October 3, 2007

Down under the bridge today.


I took a walk down under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges today.


I took the Clarence Thomas memoir with me, and I read it in a café in DUMBO and on a park bench on the Promenade. Oh, look:


See, that's my message to you that I'm done "live-blogging" my thrilling read through "My Grandfather's Son," and it will be back to multifaceted everyday life here on the Althouse blog.


Maxine Weiss said...

You said that you only like to read books-on-tape.

Maxine Weiss said...

"I'm going to read a book, I'm going to impose my standards on the writing"---Althouse

And yet, those same standards don't apply to books-on-tape.

rhhardin said...

Multifaceted one year old Ohio dog visits the vet this afternoon for shots. No books were taken along.

We practiced heeling in town ; an medium-aged lady wanted to pet her, rubbed her ears and touched noses with her.

A very old lady asked if the dog liked riding in the bicycle trailer she travels in, in decent weather.

So many people like dogs!

Highway workers laughed and pointed at her in the trailer. She paid no attention.

Ann Althouse said...

Beautiful dog! Very sleek. I like sleek. But then, I like fluffy.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

All this Justice Thomas blogging [serial] made me nostalgic for the Amsterdam sketches.

R. Enochs, Esq. said...

Great pictures! Do you know how to adjust the settings on your camera or do you just use the automatic settings, point and shoot?

sean said...

You should read "The Great Bridge" by David McCullough. If that sort of thing interests you. I will point out one interesting fact: those towers of the Brooklyn Bridge are not clad in stone. O no, they are made of stone.

ricpic said...

Bridge of iron, bridge of stone,
Cross to the other side;
Into your shadow we underlings come:
Carry us over span wide!

Melinda said...

Great minds think alike: I took a walk under those same two bridges on Wednesday, but it was at 7 when I was early for an appointment and it was getting dark already. And a little creepy.

Wish I had my camera with me, though, because even in the dark those bridges are so majestic.

Anthony said...

You are really, really making me miss my old neighborhood.