October 7, 2007

Orin Kerr devastates Frank Rich...

... with facts that Rich should be quite embarrassed not to have checked.

ADDED: Rich also asserts that Thomas never turns a critical eye on Republicans. Rich stresses Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" and writes:
One former Nixon White House colleague, Pat Buchanan, said on "Meet the Press" last weekend that it was no big deal for Republican candidates to skip a debate before an African-American audience because blacks make up only about 10 percent of the voting public and Republicans only get about a tenth of that anyway....

Mr. Thomas seems ignorant of this changing America. He can never see past his enemies' list, which in his book expands beyond his political foes, Yale and the press to "elite white women" and "paternalistic big-city whites" and "light-skinned blacks."
But as I wrote back here:
At page 178, of "My Grandfather's Son," Justice Thomas, who was chairman of the EEOC, states that his "main quarrel with the Reagan administration... was that it needed a positive civil-rights agenda, instead of merely railing against quotas and affirmative action."

At page 179, he writes: "Too many of the president's political appointees seemed more interested in playing to the conservative bleachers..." He suspected this was because "blacks didn't vote for Republicans," so there was little to be gained by helping them. As proof that his suspicion was right, he notes that he offered to help the Reagan reelection campaign "only to be met with near-total indifference." A "political consultant" told him "straight out that since the president's reelection strategy didn't include the black vote, there was no role for" him.
So Clarence Thomas wrote explicitly about the exact issue that he "seems ignorant of" to Rich. Yes, of course, he seems ignorant to you, Frank Rich, because you knew the attitude you intended to take and you had your assumptions all lined up when you wrote this idiotic tirade.

Take another look at the column, and you'll see that Rich got most of the material for his column by watching television. I've added some boldface to point this up:
Since kicking off his book tour on "60 Minutes" last Sunday, he has been whining all the way to the bank...

It's useful to watch Mr. Thomas at this moment, 16 years after his riveting confirmation circus....

This could be seen most vividly on "60 Minutes,"...

Bill O'Reilly may have deemed the "60 Minutes" piece "excellent," but others spotted the holes. Marc Morial, the former New Orleans mayor who now directs the National Urban League, told Tavis Smiley on PBS that it was "as though Justice Thomas's public relations firm edited the piece." On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, the author of the new best-seller about the court, "The Nine," said that it was "real unfair"...

[Thomas] asserted to a compliant Jan Crawford Greenburg of ABC News last week...
Did Rich even read the book?


Anonymous said...

The most positive thing that can be said about the NYT is that they are consistent, as in consistently left-leaning, in spite of regular evidence to the contrary across a spectrum of subject matter.

"Facts?! We don't need no stinking facts around here!"

titus22 said...

I would hardly call that devastating. But then again Frank Rich is the most effective liberal editorial writer in the country so it important for all of you conservatives, althouse included, to try your darnest to devastate him.

Rich is brillant and conservatives hate him.

titus22 said...

Also, I happened to love the Rich editorial this morning. Granted he is no Mark Steyn on Jonah Goldberg.

I happen to love all of Rich's editorials. They are fun to read and sorry carpetbagger new yorker althouse, New York loves Frank Rich.

The rest of you redstaters can hate him though if it makes you feel better about yourselves. I think you have FDS. Yea, that's what it is. The hate is unbelievable. It is almost like you are obsesses with hating Frank Rich. It is diabolical I tell ya.

tjl said...

However devastating Kerr's facts may be, they will have no impact on Rich. Rich has built his following among the NYT's readership by giving them what they most want, high-octane advocacy undiluted with factual analysis. After all, he's actually a theater critic, and he still writes about politics as if it were drama.

titus22 said...

Don't you have a NY Post editorial to write today? Now, that is a respectable NYC paper.

Stop reading the NY Times if it bugs you so much. You bitch about it enough it is surprising you continue to read it. You hate it, we get it.

Now pick up the NY Post or Washington Times and shut your yap. You will feel much better reading one of those conservative papers.

It is amazing the amount of time and energy you but into bitching about the NY Times but continue to read it. It is like those liberals who watch Fox News and then bitch about something one of their commentators say-like Media Matters.

Stop reading it, now isn't your life much better. Maureen Dowd toasted Thomas today also but we won't hear anything about that. The only time you quote her when she says something about Obami or Hilary, otherwise silence. What an independent-which is also tiring and bored. Embrace your wingnuttery and get it over with girl. You can be one the the few wingnuts that don't hate the gays-great-your still a wingnut.

rcocean said...

Could Sulzberger, PLEASE put the wall back Up?

Rich, Krugman, Friedman, and the boring black guy, are Lame, predictable, superficial, and mediocre. Half the writers in Slate are more interesting.

I request Althouse keep the NYT editorial posts to a minimum. I'd rather see pictures of Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Both 60 Minutes and the NYT- 50% commercial ads and the rest is advertising for the DNC. They're balanced that way.

Facts get in the way of a good attack and hate-on.

Gedaliya said...

Did Rich even read the book?

