October 23, 2007

Halloween in Brooklyn Heights — tasteful!



john said...

Yes, so. Those steps won't feel the feet of trick or treaters, unless they're grown up feet, I'll bet. This morning a soccer mom drove up to our driveway, tip toed up the walk, set a plastic pumpkin filled with candy at the door with a note ordering us to prepare 3 more of these and, chain-pumpkin style, deliver them to three other families with guilt ridden parents, under penalty of bad luck forever. She skulked away, I chucked it in the garbage.

I was going to buy 12 pumpkins this year, each carved with one letter of "trick or treat", which I saw in a trendy style magazine last year, and which my daughter threatened to avoid our street with all her friends if I followed through with that. So we got one pumpkin at the Safeway.

So Ann, if any kids venture up those stairs, will they get smarties or Endangered Species Chocolate, or will the entry be dark? I'll bet its hard to be a kid in parts of NYC on October 31.


Ann Althouse said...

I have no idea what NY kids do. Seems hard to believe they'd just go around knocking on doors. And I'm not going to open my door to strangers.

john said...


Look at the shadow cast on the lower, yellow squash.


john said...

And also, the shadow cast by the squash and the plant above it. Neat.

ricpic said...


A stoop of brown Is just a stoop
'Less owner cares the year has looped
And places gourds upon the stairs.

Poof! a shrine: part shade, part shine.

halojones-fan said...

I hate those stupid goose-head gourd things. The only reason those even exist is because they look goofy. Do we really need to waste valuable agricultural effort on these pointless things?

And don't even get me STARTED on horny melons.

Trooper York said...

HEY halojones-fan, there is absolutely nothing wrong with horny melons. I once met a flight attendant from Denmark at PJ Clarkes in 1985 that had extremely horny melons. In fact her favorite activity was sending the troops through the valley between the two mountains. Heaving and squishing them together, sweating in an apartment with no air conditioning, just a broken metal fan that barely moved while the cat sat on the dresser and stared unblinking...and then....and then....MEMORIES....Light the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored memories, Of the way we were.....arrrrrgh....well just don't dis horny melons....they can be pretty cool.

kimsch said...

The shadow of the railing on the bottom most pumpkin is wonderful. I may have to try to duplicate that as a carving on one of ours this year.