October 2, 2007

There's George Clooney's double.

"I think maybe George Clooney is going to come down those stairs soon, because his double just came out. That's his double over there."

"Yeah, I thought it looked like George Clooney, but couldn't be George Clooney because the crowd didn't get excited. Plus, he's not fat."

"George Clooney isn't fat. He's got bulk."

"He's fat. A little fat. Actually, technically, he's obese."


"You know, you can wait here all day if you like, but that light is set up to shine on that window for an interior shot."

The scene on Hicks Street, yesterday, where they're filming the new Coen brothers movie, "Burn After Reading."


knox said...

Not sure why, because Clooney and Pitt are both good actors, but I'm a little disappointed that the Coen Brothers have taken to casting MEGAstars in their movies lately. It's too distracting!

rhhardin said...

Like flies to a magnet.

ricpic said...

I guess the male ideal has become a 29" teenager's waist. Clooney's a middle aged guy who's thickened up a little bit. That's not fat!

PeterP said...

...the new Coen brothers movie, "Burn After Reading."

...You'd be lucky! If you get out of third gear before Swindon that's good going, especially on a weekday.

And anyways I wouldn't advise you try, as they've got these sneaky new speed cameras that clock you twice: once when you're in the zone and a second time just afterwards when you think it's OK to metal the pedal.

Between Swindon and Bristol is good, but do watch out for the unmarked trappers. They tend to use really non-bloke colours like lilac for their cars, so you burn past them yelling "Eat dust yer limp pastel-shaded suckers" only to find their lights on you three miles down the road and a pair of seriously macho hairy dudes - they always have back hair for some obvious reason - dishing you for three more points without the option.

It's a M4 thing. ;-)

PatCA said...

When you hear them call for 'first team' you know HE will appear. Stand ins always do the lighting setups, and that looks like lighting for an interior shot.

blake said...

Clooney's best work has been for the Coen's, I think.

"You two are dumber than a bag of hammers."

I don't think Nic Cage ever surpassed his role as "H.I. McDunnugh" in Raising Arizona.

"Her insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase."

titus22 said...

George Clooney is fat?

Wow, that is news to me.