I'd bet hard-earned dollars the answer to this question is no.

hdhouse said...

whew...now that it is decided that the nytimes is for shit we can turn on faux noise and be happy campers.

is dowd now 'wrong' too?

frankly kerr does not devastate Frank Rich. No such thing. I'm glad Ann's infatuation with Justice Thomas resulted in a simul-blog as she flipped through the pages, but if Mr. Thomas was the best available, with a long history on the bench on which to base that judgment, then take a look out your window Ann, there is a bridge for sale.

rcocean said...

Given Rich's intellect and ignorance of almost everything I don't think he can read.

He probably just dictates his column after watching You Tube videos.

K T Cat said...

Ann, what makes you think Frank Rich cares about the facts at all? I'm not being snarky, I'm asking the question seriously. If it wasn't this baseless attack on Justice Thomas, why wouldn't it have been a different, baseless attack on Justice Thomas?

Didn't the Anita Hill hearings prove that conclusively?

I would suggest that you and Orin are arguing against an opponent that simply isn't there.

tjl said...

"Given Rich's intellect and ignorance of almost everything I don't think he can read."

Actually, rc, Rich in person is (or was) witty and charming. Don't adopt the leftist doctrine that anyone you politically disagree with must be either an idiot or the embodiment of evil.

Anonymous said...

Send in the Clowns, isn’t it Rich:

Isn't it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air.
Send in the clowns.

Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
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Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns.

Just when I'd stopped opening doors,
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours,
Making my entrance again with my usual flair,
Sure of my lines,
No one is there.

Don't you love farce?
My fault I fear.
I thought that you'd want what I want.
Sorry, my dear.
But where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don't bother, they're here.

Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer,
Losing my timing this late
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And where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
Well, maybe next year.

Craig said...

"I happen to love all of Rich's editorials. ... The rest of you redstaters can hate him though if it makes you feel better about yourselves."

This kind of argument reveals something. Children love or hate things with this kind of simplicity. Adults are supposed to realize that the world is less black and white than shades of gray.

Rich was caught saying something that was clearly inaccurate. To respond by declaring your undying love is hardly a serious response.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Interesting how vitrolic and defensive the NY Times fans are when it is pointed out that Rich is reviewing a book by listening to comments by talking heads on television.

Um.. yeah... that's good journalism.

Swifty Quick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gedaliya said...

Actually, rc, Rich in person is (or was) witty and charming.

I'm sure he is, and there is no doubt that he is intelligent. Even so, Rich is obsessed with George Bush and others, like Clarence Thomas, who cause him to seethe with passionate loathing and even hatred. It is more than a little uncomfortable to read him when he is possessed of these paroxysms of rage.

So, as "witty and charming" as he may be in person, his literary persona, especially when he writes about the president or others who drive him mad, is anything but.

mal said...

Kerr's response is hardly "devastating." "Lame" is a far more accurate description of Kerr's blog post.

As long as there is a new found interest in facts by fans of Clarence Thomas, why not provide a few facts in support of this Thomas tale?

As Justice Thomas tells the story, he couldn't get a job from any law firm despite graduating in the middle of his class from Yale Law School. Law firms assumed he was enrolled in law school only because of affirmative action, so Thomas had to struggle to find a job; he ended up getting only one offer in the Missouri government, thanks to Jack Danforth.

How does Thomas purport to know that "law firms assumed he was enrolled in law school only because of affirmative action?" If Thomas was a well-qualified and promising law school graduate, why would law firms care if he took advantage of affirmative-action programs in order to succeed in law school?

When I read this, it seems as if Thomas is making excuses for his difficulty in finding a job. Maybe he uses an imagined affirmative-action prejudice on the part of employers to deal with a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

The best explanation is that Thomas can't distinguish facts from the fiction he has constructed, and the entirety of the Thomas myth is used by supporters to shield him from valid criticism.

Steve M. Galbraith said...

One of Rich's major points (implicit) is that Thomas is an apologist for the Republicans and has been rewarded for doing so.

And yet Ann documents where Thomas explicitly criticizes (and criticized) GOP policies re the black community. They had no positive agenda, he complains.

Not devastating? It's obliterating.

Hell, Rich could have written this same column 10 years ago. And he can "write" the same one 10 years from now. Facts? Don't need 'em.

Geez, I'll pay $20 a month if the Times put the wall back up so I don't have to read this drivel.


Tully said...

is dowd now 'wrong' too?

Dowdification in action:

I'm glad...Mr. Thomas was the best available. --hdhouse

Craig said...


Your defense of Rich ignores all the arguments made against him, and consists of the following:

1) Two rhetorical questions.

2) A statement starting with "It seems ...

3) A statement starting with "Maybe ...

Not exactly a stinging response to Kerr, is it.

ronbo said...

I wasn't going to buy Justice Thomas' book, as I'm not a fan of memoirs generally, but Frank Rich changed my mind. Thanks, Frank!

Steve M. Galbraith said...

but Frank Rich changed my mind. Thanks, Frank!

When you're done reading your copy, send it off to Frank. Should be good for another column or two.

Besides, I'm sure he'll be glad to discover his errors and correct them.

I'm sure he'll pay postage and handling as appreciation.


Trumpit said...

