October 9, 2007

"Borat's babe Isla plans sex revolution."

Headline that makes something sound waaaaay more exciting than it is.


rhhardin said...

So babes won't be the ones saying ``Our relationship has to be more than just laughing at jokes'' soon after all.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Jeremy said...

Interesting that it both helps and hurts her cause to be refered to as "Borat's babe." Helps because it gives her access that she might not otherwise have. Hurts because her identity and value is entirely linked to her relationship to a fictional character! As if she's not even Cohen's babe, she's that silly foreigner's babe!

Blake said...


Isla Fisher isn't exactly an unknown. I imagine she's better known than Borat to certain segments of the population.

She held her own in Wedding Crashers against Wilson and Vaughn. Very funny, even if in one of the "traditional" comedic roles for women. She was also a standout in Scooby-Doo.

Having said that, didn't Jenny McCarthy already try this?

Jeremy said...

I know who she is, but the headline doesn't read "Wedding Crashers star plan sex revolution."