October 2, 2007

Sunset with a little cloud over the Statue of Liberty.


Last night, from the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights.


Bob said...

It's been my experience that clouds are a necessary component of a perfect sunset. High, wispy cirrus clouds work best. Ever seen a sunset on a cloudless day, even in winter with minimal pollution? *yawn*

Gotta have those clouds if you want a spectacular sunset.

ricpic said...

Sunset With A Little Cloud

Unbearable, the scene sublime,
Without that little tiny note, as tiny as we,
To cherish. We cannot rhyme
Ourselves with mountain or sea.
Only a little thing is careable.

Simon said...


jane said...

Ricpic, your poetry is always enjoyable with its unexpected profound twists.

rhhardin said...

It's like Wagner. (``Wagner, if one may be permitted a little of the grandeloquence that suits the man, was a beautiful sunset that has been mistaken for a sunrise.'' - Debussy)

Sunsets are strongly influenced by German music.

jane said...

"Sunsets are strongly influenced by German music." LOL.

SUNSET from 'Feuilles d'Automne' by
Victor Hugo:


All vanishes! The Sun, from topmost heaven precipitated,
Like a globe of iron which is tossed back fiery red
Into the furnace stirred to fume,
Shocking the cloudy surges, plashed from its impetuous ire,
Even to the zenith spattereth in a flecking scud of fire
The vaporous and inflam├Ęd spaume.

O contemplate the heavens! Whenas the vein-drawn day dies pale,
In every season, every place, gaze through their every veil?
With love that has not speech for need!
Beneath their solemn beauty is a mystery infinite:
If winter hue them like a pall, or if the summer night
Fantasy them starre brede.

ricpic said...

Thanks, jane.

MadisonMan said...

Can you align the sun with the Statue of Liberty next time? It'll be more dramatic.

Frieda said...

how great!

downtownlad said...

I was wondering if you were going to take that photo as well. I assumed it would be impossible to capture what it was really like.

But I was wrong this time.

THAT'S a photo!

Donald Douglas said...

Your photos have been better than ever lately. I've been meaning to say so (and if I have already, forgive me - I've been up since 4:20am).

Ann Althouse said...

"Can you align the sun with the Statue of Liberty next time? It'll be more dramatic."

I'm working on it. I think in about a month, I'll have it.