Why would anyone read Thomas's fairytale now, and pay "hard-earned dollars" for it? In about a month, you'll be able to get a copy for 1 cent on Amazon as used copies begin to flood the market. Who'd want to keep a book that is a pack of lies?
You can also get Bulfinch's Mythology for about 1 cent, which is better reading, imo.

If you really want to be regaled by by Thomas then I suggest you get the book on cd narrated by the steamed author himself. Better to listen to claptrap, because reading lies is hard on the eyes!

linsee said...

Think whatever you like about Frank Rich, he is not "an editorial writer" -- he is a columnist. The pieces he writes for the NYTimes are not editorials, which are the institutional positions of the newspaper. A columnist speaks only for himself.

Trumpit said...

Blogging a personal review, with excerpts, of a newly released book, while you are reading it, is a fabulous idea! It's really, really fun. I hope it becomes a regular item on the Althouse blog. I can't wait for the next book. Your readership might just double if you keep doing that. Perhaps you can talk the publishers into forking over some cold cash for doing it. It can only help sales of the book.

marklewin said...

Orin Kerr devastates Frank Rich...
... with facts that Rich should be quite embarrassed not to have checked.

....says Annie for Tiger Beat magazine.

rcocean said...


I don't think Rich is evil or an idiot. I'm sure he's quite clever and interesting when talking about the theater or pop culture.

But one can be witty/charming about the theater or the Sopranos and still be closed minded, superficial, and incapable of thinking deeply about politics, foreign affairs, history, or culture.

See also Tom Shales and Roger Ebert.

dave in boca said...

Frank Rich is a phony Broadway critic who should have stuck to his knitting. He is an unsubtle propagandist for the chattering-class illuminati who love dishonesty and are patently insincere in every political bone in their body.

Ditto, Paul Krugman, former errand-boy for Enron & third-rate economist who has predicted five recessions out of the last zero.

rcocean said...

"if you really want to be regaled by by Thomas then I suggest you get the book on cd narrated by the steamed author himself."

Sorry, Trumpit, I prefer my authors fried Sunnyside up, or half-baked, if they're liberals.

mal said...


Your response to me ignores the fact that I didn't defend Rich. How did you get so terribly confused? Wasn't it clear that I was addressing one of Thomas' many intellectually sloppy assertions from his book?

If Thomas' book is indicative of his ability to write and think clearly, I can understand why he had difficulty finding a job out of law school.

Craig, if you want to put some sting in your response to me, please make it relevant to my comments.

Michael said...

I love that of the first 1000 words of comments on this post, 800 of them are Titus22 slathering all over Frank Rich's buff, oiled torso and telling other people here that THEY'RE obsessed with Frank Rich.

tjl said...

"Frank Rich's buff, oiled torso"

You obviously haven't seen a picture of Frank Rich lately.

Ralph L said...

What do you mean, "lately?"

Ralph L said...

Sorry, wrong thread.

Michael said...

See Steve Martin on the subject of irony in the movie Roxanne.

Michael T said...

I like how Frank Rich's defenders are saying that since he's so obviously wrong on the facts we should watch Fox News instead. See? Liberals and conservatives can still find points of agreement.

Fat Man said...

"Stop reading the NY Times if it bugs you so much. You bitch about it enough it is surprising you continue to read it."

The difference between leftists and conservatives in the US today, is that conservatives must reject the dominant leftist paradigm that is taught in schools and colleges and echoed in the media* in order to be conservatives.

The NYTimes is the coxswain of the media. It sets forth the Narrative that the rest of them echo. I read it every day. But, I read it like the subjects of the late, unlamented Soviet Union read Pravda. Not as a statement of facts, the rag is almost completely fact free, but as a window into elite thinking.

I do not read most of the op-eds. Certainly not Rich, Krugman and Dowd, as they have nothing to say other than to tell us how much they hate George Bush. What will they write about in 16 months?

The editorials are even less interesting because they are utterly predictable.

Besides, my wife loves the crosswords.

*Don't start on Fox. Cable news is a recent invention with a tiny audience.

cheerful iconoclast said...

I find it noteworthy that the Rich defenders don't try to argue that Kerr is wrong on the facts, or that Rich got them right. Instead they resort to name-calling.

Thomas may well be wrong in believing that the affirmative action stigma is why he had trouble finding a job after Yale Law School. But that does not alter the fact that, as Kerr demonstrated, in Missouri "Assistant Attorney General" is a title given to entry-level lawyers in the AG's office, most of whom attend non-elite law schools. Rich wrongly assumed otherwise.

There are all sorts of fair reasons to criticize Justice Thomas. But one ought to try to get the facts right.

Chip Ahoy said...

There's a lot of reviewing of books that one hasn't read. It's distressingly obvious on Amazon. Glib hit remarks, like the one Trumpit ↑ up there is making, "who would want to read a book that's a pack of lies?" are common. Numb sculls.

This is an amazing book. I recommend it.

Although there's a few things in there I don't get. Here's one, if someone can makes sense out of the following sentence please email the answer. (boure*comcast*net) Referring to the Marine with the water at the marathon:

He offered me nothing but a cup of water and a stern reminder that the pain of individual effort is part of the price you pay for achievement; too many of the politicians on Capitol Hill, by contrast, saw it as little more than grist for their electoral mills.

