November 1, 2007

"Andrew says a lot of silly things about me these days..."

"... and life is too short to pay attention to them."

Well, I identified with that.


tc said...
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Ann Althouse said...

tc, you need to learn that no one will read anything when it's so long. Edit and post less than 200 words.

christopher said...


I suspect a neatly slivered section of tc's medulla would fetch top dollar at medical research labs around the country.

Of course, I think the same could be said of a lot of the regulars here...

john said...

Ann, when did tc go from a blanket banishment to accept-with-less-than-200-words? An experiment?

Doyle said...

Yeah, I bet you identified. What with the way you shrugged off his totally clueless assessment of your tongue-in-cheek post as "Not the best advice."

He was all up in your grill but you were like "Phh, whatever."

Randal Rogers said...

I noticed Sullivan (& Quiggen @ Crooked Timber) were confused about "Big-L" and "small-l" libertarianism when they posted those comments. Queen Andrew is not amused by those who do not show proper deference, and attempts to paint them out of existence with a very broad brush. (Quiggen, BTW, still thinks Reynolds's apostasy is recent, even though Henley clearly states that Reynolds left the Libertarian Party years ago.)

Revenant said...

Stephen Green's story of his affair with the Libertarian Party almost exactly mirrors my own, except that I've never registered as a Republican and voted for Clinton in '92 (I wasn't eligible to vote for Paul in '88). It sounds like Glenn's in much the same position, as are most of the libertarians I know personally.

Anyway, my favorite part of Andrew's post was where he attacked Reynolds for having supported the invasion of Iraq. That was just... special. Is this really the same Andrew Sullivan who, back in 2002, informed "Bush-haters" that they would have to choose between "supporting Saddam and supporting Bush"? The same Sullivan who repeatedly compared Bush to Winston Churchill -- before he started comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler?

Heck, most of the things he claims Reynolds supports are things Andrew really DID support until Bush came out in favor of the gay marriage amendment. Is there a bigger poseur in the blogosphere?

Thankfully, a little googling around reveals that most of the left-leaning blogosphere hasn't forgotten Andrews prewar hysterics and aren't letting him off the hook for them either. Why would they? He spent most of 2002 implying they were fifth-columnists.

john said...

Revenant -
Do you have a link to Steven Green's story?

Randal Rogers said...

John: Stephen's story is here.

Bob said...

I read Andrew's blog for a while, but got tired of all the photos of Abu Ghraib abattoirs he was putting up, so many that I emailed him and accused him of having a fetish about it, which mightily displeased him. *laughs* I thought he might be a Francis Bacon fan, perhaps.

Randal Rogers said...

Is there a bigger poseur in the blogosphere?

He has some pretty stiff competition, I think.

Randal Rogers said...

You mean he actually deigned to reply to you, Bob? Or did he attempt public humiliation by quoting your email (anonymously, of course). Humiliation seems to be an integral part of many obsessions.

Bob said...

Actually, Randal, now that I recall, I used the word pathology instead of fetish, but the message conveyed was basically the same. Andrew emailed me with one of those veddy briddish "What pathology are you referring to, pray tell?" sneers. Since that was basically the point at which I stopped reading his rubbish, chose not to bait him further.

Revenant said...

He has some pretty stiff competition, I think.

Yeah... but he used to think not only that Bush was awesome and torture, detentions, and war in Iraq were necessities of the war on terrorism, but that anyone who disagreed with him on those subjects was a bad person. He shifted to claiming that Bush is Hitlerian and torture, detentions, and the war in Iraq are horrible violations of all that is good and decent, and anyone who disagrees is a bad person. He achieved this without ever letting his aura of smug self-satisfaction falter. That's a special kind of pretentiousness that normal bloggers can't hope to achieve.

Tim said...

Why do any bloggers of note pay any attention to Sullivan at all?

reader_iam said...

Wow. This discussion could have taken off in a whole different way. But it didn't. What a shame.

Randal Rogers said...

What direction were you thinking of, Reader? Conversations change.

Ann Althouse said...

If you want the conversation to go in a different direction, take it there yourself.

And tc, you've got to follow the 200 word rule

Trevor said...

I catch your drift, Reader. Which "that" is Ann identifying with? The "saying lots of silly things" or the "not paying attention"?

glen said...

Is it possible that Andrew says these things with the precise intention of generating traffic to his blog? If so, perhaps it is time to ignore him.

Revenant said...

Does anyone ever read tc's rants? They are deeply weird. My favorite bits were the promise to "literally rape homosexuality" and the claim to have had sex with 60,000 women.

I still can't figure out if it is some weird kind of performance art or if he really IS mentally ill.

downtownlad said...

Andrew is 100% correct about Glenn and 100% wrong about Ann.

Trooper York said...

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Hannah Pitt: Excuse me. I said excuse me. Can you tell me where I am? Is this Brooklyn? Do you know a Pineapple Street or is there some train or bus I...?
[sets down bags exaustedly]
Hannah Pitt: I'm lost. I just arrived from Madison.
Hannah Pitt: Madison? I took the bus I was told to take and I got off... well it was the very last stop so I had to get off and I asked the driver was this Brooklyn and he nodded yes. But he was from one of those foreign countries where they think it's good manners to nod at everything, even if you don't know what it is you're nodding at. In truth I think he spoke no English at all... which I think would make him ineligible for employment on public transportation, you know with the public being English-speaking... mostly. Do you speak English.
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[Hannah hurries away as fast as she can]
(Angels in America 2003)

Chris said...

Funny, just the other day I was thinking that life's too short to pay attention to faux-libertarians who shill for the right wing.