October 15, 2007

Doing a photo walk with only an iPhone.

I left the house without putting my battery in my camera, so I had to resort to my iPhone. Via iPhone, things looked like this:




What is that iPhone look? It seems melancholy.


Todd said...

My friend John says the iPhone is the new Holga. Could be. Could be.

Headline Junky said...

Look at the clouds in the first photo and the background of the second. Seems flat and two-dimensional to me.

ricpic said...

Walls of pink and walls brown-red
And windows bleachy green;
The walls stackup, a cardboard set
From out of some Street Scene.

Verso said...

Headline Junkie said: Look at the clouds in the first photo and the background of the second. Seems flat and two-dimensional to me.

High depth of field, a logical pre-set for a camera used to point and shoot, but lacking the creative control photographers enjoy.

And you're right: It can make a picture feel flat. It has valuable uses, but not for every picture.

Wikipedia on depth of field

Verso said...

High depth of field or not, it is always a pleasure to get a glimpse of the world from another person's view. I always enjoy your pictures, Ann. Thank you for taking them and posting them. They are a pleasure to behold. You have a great eye for natural beauty and composition. You should publish a book of your best photographs.

Verso said...

An interesting theme for an Ann Althouse photo book:

Your best pictures, each displayed alongside some of the most interesting comments that commenters have left in response to them. Good photography books need some text to go with the pictures. The short comments found in comments sections are perfect, and provide an interesting array of viewpoints and opinions.

hdhouse said...

did you read verso's comment directly above this ann?

also, i'm reminded back to an architecture/art history class i took a few decades ago. doctoral level minor...real thinking going on (yes i'm kidding!)..anyway we were give a polaroid camera and told to go walk around Lexington KY and find the 1 best example of integration of dorian columns into a residence facade. but you could only take 1 picture.

part of the assignment was to drive us to find and make a choice and the other part was driven by the cost of film.

digi photography makes that a obsolete question.

by the way, ann, i have an inlaw who is part of the motion picture academy and lives in nyc. while you are in town you should meet as he is an absolute master at digital editing.

Ralph said...

dorian columns
Do you mean Doric, or have I missed an entire culture?
I suppose in Kentucky the Greek columns were original to the buildings. In Virginia they were usually slapped onto Federal or Georgian buildings so the proportions are off.

Ann Althouse said...

HD: Yes, and in fact, while taking these pictures, I was having a conversation about the project!

And I would like to meet a master photo editor, although I know so little about it -- I only know what I've discovered using iPhoto.

Torn ligament said...

Wow. Pretty decent clarity for what is basically an cell phone. I know the iphone is more than a cell... but these images are very good. Current technology is astounding.

I remember when my older sister bought a box Brownie with her first paycheck at 16. We thought that nothing could ever beat that little box and she could carry it in her bag!