October 23, 2007

Rudy Giuliani promises to fight off space aliens.

Have the other candidates given us equivalent assurances?

ADDED: Source.


Trooper York said...

Senator Clinton who is a fully consecrated handmaiden of Cthulhu
had no comment.
(CNN 2007)

Trooper York said...

Ron Paul said he was fully prepared for the appearance of the aliens. His entire family always sleeps in black sweat suits with black and white Nike tennis shoes under a purple sheet. He urges all Americans to prepare for the inevitable.
(CNN 2007

Trooper York said...

Governor Spitzer of New York said that the aliens will be no problem at all, and he intends to issue them drivers licenses as soon as they arrive. They will have to pass the drivers education course and use only two of their eight arms when signaling a turn.

rhhardin said...

It's not an intergalactic question, if he's worried about planets.

I assume he's not talking about milk.

Jack Frost said...

You need an extra label: staleness.

This story is so old it has mold on it by now.

You're slipping.

Paul Zrimsek said...

Dennis Kucinich confirmed that Giuliani has been taking potshots at aliens, and complained that his ownchief advisor was one of the targets.
(CNN 2007)

hdhouse said...

Perhaps the boy was correctly listening to Guliani and thought "Geeze, this dolt must be from Mars. I'll ask him. He'll know".....

Blake said...

Hey, trooper!

I'm voting for Cthulhu in 2008!

Why vote for the lesser evil?


I think with the lolthulhus, he--it?--they?--is a shoo-in.