What does the word it refer to? What is more than grist for their electoral mills? Pain, effort, price, cup, reminder, what? I think I get the point he's trying to make, but the sentence that preceded this one made that point a lot better. The sentence previous to that also contains 'it' ambiguity.

I'm surprised how poor Thomas stayed. For a smart guy he sure was a mess financially. Once I complained about how being temporarily poor for three days was seriously cramping my style. My parents burst out laughing. Then my dad described a financially dire situation before I was born to illustrate what temporary poverty was really like, and I have to admit it totally had me trumped. Thomas' prolonged financial difficulties just don't make sense to me.

It's interesting to learn he values his Yale diploma at exactly 15¢

titus22 said...

You People have New York Times derangement syndrome.

If it wasn't for the NY Times conservative blogs would go out of business.

Mention the NY Times and wingers are like the monkeys from the Wizard of Oz sweeping down and in a feeding frenzy. We got it you hate them, their awful, their elitist, etc. Don't fricking read it if it causes you so much heartburn.

Walk around your cities with a copy of the Washington Times. Granted, you won't be nearly as fabulous if you had the NY Times in your hand but you would feel much better and sleep well.

Also, I think many conservatives, including Atlhouse, just do this to get a reaction so the monkeys will swoop down and eat it up.

I don't think she really believes it but if it keep her flock happy that's what really matters.

Now I just got back from Yoga and the Gym. Today was shoulders and back. Also I took an abs class. Then I went to Marc Jacobs to get a couple of blouses. My sales queen told me I had to come in today because some new numbers had just arrived. Thankfully, they fit fabulously. I like to walk out of the dressing room shirtless just to led the clientele take a look at the hard word. Needless to say, heads turned darling.

Now didin in the West Village and drinks at some fabulous out of the way lounge. We have tomorrow off so look out. I am contemplating sushi tonight. I am not eating any bread now which is terribly difficult. Thinking about doing my annual cycle of steroids for the winter. Summer is a requirement but I haven't done a winter cycle in two years. I go to my girlfriends fabulous loft, who I call nurse ratchet, she ices my cheek, while icing hers and then gives me the needle, while I do her. Please girls, always be careful not to go too deep into the muscle!! I am thinking of doing Winstrel this winter. It is the cutting steroid, not as much as the building steroid. Buidling steroid is for the summer season.

Go Red Sox and Pats! Both owned and manged by big liberals. They live in Brookline, you can't get much liberal than that, okayyyyyyyyyyyyy

titus22 said...

Also, true story. Sex in the City wanted Frank Rich to be in one of the episodes. The episode where Carrie (God of all Gods) wiped out on the runway. They mention his name in the episode and the fact that Carrie is going to walk down the runway with him. She makes a big stink saying she loves him but wants to walk the runway alone.

Rich declined their invitation to be on the show so they got that old queen Ed Koch instead.

A little NYC gossip for you my little lemmings.

Wade Garrett said...

Frank Rich's tirades are idiotic? When was the last time you looked in the mirror, Althouse? Are you just jealous because, when you wrote op-eds in the New York Times, nobody read or discussed them, whereas everything Frank Rich writes gets New Yorkers talking?

Ralph L said...

Chip, you might have given us the previous sentence for more context. I would guess politicians use/abuse the achievements of others for their own purposes.
When did Thomas run a marathon?

EnigmatiCore said...

All of you defending Rich on here--

Doesn't it bother you in the least that his piece was inaccurate in several ways?

Or is the only thing that matters to you that he writes what you like to hear and think is 'effective' in advancing your political agenda?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I'm just loving how the ones who go on so about some of us not loving the NYT and its blatant partisanship, telling us we merely
needn't read the paper of record, are the same ones who go on about FAUX News. Every other comment.

You can't help but notice that the same ones going on about NYT derangement syndrome are the same ones who go into default hate-insane mode at the very mention of what some of us may erroneously call the Bush administration, but which is actually the Bushchimpler-Cheneybadshot-Nazi-Israeli-warmongering-intolerant of suicide bombing freedom fighters cabal.

Whose ox is algored matters.

Hammersley said...

Enigmatic, I have two questions for those who defend Clarence Thomas:

Doesn't it bother you in the least that Thomas' book is inconsistent, inaccurate, self-serving and not credible in many ways?

Or is the only thing that matters to you that he writes what you like to hear and think is 'effective' in advancing your political agenda?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Powerline has a nice post and link to this thread, but Althouse is "Alton."

It doesn't matter what they say about you as long as they have your name spelled right

Anonymous said...

OK, find the funny part:

October 7, 2007
Busted! part 2

Ann Alton demonstrates convincingly that New York Times columnist Frank Rich hasn't bothered to read Clarence Thomas's memoir, the book that is at least in part the ostensible subject of his column today. Orin Kerr -- who inspired Alton's post -- adds insult to injury (in Alton's words) "with facts that Rich should be quite embarrassed not to have checked."


Seattle Steve said...

Maybe Frank Rich is just trying to suck you into his Vortex?

Unknown said...

Hammersley said: "Doesn't it bother you in the least that Thomas' book is inconsistent, inaccurate, self-serving and not credible in many ways? Or is the only thing that matters to you that he writes what you like to hear and think is 'effective' in advancing your political agenda?"

