October 26, 2007

"Tabs sock Giuliani over Sox"

Muffi&Tiger, originally uploaded by Mats&Muffi.

I thought Rudy had got into trouble with a couple of kitty cats — Tabs and Sox. But it turns out to have to do with newspapers and baseball.


Ron said...

please put the sports page down...and calmly back away!

EnigmatiCore said...

Cute photo.

Forgive, please, a little threadjack.

Bill Clinton takes on some 911 Truthers.

All I can say is, outstanding. Bravo. Way to go, Bill. Kerry, Edwards, etc. would all do well to learn exactly how it is done-- and how one can win respect and votes by refusing to suffer idiots.

blogging cockroach said...

go sox yay
rudy gets my vote
of course i'm only a cockroach
and might have trouble pulling the lever
maybe some of those dead people who always vote
will be sox fans too and vote for rudy
given history more are likely to vote for hillary
oh well if this election turns on the votes
of dead sox fans we're all in trouble
which might be the case anyway
go sox

rhhardin said...

There's a dog toy called a Chuck-It based on the cat pic. It claims to be flying-squirrel based, however.

Trickier to toss than a frisbee, requires more wrist and counter-bank.

Feet tend to get chewed off eventually, depriving it of the angular inertia needed to fly.

Trooper York said...

Why did you post a photo of Hillary and Elizabeth Edwards on a Giuliani thread?

From Inwood said...

Trooper York

I can't stop laughing, or, to seem with it, ROFL!

For the record (as lawyers are supposed to say, based on Law & Order), when the Yankees do not make the World Series, I, a lifetime NYY fan, root for the American League team over the National League one. This is not unusual, rare, unique, eccentric, or outré since my BB-fan friends do so also, tho perhaps not as forcibly as Rudy, they not finding it necessary to shout out their choice from the rooftops. Sic transit pols.

And neither Rudy’s exuberance or my subdued support is the same as saying that even though I grew up in Inwood, I always rooted for the BoSox, a la Hillary, the NYY Truther.

BTW, even tho I never went to BC, as a Jesuit college grad, I did root for BC (Boston College, of course, not Brooklyn) last nite over VT (Virginia Tech, of course, not Vinegar Hill Tech). But I did not grow up a BC fan, as Hill would have it!

Paul Zrimsek said...


LoafingOaf said...

when the Yankees do not make the World Series, I, a lifetime NYY fan, root for the American League team over the National League one. This is not unusual, rare, unique, eccentric, or outré since my BB-fan friends do so also

Many fans of teams in the AL do root for the AL over the NL when their team doesn't make it. EXCEPT when it's the Yankees. Sorry. We're always rooting against ya. My team, the Indians, had two missions in the playoffs this year: 1. Do as much damage to the Yankee Death Star as possible; 2. Win the World Series.

Since they accomplished Mission 1 - wrecking the Yankees so badly that the Yankees flipped out and caused Joe Torre to split (hopefully causing long-term chaos and decline for the Evil Empire) - it's almost as good as if my lil Indians had won the World Series. The Yankees did, after all, destroy my grandfather's childhood.

As for Boston, they had the goodwill of the world in 2004, but ever since they got a title their fans have been trying to become like Yankees fans. I like many of the players on the Red Sox, and I don't want another mediocre NL team to luck their way into a World Series title like the Cardinals last year when it's so hard for AL teams to earn a playoff spot. But the last thing we need is another fanbase as disgusting, arrogant, and obnoxious as the Yankees' bandwagoners. Be careful, Boston. You're becoming what you used to despise.

Trooper York said...

Ethan: Our turnin' back don't mean nothin', not in the long run. She's alive, she's safe... for a while. They'll keep her to raise her as one of their own till, until she's of an age to...
Martin: Don't you think there's a chance we still might find her?
Ethan: Injun will chase a thing till he thinks he's chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there's such a thing as a critter that'll just keep comin' on. So we'll find 'em in the end, I promise you. We'll find 'em. Just as sure as the turnin' of the earth.
(The Searchers 1956)

LoafingOaf said...

You'll remember the image of a thousand midges on Joba's neck for the rest of your life. The signal was sent from the heavens high above: The 21st Century will be hell for the New York Yankees.

Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...

Dream on peons. The new young pitching will lead us on to new glories. Joba, Ian Kennedy, Hughes and some of the other arms in the minors will come up to give us another championship. When we sign Torii Hunter for center and move Melky over to left we will be ready to roll. Cleveland is just a bug, a bug on our windshield, a temporary blip on the radar screen. It was more than past time for Joe to go to the elephant burial ground. He became like Casey Stengel, old and teary eyed. More nostalgic for old teams and past glory than hungry to win this time round. I hope we get Giradi, who will fill the role of Ralph Houk and use the young players to get us back on top. Why don't you silly tribe fans sit back and wait for Charlie Sheen to come out of the bullpen to win another one. That’s as close as you’re gonna get to the Series in this century. Laugh now my little ones, but the death star is retooling, with a new leader. We are coming for you. Resistance is futile

LoafingOaf said...

