Houston Law Center Prof. Irene Rosenberg (both NYU '64) will be pleased to see their school's ranking.

Beth said...

Is Tulane really in the top 20, after all its reorganization after the storm? I guess that's good news.

tc said...

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ron st.amant said...

Where's UVA?? Virginia was always in the top 10-15 for as long as I can remember.