You must be new to these parts.

That's EXACTLY what matters to about 90% of the people here. Hearing what they already believe.

Unknown said...

Aren't there already enough right wing suckasses here without you jumping on board?

Why not just copy and paste 90% of what is posted and save yourself some typing?

Or, hey...why not list all of the good things Bush has done for us over the past 7 years?

zzRon said...

"Aren't there already enough right wing suckasses here without you jumping on board?"

Does anyone who disagrees with your belief system automatically qualify as a "right wing suckass"? You remind me a lot of Ann Coulter - meaning that you mostly do more harm than good for your cause.

tjl said...

Frank Rich, however demented he may be on the subject of GWB, at least knows how to write a sentence and shape an argument. Not so with Luckyoldson. His skills never progressed past the 6th grade when he learned to call people "suckass" and thought that gave him the last word.

stepskipper said...

Say lucky, if you don't like what Angie has to say, why can't you just skip past it? Huh?

Instead you just whine incessantly. whiner.


Unknown said...

zzRon asks: "Does anyone who disagrees with your belief system automatically qualify as a "right wing suckass"?

No, only about 10% of the people here.

Again, instead of whining about me, tell me what Bush has done well over the past 7 years.

Unknown said...

Fuck off.

Unknown said...

Why no profile? Are using a new and improved moniker?

Bet you are.

stepskipper said...

What does a profile have to do with your incessant whining lucks?

Don't like my profile? Don't click on it, whiner. This ain't brain science lucks.

Unknown said...

Since we have the playoffs...here's a good baseball - Bushie story:

"I made my arguments and went down in flames. History will prove me right." -- Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush after voting against realignment and a new wild-card system during a Major League Baseball owners meeting in September 1993. Bush was the lone dissenter in a 27-1 vote.

Judging from their track records on this one, maybe Commissioner Bud Selig should take a crack at sorting out that nettlesome Iraq situation and the president should forget about baseball and events in Baghdad and turn his attention to health care.

You can see it in Major League Baseball's record 79.5 million attendance this season, and spiraling revenue, which has increased from $1.2 billion to $5.8 billion since owners had the temerity to mess with tradition and introduce realignment, followed by revenue sharing and a luxury tax on big spenders.

Unknown said...

C'mon...you've created a new moniker for yourself.

You're one of that 90% I mentioned, and you're not new here...that's why you're sensitive.about my "suckass" comment.

Gutless. too.

Unknown said...


?...brain science..."????

There's a new one.

Noah Zark said...

The smarmy metrosexual titus22's bizarre need to relate the details of his "day" seems to reflect a belief that the sun rises from his (I suspect) much-abused fundament. Perhaps someday he will pause from his daily Beauty Regimen, remove the cucumber slices from his eyes, and realize he's nothing more than a garden-variety narcissist nobody takes seriously.

Anonymous said...

Don't take it personally, Angie. He's like that to everybody.

Unknown said...

Paul...good boy.

Maybe Angie will give you a cookie.

Gedaliya said...

Well, my guess is that titus22 is a prankster with an active imagination, and is most likely some 50ish married guy with too much time on his hands. In fact, I'm almost convinced that he and "Maxine" are one in the same person, especially if you bother (not recommended) to read their posts to one another.

Titus22 is so outrageous in his postings that the stories he relates (world-travelings, marathon sex orgies, etc., etc.) cannot possibly be true.

Even so, I must confess that they are so over-the-top as to be truly amusing. Some of his anecdotes, like his "blouse" buying sprees, his steroid usage, and the sex antics in Muslim countries are quite creative. I must confess looking forward to his weird comments. I wonder what he'll come up with next.

And the "fellow Republicans" greetings...too rich for words.

Unknown said...

Larry Craig: "fellow Republicans"

Anonymous said...

Paul, I'm so sorry, no cookies. Might I offer some celery sticks or--let's see, rummaging thru the fridge-- pickles, fresh spinach, scallions and figs from the garden?

Have plenty of Sonoma wine to go with your druthers.

Unknown said...

Hugga deez.

titus22 said...

Sorry Genatalia I am real.

Just went and saw the movie The Darjeeling Limited and absolutely loved it.

Wes Anderson at his finest. Adrian Brody tour de force; kind of weird to see Owen Wilson, who in the movie tries to kill himself, Angelica Houston is only in it for 5 minutes. Very exotic. Picturesque, a sad death of a young child, very NY society. Absolutely loved it. It opened in "selected cities" this weekend and should get to the rest of you unselected cities by the holidays. Don't miss it.

And yes, I have done multiple cycles of steroids. Winstrel, sustern and some others I have done (I am sure I spelled them incorrectly). This city is competitive and you have to be at your finest at all times. Also, I work in an International Training position for a Biotech company and have traveled throughout the word, primarily for sales conferences. We sell rare orphan drugs for genetic diseases that have small patient populations. Some of the drugs only have 5000 patients throughout the world. One of the diseases is Gauchers Disease. We have highly paid (of course) sales individuals throughout the world and I conduct training and other HR related issues for them including international compensation when employees travel from one country to another. The drugs are expensive, 200,000 dollars and above a year but they are life saving.