The Indians woke up the day after the ALCS to find that their young, talented team is, for the most part, signed and stacked thru 2011-2013. If there's any regression, that will be the temporary blip. Plenty more meaningful games in Septembers and Octobers to come.

The Yankees woke up after being completely whored in the ALDS and found themselves filled with uncertainty and heading towards decline, with their skipper jumping the sinking ship. The Blue Jays have gotta feel they can top you, and Boston could be even better, and may steal ARod.

You have some young arms and some elderly arms and no true aces. To get an ace you'll have to trade one of your young arms plus a package of others (including your beloved Melky, and probably Wang, too). Meanwhile, Boston has Beckett.

Lots of teams have young arms. The Indians have Adam Miller in AAA, and Fausto Carmona is getting Cy Young consideration after his first full season. The Twins have Scott Baker, who just missed a perfect game. The Red Sox have that kid who threw a no-hitter. The Mariners have Felix. Etc. Young pitchers are highly unpredictable, yet you think all of yours will be instant-aces and everyone else doesn't exist.

You probably also thought Joba would be able to handle the pressure of the playoffs, when instead he threw wild pitches, hit batters, and walked batters in the biggest inning of his life.

Could it be that the AL is getting much more difficult for the Yankee Machine? And that Cashman doesn't know how to build PLAYOFF teams? And that the heavyweights of the AL Central - Indians and Tigers - have more in common with the late-90s Yankees than the 2007 Yankees do? Could it be that Boston was more intelligent to go all-out for Dice K (who will be in their rotation for years) while the Yankees were dumb-asses to open the vault for Clemens (who quit on them in the ALDS and is going out to pasture)?

You can celebrate losing a manager who took you to the playoffs 12 straight years. Joe can join us haters as we laugh at the train wreck that will be the '08 Yankees.

BTW, Torii Hunter says he wants to go to the Nationals or Braves.

Trooper York said...

Dude the problem was Joe Torre was so busy being Joe Torre that he sat on his ass while Joba was getting confused on the mound. Do you think that Billy Martin would have sat on his ass while that went down. He would have argued and screamed until he got thrown out or the bugs lit out. The old arms like Clemens and Mussina are on the way out. Torre was under strict constraints on using Joba, and when you have to control your manager that way because he has a history of burning out arms, it's time for a change. Make no mistake, the Yankees made Joe, Joe didn't make the Yankees. The Indians can talk a little when they make the playoffs more than one year in a row. This is time to wash out the old talent like Damon, Giambi, Matsui, Clemens, and Mussina. Young stars like Cano and Cabrera together with Jeter, Posada, and the new kid Shelly Duncan can bring new life to the Yanks. There are two strains of Yankees. The stately dignified ones: Gehrig, DiMaggio, Bernie Williams and Jeter. The crazy knucklehead ones: Babe Ruth, Mickey, Whitey, Billy Martin, Paul O’Neil, and that fat fuck David Wells (Oh I miss him so). I hope we go get some more of the crazies to shake it up. As for Hunter, remember one thing: Money Talks And Bullshit Walks. Let's see. Resistance is futile. Come over to the dark side. Don't be foolish. Try to be good more than one year in a row. It's great to be young and a Yankee. It's even better to be old and to root for them.

LoafingOaf said...

You may have a point about Torre mis-using pitchers. You guys seem to have an unusual number of pitcher injuries. But Torre was great for you. The Yankees looked like they wouldn't make the playoffs in 2005 and for the first half of 2007, yet he got them through a lot of obstacles both those seasons. Maybe that doesn't mean much in New York, but wait till the Yankees have a string of years where they don't even get that far. If the Yankees don't get off to a good start next season, I sure wouldn't wanna be the new manager having to try and live up to Torre's record.

The Indians tried to become a Yankee-style team in the mid-90s, and it almost got them a series of titles (they choked), but it also traded away their future and (to me) was a less lovable team than the '07 Tribe.

We now follow the Twins model, as do a lot of AL teams. Those teams may not be in the playoffs every season, but they are able to withstand losing their most expensive free agents and have made the AL much more competitive.

So, what you're facing are a whole bunch of AL teams that have learned how to rebuild very quickly and will take turns keeping the Yanks down, plus a Red Sox team in your own division that can now reload the Yankees' way. You'll have hell in your own division and hell across the AL, all making it much more unlikely for there to be another Yankees dynasty. :)

Try to be good more than one year in a row.

