November 20, 2007

Gloomy Brooklyn.




Monday afternoon Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.


Maxine Weiss said...

ricpic said...

Only The Dead

O meager streets of youth
Aching and sullied,
Down which drawn I wandered
Wounded and uncouth,
Stalking melancholy.

Trooper York said...

Only the Thirsty

O wet and dreary paths of stone
Drizzled yet parched,
Over which I staggered
Walked and marched
Wassailing on the route to home.

ricpic said...

Touche, Trooper.

Maxine Weiss said...

(Do you think these women realize they are going to have to pay taxes on all that junk?)

Trooper York said...

Only a homage to your greatness as the poet laureate of the Althouse community. My expertise is in wassialing not iambic pentameter.

Trooper York said...

I did recognize the location of the first photo and have puked on that corner many a late night back in the day. So naturally my mind turned to thoughts of wandering the wet and dreary streets in search of refreshments. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is traditionally the second busiest day of the year in the bar business, even better than New Years Eve. I guess my taste buds are longing for some ale or lager. Perhaps even a toddy or two to hold off the chill. I’ll be right back, I have to run out to the bodega.

rhhardin said...

Rural delinquency

titusbk said...

Good Evening fellow republicans and lovers of the Bush Doctrine.

How is everyone this evening?

Completely agree with you Trooper about the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Big night out. When I was in college I went to Venus de Milo on Landsdowne in Boston and thought I was at the center of the universe or is it hub of the universe? The place was a huge garage that you entered and then you moved through these enormous red drapes to announce you arrival. Pure Bliss.

Unfortunately, sometimes I got so blasted I missed the Thanksgiving invitations I received for the next day. Oh those were the days. Dancing on a speaker, talking and knowing a little something about most of the club goers. Back then, which I am sure is the same now, you had your "club friends". You never saw them outside the club but inside the club there were big kisses, dancing, buying drinks etc. Then you would separate and not see them until the next night out. Kind of odd but it was fun.

I do miss those days but would never want to return. I was broke, lived in Boston with a car with Wisconsin plates (major faux pas) and my body had not developed yet so I did not get prime hog.

Any many of my friends from college, who are still close friends and all over the place, came from money-bitches. I hated not being able to buy a round of drinkys for friends. I also had to work all through school. So everyone please admire my determination, hard work and perseverance that got me to the place I am today. I am an american success story. My parents gave me squat.

If I need to remind everyone. Fabulous job (well into 6 figures); fabulous condo in Chelsea; rare clumbers; a beamer; family that loves me although they really don't even understand what I do for a living; great friends; winning personality; fun and upbeat; happy; and most important...a butt you can bounce quarter off of and an amazing rack.

But am I really happy.....

titusbk said...

Fellow republicans I have to admit something.

I am not who I say I am.

I really am 60, doughy, am not gay, am a virgin, live in the basement of my parents house in Sioux Falls, the furtherest I have traveled is to Omaha, don't own rare clumbers but do own a ferret, and work at the Pizza Hut on Main Street.

I apologize for misrepresenting myself to all of you.

Wow, that is a huge relief to be honest. I was carrying around this albatross for so long and to be able to be honest with all of you makes me feel so much better.
If there is ever a meet up in Sioux Falls I will be there.

Please fellow republicans and lovers of everything Bush accept my apologizes and embrace me with the warmth and love that I know you will.

Simon said...

Titus, I'm almost afraid to ask, but what is a "rack" as pertains to gay terminology? One thinks of a "rack" as being, you know, the USS Scarlett Johanssen's bows or something; I've never heard it applied to a guy.

titusbk said...

Oh just kidding fellow republicans about the Sioux Falls comment.

One other memory of going out in Boston. My friends from Boston called me Ellie May because I was from Wisconsin and they would ask me is Wisconsin by Idaho?

They called me Ellie May because of the Beverly Hillbillies. I.E. Wisconsin equals Hillbillies. How insulting and damaging that must of been when I was trying so hard to fit in.

titusbk said...

Simon, I meant rack like girls have a rack.

Sometimes gays refer to themselves in girl terms. Rack meant my well defined chest just like it would mean about a woman. Get it?

Also, fellow republicans I think most of the tenants in my building who are relatively young had parents buy their lofts. I hate that. I see Mom and Dads coming in to the building with Niemie and Saks Bags with their brat. One of them comes with her illegal assistant who actually carries the mom's yorkie. And the a republican.

titusbk said...

Althouse, I just wanted to say I love you and think you are fabulous.

You got the best blog on the block.

And no, I haven't been drinking.

I took another close looksie at the new picture with the black crewneck. You are wearing darker lipstick. You are looking more fashionable. I do believe that some of the visuals around NYC are impacting you, do you agree that is is having some impact on some of your fahsion choices? Not that you weren't fashionable in Scony but you look more New York in that picture. One other comment, your hair is closer to your face and it looks good. In other pictures your hair has bowed out a little more which is fine but the hair a little tighter and closer to your face is a nice addition. I don't know if it was deliberate or not but in the future make it deliberate. Also, I like the darker shade of lipstick-it is more exotic and interesting. Please keep up the good work and if you do make fashion mistakes I will tell you. Honesty is best in the fashion world doll.

ZPS said...

Maxine: Those women in the Oprah audience probably don't have to pay taxes because everything they received are considered gifts. I don't think you have pay taxes on gifts. If it were a game show, then they would have to pay taxes.

titusbk said...

Ok fellow republicans does anyone else find this weird? "Conservpedia's most viewed pages:

Most viewed pages

1. Main Page [1,894,429]
2. Homosexuality [1,475,437]
3. Homosexuality and Hepatitis [515,993]
4. Homosexuality and Promiscuity [416,375]
5. Homosexuality and Parasites [387,265]
6. Homosexuality and Gonorrhea [327,795]
7. Homosexuality and Domestic Violence [319,073]
8. Gay Bowel Syndrome [305,261]
9. Homosexuality and Syphilis [261,781]
10. Homosexuality and Mental Health [243,293]

Trooper York said...

Titus the correct usage on the Althouse blog is that you "pinched off a Lucky." All the best.