Also, I did attend an orgy last Wednesday. It wasn't a planned event, as I would not participate in something that was planned. It just happened with some guys that met at a bar by chance. And yes I was the captain of the orgy, barking out commands. You on your knees, you with your legs up in the air, you lick this ones but, etc.

I am not married nor want to get married. I enjoy being on my own. I am 37 not 50, but I keep myself together so I still look good. I don't drink very often and don't do any drugs. I live in Chelsea, have two clumber spaniels (which are rare, only about 270 registered in the U.S.). Make well into the six digits and did go to very good schools. While at Harvard I lived on Mass Avenue in Porter Square and in Davis Square in Somerville.

Also, I am from Wisconsin originally and go out there frequently to see my parents who are farmers and loving and supportive people. They have a dairy farm.

So yes, I am being truthful about my life experiences. May seem strange for some but among my friends it is common. Working out, yoga, abs classes are a requirement if you want to be on the A list in New York gays. Also, the right clothes are essential. So my choices are Prada shoes; Prada Sport; Marc Jacobs shirts; Gstar Jeans; as well as assortment of Miu Miu; John Varvatos; Commes des Garcon; Jill Sanders; Burberry; and Penguin FCUK and Armani Exchange and Diesel (if I am slumming).

Michael said...

I was Hall Monitor for an orgy last week. I wore Gymboree, Garanimals and Oshkosh B'Gosh.

M. Simon said...

I'm going to poat in its entirety a bit I did based on a comment I left on the Volokh thread.


There is a discussion going on at The Volokh Conspiracy about Justice Clarence Thomas and affirmative action. Some on the thread had questioned Thomas' intelligence.

My comment:

Richard Feynman was reputed to have his IQ tested and came out with a score of 125. He turned out to be rather brilliant.

Let us say for the sake of argument Thomas is not the brightest bulb on the block. He does know one important thing The Constitution and he has one important characteristic: to apply it as written (according to his understanding) to Every Case.

I commend you to Raich and Thomas' opinion. Clear, brilliant, and so easy to understand that the man in the street could apply it to the next similar case. Or Kelo.

I like his attitude: to apply the law and make decisions so the man in the street could understand them. The smart can do really complex things. The brilliant can do complex things simply.

Justice Thomas - brilliant.

Justice Thomas On Affirmative Action

zzRon said...

Lucky replied...."Again, instead of whining about me, tell me what Bush has done well over the past 7 years."

Again, you are mistaken (hard to believe, I know). I wasnt whining about you at all....since I actually enjoy reading many of your posts (except for the ones that just say "blow me").

What has Bush done well over the last seven years? Well, pissing off people like you imeadiately comes to my mind. He has that down to a science. No?

titus22 said...

Also, I agree the NY Times is total slanted. Hello, it represents the city of New York. We are not called Sodom for nothing. We are liberals at heart which is why "republicans" like Giulani and Bloomberg got elected.

As I mentioned in a previous post I think it is equally ridiculous that liberals constantly bitch about Fox News. It is conservative, get over it. If liberals don't like it don't watch it. Same goes for conservatives, if NY Times is that much of a hangup don't read it. They represent the city of New York and sorry we aint Birmingham.

I happen to love Frank Rich. He never said he read the book in his editorial today. He made comments about his appearance on talk shows. John Danforth was a powerful man and hired him that isn't exactly nothing. John Danforth went to Yale for prescisely that reason.

Also, as I stated before I believe Anita Hill and think Clarence Thomas lied. I also believed all of the woment that accused Bill Clinton. I am been involved with quite a few sexual harassment ER issues and the accuser is generally always someone telling the truth and the accused is lieing.

Regardless, Thompson wasn't qualified. Experience and qualifications don't seem to be a prerequisite for conservatives. Idealogy is the determining factor. As a result we can Brownie and the guy who managed the Walter Reed Hospital mess etc. I think this is a result that conservatives believe in as little government as possible. Which is fine, I hate government. I also despise unions. But at least hire people that meet minimum qualifications for jobs rather than Horse Judges to be the director of FEMA. Just my opinion. I could never work in a government job or a union job too much red tape and not enough measured results for success.

So how is everyone tonight?

Unknown said...

M. Simon,
Nothing like an objective view.

"Justice Thomas - brilliant."


titus22 said...

Justice Thomas is angry. Also, he is rather unpleasant to look at (physically).

As far as the Supreme Court Judges go my favorite is the one from New Hampshire that never talks. I don't want to hear from any of them other than their views on a particular case.

On a side note, when going to Harvard I used to walk by Stephen Breyer's house, how fabulous is that? It is a modest Cape home, not like the monstrosity that Dershowtiz or David Gergen live in.

titus22 said...

Also, because people don't believe me I need to point out some specific Harvard things that I hate.

First, Harvard Square has turned into a major tourist trap. Many of the fabulous niche businesses have turned over and now we have the Gap, Au Bon Pain, Urban Outfitters, and several other "franchise" businesses".