The current Indians were one of the best teams in 2005, when they won over 90 games. Who knows - had Jason Giambi not been on roids in '05, maybe the Yankees would've lost their division and the wild card race and the Indians would've gotten in. ;) But that's the season the Tribe's current core of players started to get very good, and the blip on the radar was 2006 when their bullpen fell apart. 2007, they were back on form. I doubt this will be the last playoff appearance for this crop of Indians, and it's safe to predict that most of their players will get better.

He would have argued and screamed until he got thrown out or the bugs lit out.

The bugs were on both teams, but only one team (Yankees) let it distract them. Jeter and Arod looked like drama queens waving their hands around at a few bugs!

Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...

Dude you are arguing against your own point. If Torre was as good as you say, he would have taken control of the situation and protected his pitcher who was a rookie after all. But he is too invested in being St. Joe and he didn't want to rock the boat. When the sox were throwing at Jeter and A-rod, he wouldn't tell our guys to hit big Papi or Manny to even it up. You can't be afraid to look like an asshole if it helps you win. I personally hate Clemens, but at least he has the balls to give the other team some chin music to stop them from coming inside. As you have noted, the reason why the sox have gotten successful is that they have become more like the Yankees. The big money they paid for Dice K paid off. If the Yankees make a quick trade with the Twins for Santana they could solidify the next five years. He is a free agent after next year and the Yanks can give them Melky and Wang and they will do the deal. The Indians are managed by a good young manager with a lot of juice so he out managed Joe. He time is done. The media likes to hammer the Yankees because everyone hates a winner. But a competent manager can take a talented team to the title. Nondescript douche bags like Johnny Keane, Bob Lemon and Ozzie Guillen can win the World series while the so called genius guys like Leyland,Cox and La Russa win what two or three if they are lucky. If they were that great they would have won alot more than they did with the clubs they had for the two or three year windows that they had with the power teams. It's the players that count and you can count on the Yankees going out to get the players. Now that means I pay 100 bucks a night for my tickets and 7 dollars a beer, but you get what you pay for. I am happy with my team, and as long as we don't make Mattingly the manager we will be all right. Mattingly is a "Classy" Yankee that the pussy press likes, we need to a tough guy who will put it too them to make us win the series. We need to push some of these complacent douches and let them know that a big contract and a reputation don't mean squat. Billy sent Paul Blair out in the middle of an inning to let Reggie that if he didn't hustle, his ass was on the bench. Do really think St. Joe would do that. Give me a tough asshole with some piss and vinegar and we will win the next three titles in a row. Resistance is futile. Come over to the dark side. The Empire will triumph. Believe it my friend; believe it in your soul.

From Inwood said...

Back to the main point (I think) of this thread: the attempt by pols to reach the assumed terminally gullible Joe Fan. (I was for the NYY before I was against them.)

Acc to the WSJ “Best of The Web” Blog, before the start of the World Series, Tancredo said he’d drop out of the race if the Rockies lost if Romney would agree to reciprocate if the Red Sox lost & Romney said no.
As the WSJ goes on to note, this is a sucker bet because Tancredo did not have as much of a chance of winning the nomination as the Rockies had of winning the Series, but maybe it gives me a chance to note that, predictably, in an article on the series in its Sports pages, repeat, Sports pages, the NYT sportswriter, repeat, sportswriter, seemingly sidebars into an unfavorable swipe at Rudy’s American League rooting. I say seemingly, since the rest of the article was boilerplate & maybe the Rudy swipe was the main point of the article: the NYT preaching the catechism to its epigones. The WSJ has been collecting not-so-sidebarish comments of this type. Funny, I never see sports gurus knocking Hillary the NYY Truther. TY: would that be worth $100 bucks + $7 for a beer?

Anyway, as someone once noted, I want first rate sports comment from these alleged sportswriters, not second rate political comment.

From Inwood said...

Um, make that "sidebarrish".

If one is gonna resort to neologisms, one still needs to follow basic spelling rules, no?

Trooper York said...

Now things are falling into place. Giradi will be named manager and we will lift the curse of Don Mattingly. He will leave the team because of his ego and we won't be dragging his dead carcess like we have for the past six years. Giradi is a tough guy who won't take any shit from anyone. Jeter will back him and he can handle the young pitchers. He will be focused on winning, not maintaining his image. If Big Papi needs a fastball to his noggin, he's gonna get it, bigtime. Now that douche A-rod is taking his tired stat machine act to another team. We can get some gritty guys to platoon at third and be on our way. With Torii Hunter in center, Melky in left, Abreu in right and Damon or Matsui as the DH's we will be cooking. The vets will sit on the bench like Darryl and Fielder and Tim Raines and Chili Davis did on the winning Yankee teams. Get the gritty players who can field and grind it out and use the vets in big situation, that the formula. Congrats to the Sox (may they rot in hell), they were helped by the intervention of Satan and his flying minions. We will be back big time next year.
How many days to pitchers and catchers?