If you leave Harvard Square and enter Central Square you still have the feeling of "old Cambridge". The People's Republic of Cambridge Bar is still there. The communist bookstore is gone. But restaurants I recommend are Centro; Salts; The Dolphin; and Basta Pasta. Cambridge is one of the most fabulous cities in this country. Thank the whoever for Cambridge, Mass. If you go down a little further on Mass Ave. you will hit the MIT area, which is absolutely fabulous. Right before the Mass Ave. bridge to Boston. Paradise is a great gay bar with many intellectual homosexuals. I saw Andrew Sullivan there once (when he still looked good) with Martin Peretz and Charlie Kaufman. How fabulous is that? You won't find that in Topeka.

OK, some fireworks just went off in my hood. I am on the fourth floor, loft of course. 1250 square feet which is consider big in NYC. Also, I drive a new Black BMW (2007) 328 which is garaged about 5 blocks away. $760 a month for the garage but well worth it. Of course someone everyone hit me so I need to take it to the show. The estimate was $2400.00 but the estimator said the shop will call him and try to move the estimate up.

Am I the most fabulous poster on Althouse? I hate to admit this but I think I am.

M. Simon said...


So was Thomas right on Raich or wrong?

Did he get Kelo right?

Was his opinion, simple, easy to read, and consistent with the Constitution or not?

I think you do have a point. Duh, clearly exemplifies your level of intelligence. Perhaps you could work your way up to four letter words in your next reply.

titus22 said...

Did I mention that I love the Pats and Red Sox.

Theo Epstein is a dream. Big jew from Brookline and big liberal.

Also, Kraft, who owns the Patriots another big jew who lives in Brookline and is a big democrat.

Also, Henry, who wanted to loan his jet out to Kerry during the election is absolutely fabulous.

For those of you who have never been you need to go to Brookline. It is so fabulous and so Jewish liberal. The city is represnted by the funniest and more intelligent house member-Barney Frank-yes, hisssssssssssss, Barney Frank. The conservatives hated enemy. But you do have to admit he is fabulous. He represents Brookline, Newton and Wessley-can you say absolutley fabulous? Hope of BC, Brandeis, Wesselley and everything that is fabulous about this country. I know I spelled them wrong but I absolutely love Barney Frank. He was at his best when he interrupted the House when he said, "the plane, the plane" when referring to Patrick McHenry representing Hickory (yes Hickory) North Carolina.

Heywood Rice said...

Titus22, do you think it’s possible to be too fabulous?

Unknown said...

M. Simon,
Read his book and get back to me.

The man is a mess.

titus22 said...

antphone, yes I do, thanks for asking.

I always try to temper my fabulousness with modesty.

Yes I am fabulous, but hello I grew up in a small farming community from Wisconsin.

So in some respects I don't have the fabulous lineage that some have. And as a result I disdain my family for being small midwest farmers rather than living on the upper west side.

It is a burden that I live with every day. When I went to college I was one of the small minority of loser families. No lineage, no previous Harvard member in my family, just me. As a result, I am sorry to say I didn't fit in with most of the Harvard Fabulous kids.

I had to scratch my way to the top. Very Clarence Thomas of me, but without the affirmative action. You see.....I am white.

Unknown said...

When you say "big" Jew...do you mean...?

titus22 said...

When I say Big Jew I mean that with the utmost repsect girl. I am 1/2 jewish, but don't practice.

I love liberal jews. they are my favorite people. My doctor, who is jewish, I call to his face a big jew.

Please girl I love the jew and I love my heritage.

Unknown said...

When you say you had to; "...scratch my way to the top"...literally?

Unknown said...

Your mother is a Jew.

titus22 said...

I generally look for a jewish trick. It just feels right. Sorry I am not into christans.

titus22 said...

My mother is a jew-maiden name Marcus. When I say scratch my way to the top their are not jewish connotations invovled, so if you thought that you are incorrect.

I meant that I didn't have many of the same resources financially that some of my peers had. I was on my own.

I am proud of my being jewish. I embrace being jewish. I am very proud of being jewish. Can't stand Bill Kristol but other than that love myself.

Gedaliya said...

Well titus22, I still don't believe you...the narratives are simply too good to be true.

Tell us about Genzyme. I take it that's who you work for. And since they don't have a New York office, I assume you're based in New Jersey.

And you went to Harvard? Being 37, I also assume you were a member of the class of 1992. True?

Noah Zark said...

titus22: "Also, I work in an International Training position for a Biotech company and have traveled throughout the word, primarily for sales conferences."

ooooohhh! So you're a "Home Office Puke", not a sales guy or a line manager with revenue responsibility. That says a lot. What it means is, in the corporate world you are a ball-less little homunculus, a staffer who depends on the warriors who MUST deliver or lose their jobs.

Kinda like our soldiers, who endure terrible hardships and risk/lose their lives so that an androgynous little creep like titus22 can publicly preen and pretend he is a MAN.

titus22 said...

Gentalia has been doing his research. I am not going to tell you where I work but you should know that Genzyme does have an office in NYC right across from CBS-come on guy, dig a little.

titus22 said...

Gentalia loves me.

I think I am going to head out soon.

titus22 said...

Genzyme acquired a company based in NYC and does have an office in NYC-right across from CBS. About 700 employees there-come on Gentalia dig a little more. Genetics, Pathology. You can find it. I didnt' say I received my undergrad at Harvard....

titus22 said...

So Gentalia what do you think I really do??? Am a 50 year old married Accounts Receivable Clerk in Akron?

titus22 said...

One of the guys from the orgy was from San Antonio and actually said, "yea Texas, very republican". I was like guy that is not a turn on.

He told me he liked "old guys" which devastated me a bit. I told him I was 28 but he didn't believe me so I told him I was 80/

Trooper York said...

The Yankees win. The Yankeeeeees win! That's one (sigh of relief)

Noah Zark said...

re titus22: it's obvious that this narcissistic little creep is loving all the attention he's getting here.

He should be assiduously ignored.

Reminds me of a joke:

Masochist to sadist: "Oh please beat me!

Sadist to masochist: "No...I ..don't..think...I ... will...."

Attention is to narcissists as oxygen is to humans. Without it they die.

Gedaliya said...

that Genzyme does have an office in NYC right across from CBS-come on guy, dig a little.

Well, it has a "diagnostic testing" office on west 57th, so yes, you're right. Again, I'm skeptical, however, that you work out of that office, especially given your amazing narratives describing your worldwide travels and experiences.

Being "fabulous" and a fabulist are two different things, however, and my guess is that there is far more of the latter than the former in the reality of your life.

But hey, I won't rain on your parade any longer. You're simply too entertaining to discourage.

Keep up the good work kid.

Trooper York said...

The only good indian is a dead indian.
(General Philip Sheridan)

Gedaliya said...

So Gentalia what do you think I really do??? Am a 50 year old married Accounts Receivable Clerk in Akron?

I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

Trooper York said...

That's Cleveland Indian. I mean Lucky you got to hate a team with the best player named Nixon, ya know what I mean.

titus22 said...

Gentalia, I am not going to tell you anymore.

But seen as though you asked the Ridgefiled New Jersey office for Genzyme is a manufacturing facility. I am not a scientist and dont know squat about cell culture-so no I don't work there. That office produces a product called Seprafilm, which is an adhesion prevention for individuals dealing with hernia repair.

Genzyme is a fabulous company, ranked 44 in top 100 companies in Fortune 100. Started in 1982 in a small office in Chinatown in Boston. Expanded to Kendall Square in Cambridge and then to Allston, Framingham, Westboro Mass. As well they have offices in Pasadena, Orange County, LA, Santa Fe, San Diego, Tampa, NYC, New Jersey, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Phoenix, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Tokyo, Beijing.
About 3.5 billion in revenue. About 10,000 employees Products in LSD, Orthopaedics, Renal, Genetics, Pathology, Oncology, Transplant. Strong pipeline of products coming to market as well as strong acquistion future. Overall, prognosis excellent for the future.

titus22 said...

Seriously Gentalia are you really surprised that someone on a comment section on a site has traveled extensively, does make good money, does buy designer clothes, does have rare dogs, does have a fabulous job, does drive a BMW, does live in NYC, did go to NYU and Harvard?

What is the big deal? Why would I give a shit to impress anyone here?

OK, you caught me. I live in Lincoln, NE, I am straight and married, I am 50, I never have sex, I am actually unemployed, my dog is some mixed breed I got on Petfinder, I have never heard of Commes Des Garcon, I drive a monte carlo, I went to University of Nebraska but didn't graduate, I am a loser. There is that picture better?

I dont understand why the picture, "is too good to be true" Believe me, I don't think my life is too good to be true. My life is sad in many ways. I lived beyone my years. Most of my original friends are dead from AIDS. I know death intimately and at a very young age. Nothing I would want my worst enemy to experience. Truthfully.

titus22 said...


I am off but FYI-the office for Genzyme in NYC is more than just a "diagnostic testing" site. It has a staff of Oncologists, Pathologists, Genetic Counselors, Scientists, Sales, Marketing, Corporate and Business Development, Training, Finance, HR, Organizational Development, IT, Pharmociviligence, R&D, Compliance, Case Management, Reimbursement, Legal, Diagnostics, Contracting, Government Affairs.

Also, Genzyme lost one of their employees on 9/11 on the flight out of Washington DC, Lisa Raines.

titus22 said...

Also, the company I worked for prior to Genzyme, Akamai, lost one of our founders, Danny Lewin on 9/11. Danny was a brillant MIT graduate who specialzed in Algorithms. Danny was jewish and was in the Israel Army. Based of the transcripts of the flight he was likely murdered first before the flight crashed.

Danny was famous for driving a fabulous motorcycle. I would ride the elevator up with him and he would always tell me about his fast drive into Cambridge. He was young too, I think barely 30.

Heywood Rice said...

Titus22, is Bush fabulous, or is there a more appropriate adjective for him?

Heywood Rice said...

Those little dogs that Bush has, are they rare? Do you think Bush has any rare animals on his ranch? Is Bush beyond the realm of fabulousness?

Gedaliya said...

Gentalia, I am not going to tell you anymore.

Hmmm. This is obviously not quite accurate.

X said...

since lucky won't say it...hey, Frank Rich, READ A BOOK!

Automatic_Wing said...